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Could you use some women’s stress tips?

We’re all going through a lot, dealing with a lot, and we need to take care of ourselves.

Stress takes a toll on our bodies, minds, and lives, so it’s important that we deal with it instead of letting it linger. So, here are some women’s stress tips to try:

  • Be aware, so you can notice how you’re feeling and reacting
  • Recenter yourself and think of what’s important
  • Notice how you’re breathing & take slower deeper breaths if needed
  • Take breaks often & regroup before starting a new task
  • Force yourself to get some rest & to have fun
  • Take some control back by controlling your schedule
  • Get up before anyone else and take some “me-time”
  • Get outdoors & breathe fresh air or take a walk in the sun
  • Change the way you’re looking at things & take care of yourself

These things have helped me, and I believe they’ll help you, too.

So, let’s look more at each of these women’s stress tips and get you feeling better!

Women’s stress tips on awareness

How can a woman relieve stress? Well, the first of our women’s stress tips is to practice awareness

This has made a huge difference in my life in many ways. So, practice being aware of how you’re feeling and reacting

Once I began paying attention to when I was beginning to feel stressed or anxious, things changed for me. I could then make a conscious decision about how I would respond to things. 

And, this is so much better than just reacting to things and letting yourself be yanked around emotionally by everything!

Now, I’m not going to lie to you and say it was easy. At first, you’ll notice every now and then. Or, you’ll notice but not quite be able to change your response or feelings.

But, after a while you’ll notice that you’re so much more aware of your feelings and your moments of stress.

And, the best part is that those times of stress are shortened, all because you’re paying attention and dealing with it right away – you may have moments of stress instead of days of stress!

So when you notice that you’re thinking or reacting negatively, or feeling stressed, redirect your mind and feelings. Don’t just think that you have no control over how you feel. 

You have more control than you think, and this is good to know! So, start to practice being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

You’ll also be able to use some of the things I’ll talk about throughout this post to help, once you’ve noticed the stress. So, keep reading!

Get rid of stress by recentering yourself

When I realize that my feelings and stress are getting out of control, I like to tell myself to recenter – to go back to what’s important.

So, what’s most important in your life?

Sometimes life is just going along so well that we forget what’s most important. We let little things get to us that wouldn’t matter so much if we knew this was our last day.

We don’t know how much time we have or what tomorrow holds. So, let that push you in a positive way.

I let it gently remind me to be more present with my child, even when I’m busy – to fit that quality time in. 

I also let it remind me to let things go and relax more often!

When I’m feeling off in someway, I know I can just recenter as often as it takes. So, just pop yourself back to center as often as it takes and focus on feeling good.

You can change your life for the better by doing this instead of staying in a negative vibration for a long time!

women's stress tips

This is the most important of these women’s stress tips, because staying centered will make everything else better in your life.

So, pay attention and recenter yourself when you notice you aren’t at your best. Breathe, try to relax, and keep what’s most important in mind.

Women’s stress tips involving breathing

The next of our women’s stress tips involves breathing, because paying attention to breathing is really good for relieving stress.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed you don’t breathe the same? If not, try to notice it the next time you’re tense and stressed.

I’ve noticed that when stressed or anxious I seem to take short, shallow breaths. When I notice this I now have myself take longer breaths more slowly.

And, you’d be amazed at the difference it makes! Try this and you’ll begin to relax a bit.

Don’t let your body stay in control – you have a mind for a reason. Notice how you’re breathing and change it so that you can relax quicker. 

And, if you feel you need more help with this, you can find more on breathing techniques online.

Use breaks & regrouping

The next of these women’s stress tips is about taking breaks and regrouping when needed

As women, we often have multiple things to deal with and are switching from task to task. We can also get overloaded and worn down from everything.

So, it’s important for us to take breaks occasionally. I know you’re busy. Me too! But, we gotta try to fit it in.

tips for the stressed out woman

It’ll restore your energy, even if you take a quick five minute break. Then, you can go back to your tasks with restored energy!

