Here are some spiritual words of encouragement for difficult times that’ll lift you up and give you hope!

We all need some encouragement at times, and I know what it’s like to go through what seems like a drought in life. But, know that a drought never lasts and God (or the Universe) is listening. The rain will come, your flowers will grow, and a new kind of season will begin for you.

Just stay prepared with positivity and buckets to catch the rain, letting your preparation show your faith. If you have faith, you’ll make it through until the “rain” comes.

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Encouragement for difficult times

Now, let’s get you some encouragement for difficult times!

In the next sections we’ll cover four things that can really help during hard times, and those things are:

  • never giving up on your dreams
  • having faith no matter what
  • keeping your spirits up
  • & always taking little steps forward

Let’s get started.

Never giving up on your dreams

First, let’s talk about never giving up on your dreams no matter how difficult life gets.

Sometimes without realizing it, we get bogged down with life and forget about our dreams. We let life cause us to begin to worry and stress, and this is natural – we all go through this. But, we often stay there in that negative vibration or state for way too long.

While doing this, we’re putting our dreams and true happiness on the back burner to be forgotten for the time. After all, when in this stressed or negative state we can only deal with so much at a time and there seems to be more important things to deal with.

Yet in an ironic way, there’s nothing more important than staying happy, balanced, and in tune with our spirits – even guided by our inner spirits. And, this is because if you stay in this kind of state rather than a stressed or negative one, things will naturally flow in the right direction for you.

Answers will come, peace will come, guidance will come. And, worries and stress will fade.

So, take some time to breathe. Close your eyes, listen to nature (or a nature video) or whatever relaxes you, and just focus on you for a bit. Allow your mind to think of things it might not have thought of for a while – things that were on the back burner.

Allow yourself to be a little “selfish” for a while, even though it isn’t really selfish to take time for yourself or to think of what you really want. Let yourself relax and dream again.

They say if you can envision it you can get it or make it happen. So, when we stop allowing ourselves that time to imagine and dream of what we want, it’s possible that we’re blocking what we want from coming into our lives.

We’re saying to our subconscious, “Oh no that’s not that important to me. What’s important is this stress, worry, and these reasons to stay tense.” And so, perhaps, your subconscious relays the message to the Universe that you need more of those negative things that don’t even make you happy.

Instead, let’s give more attention to what we truly do want. Keep dreaming. Tell your reasons for worrying that you’ll get back to them, because right now you’re busy dreaming, envisioning, and planning what you do want.

Never give up on your dreams, because they’ll provide you with inspiration, a reason to keep moving forward, and of course something to look forward to!

Having faith no matter what

Next, let’s talk about having faith no matter what.

It can be hard to believe that things will work out for you when it looks bleak – when nothing in sight shows any sign that it’ll turn around. Trust me, I know.

But, I’ve seen signs resulting from faith (like a $1,200 check arriving in the mail from the most unlikely source) that prove to me that miracles do still happen and that divine help is given to ordinary people, too.

Chances are, you’ve seen signs of your own and maybe didn’t even notice they were miracles or gifts at the time. So, you are helped even more than you know. But, don’t close yourself off to the help by losing faith and hope.

And, if it can happen for one it can happen for all.

Anything you want can happen for you, just as well as for anyone else. So, if you see someone with what you want or need, let that be a sign that it can come to you as well.

Don’t, I repeat don’t, tell yourself that it instead means you’re not worth as much as they are or don’t deserve it! This is the same as self sabotage, blocking you from what you really want, and it can spiral out of control.

Keep having faith in what you want and in yourself! Hold onto the idea of light until you see the light. What you need and want will show up, but you must persevere.

Keeping your spirits up

Now, let’s talk about keeping your spirits up during hard times.

And, I feel like we need to include something specifically on depression and sadness within this encouragement for difficult times.

For me, there were definitely some dark feelings that came along with the dark times in the past. But, I overcame them and so will you!

I learned that guarding my inner peace and joy is most important and that if I could do a decent job at that I could turn things around a lot quicker – and avoid the feelings of despair that would often drag me down.

It’s about prevention rather than just treatment. See, I used to focus on medicine to help once I felt depressed (and sometimes we may need that), people, etc., but during those times I didn’t think too much about actually preventing those negative feelings.

But, I didn’t feel empowered either. I didn’t see myself as having much control over it.

However, there was a point eventually where I got sick and tired of my life and my negative feelings and got determined to take control. And, along the way I learned that I’d had a victim mentality (which sounds bad but is just a way of saying we don’t see just how powerful we can be).

You have a powerful spirit inside of you – one that is full of light and energy. Just imagine it! Now, is there anything that this spirit, full of energy, can’t do? Or rather, can petty things like feelings really hold you down, or is this an illusion?

Abundant Life & Balance

Ah ha! Did you get that? Read it again.

You are more powerful than you know. Get to know yourself, and take back your control. No depression, no sadness, and no other person can truly steal your joy and inner peace – unless you let them.

So, fight back! That’s right. Don’t just sit there and accept it. The great big Universe has so much within it that it wants to share with you, that it wants you to explore. 

Don’t give up!

If you’re struggling with depression and sadness, I’ve been there and my heart goes out to you. I know how much it hurts, trust me. I cry with you and I send out hugs to you! But, more than anything, I send you healing and love.

Focusing on taking little steps forward

These last words of encouragement for difficult times are to remind you to keep moving forward.

We can focus on taking little steps forward even during hard times, and this will give us a feeling of progress and make us feel better. So if you ever feel stuck in any way, literally or with your feelings, just think of what to do next and take one step forward.

And, it’s okay if occasionally you’re pulled backward. Just think again of what to do and take one little step in that direction.

You may think that one particular little thing isn’t gonna make much difference, but the ripple effects can be big! For example, if just getting up off the couch and washing your face gets you feeling slightly better and deciding to do something else too, then that one little move made a difference.

After all, you might then go from doing that next thing to doing something even bigger and then feel unstuck. Get the picture? 

Little things add up and make a difference, so don’t overwhelm yourself with the bigger things. Just break it down, and find one simple little thing you can do right now – if you’re where you need this.

You might also realize as I did that if you’re not feeling like you’re making progress you begin to feel down, bad, or stuck. If so, then doing anything at all (even the littlest thing) can miraculously make you feel better (because you subconsciously feel like you’re making progress)!

So, if things aren’t going your way or you’re feeling down for some reason just keep moving in a forward motion – not dwelling on the past or negative thoughts or sitting around depressed, but purposely thinking positively and taking steps forward.

Move toward what you actually want!

Closing thoughts: Spiritual words of encouragement for difficult times 

I hope these spiritual words of encouragement for difficult times have helped you!

Remember to keep dreaming, keep having faith, do what lifts you up, and keep taking steps forward and thinking positively. Never stay down for long. We all fall down at times and sometimes we need a rest, but it’s important to know inside that you’ll always get back up.

I’m supporting you and wishing for your happiness and progress! And, remember – it will get better. 

So, why stay miserable right now?

Get up, get sun, look at a bird moving around without any cares, etc., and watch your vibration rise as you ignore those negative feelings until they disappear.

Abundant Life & Balance

(One last hint: Your mind, your thoughts, control those feelings. You control it. You’re in control, if you want to be. It just takes practice.)

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