Today I’m discussing ways to show self love and self value, how to increase your confidence, and how all of this affects your decisions and your life.

Do you ever find yourself making decisions that aren’t good for you or don’t benefit you?

Well, I believe that a lack of self love, value, and confidence can relate to this. And, it personally took me many years to understand this. I thought I had enough confidence, yet I made decisions for my life that hurt me.

So if you’re unhappy with your life, think about how you’re treating yourself. Do you show you love yourself by making good decisions for yourself that add peace, fulfillment, and happiness to your life? If not, think of ways to show self love and self value more often.

No-one but you can fix this internal issue, but it’s important that you do. It’ll change your life!

So, let’s look closer at these things.

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Ways to show self love

First, let’s talk about ways to show self love.

Forget about what anyone has ever said to you that put you down or made you doubt yourself. It’s time for you to love yourself no matter what – no matter what anyone might think of you and no matter what you might even think of you.

You deserve love. Doesn’t everyone? So, give it to yourself. I always think of this that I heard long ago… 

Sometimes you have to give yourself what others can’t or won’t.

Something might have happened in your life that made you doubt your true self and perhaps even doubt if you’re lovable. But, the time for doubt has passed. It’s your time to rise up from within and become who you’re meant to be – who you want to become.

And, in order to do that you must begin to truly love yourself. Love the parts that are imperfect, because this world is imperfect and no one at all is perfect.

Love you because God / the Universe made you in their image, full of power and beauty just like the whole world was made. Yes, there are other things in it, but the beauty and the good still exists. And, it exists in you, too!

You are worthy and loveable, and you need to see and accept that. And, know that it’s not up to someone else on this planet to determine your worth or your loveableness. That was already decided when you were put here in the first place.

They say God said it was done and that it was good. Right? You are good and complete.

Ways to show self value

Now, let’s talk about ways to show self value and treat yourself good.

Women, it’s time that we truly value ourselves! We may dream of fairytales as girls, and that’s fun and nice. But, do we really need something or someone outside of ourselves to complete us or save us?

Yes, a partner is complementary and can be nice to have. But, we have everything inside of us already to be complete and feel loved. And, if we look within first and figure all of this out, we’ll have even more to give to others.

Do you really value yourself? And, do you treat yourself well? 

Let me ask you this, or get you to think about this …

What would you need or want to have in your life to feel at peace and to be truly happy? What would bring you joy and make your life the way you want it?

Now ask yourself if what you’re allowing into your life is contributing to these things or not. And, this goes for people too.

If you truly valued yourself, wouldn’t you be careful of what you allow into your space and your life so that it doesn’t mess up what you’d like to create for yourself?

Take back your control & increase confidence

Only you can decide how to create your life, and we are all creators. Made in His image, remember? You’re a natural powerful creator, and you can create your life the way you really want it to be.

You are not a victim (although I’ve been there and understand how awful things can feel) who is just stuck with whatever is handed to you in life. You have the power to “unstuck” yourself and take back your control.

As you do this, you’ll begin to love yourself again. Truly love yourself, for all that you are.

You are not subject to live a life that other’s eyes have said you will live, as they cast their judgements onto you – their own insecurities and problems onto you. 

No, you are not. 

You, lovely creator, powerful beautiful creator, are what YOU see you as. And oh my, is this important.

Abundant Life & Balance

So, work on beginning to see yourself the way you really want to be and the way you were created to be. And, forgive yourself and allow yourself love. 

You were not created to be beaten down (verbally or emotionally) by you or anyone else. And, you weren’t created to be one who is looked down upon, not even by yourself. You were made to shine and share your light.

So it’s time to increase confidence, love yourself, and start shining!

Closing thoughts: Ways to show self love & self value & increase confidence

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on ways to show self love and self value and increase confidence, and that it’s been helpful! 

And for a refresher…

If you want to show self love & self value, remember:

  • to think about how you’re treating yourself
  • to love yourself, even the imperfect parts (no one’s perfect)
  • to think about your choices & how they make you feel
  • that you’re worthy & loveable
  • that there’s beauty & good inside you
  • to think about what you truly want in your life
  • to forgive yourself & allow yourself love (even from yourself)
  • that you’re a powerful creator of your life
  • that you’re made to shine & share your light
  • & that I believe in you, & now it’s YOUR turn to believe in you!

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