So notice when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and take a little break if you can.

Another thing I do often is regroup before starting a new type of task.

I don’t know if you have this problem, but I have various things I”m doing throughout the day that are very different from each other.

And, this can wear us down mentally, so it can help to regroup before starting the new task. It’s helped me so much!

Just take a moment to breathe a few relaxing breaths before starting a new task, and you’ll notice it reduces your stress.

You can even state what you’re going to do and why before you begin the new task. (Say I’m going to do such and such now to the best of my ability so that…)

So, take a break or regroup so that you can begin the new task with a fresh, relaxed and focused mind and have less stress.

You need rest

Okay, women. Are we tired or what!

With everything there is to do, it’s easy to run out of energy – even mentally. We need rest!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re tired you get more cranky? Well, being tired can make us stress more easily too.

So know that you’re worth it. And, if you can, allow yourself to relax a little earlier and get to bed at a good time.

But no matter what, make some kind of time for resting. There are times when I’m determined to keep working, and I have to “parent myself” into taking a break and getting some down time.

You know when you’re feeling run down. And, as a grown up there’s often no one else who’s going to make you do something. So, you have to make yourself do what’s good for you.

Trust me, I know how hard it is. But, the more we do this, the easier it gets and the better our lives get.

You also need fun!

Yep, a stressed out woman needs fun just like she needs food and sleep. 

And if you have children or other people in your life, they need you to have fun too!

Having fun can be therapeutic. So, make yourself have fun moments amidst all the seriousness of life. 

I now pay attention to this and make myself have fun, even when my logical mind says you don’t have time for goofing off right now – I do it because it’s good for me and my loved ones.

So, try it!

Women’s stress tips involving time and scheduling

When I was thinking of women’s stress tips I asked myself, “What have I learned that’s made a huge difference?” Then I thought of time and scheduling.

I’ve learned that many of us say we have no time for things, but if we tracked how we really spend our time we’d find something different. 

It’s hard to hear things like that and stay open minded. But, when I thought about it I saw that it’s true – that sometimes I felt busy and as if I was doing my best, but I wasn’t managing my time well.

So, take a look at how you really spend your time in a day and decide if there’s room for improvement.

stressed out woman

Just being conscious of this will make a big difference in your life!

I also started using things like Google Calendar, Trello, Google Docs & Sheets, & mini notebooks to stay more organized (which saves time in the long run) and to plan better.

Each day, try to think of three main things that are your focus for that day. I’ve learned that keeping things as simple as possible is best.  

And, planning your day out in whatever way works for you is important. Just have some idea of how your day’s going to go and of your goals, because otherwise you’re flying in the dark.

How will you end up where you want to be if you fly in the dark and can’t clearly see where you’re going?

So, manage your time and take control of your schedule. Your life will change! 

And, don’t get overwhelmed with this. Baby steps and keeping things simple is best – so is writing things down to get them out of your head. Just try it!

Getting up early & making progress

The next of these women’s stress tips is about getting up early and feeling like you’re making progress.

But, beep, beep, beep, beep can be so annoying, right? Trust me, I know.

I’m not someone who naturally wants to jump out of bed in the morning – but I can tell you that after making myself because of my goals, I felt a sense of accomplishment!

And, there was a huge difference in what I got done by the end of the day – and that feels good! It also means there’s less to stress about.

I’ve learned that one major thing that makes us happy or feel good about our lives is feeling like we’re making progress.

If I begin feeling down in any way, I ask myself what can I do right now that will make me feel like I’m making progress. Then even if it’s something little that I did, I feel happier and more at peace with my life and the day! 

It really does make sense when you think about it. So try it, and watch the quick change in how you’re feeling. 

The other way getting up early has helped me is that I then have time for me – for visualizing, meditation, or whatever.

I might put on relaxing music and headphones, close my eyes, and either imagine a healing and restoring ball of white light moving through my body or envision the life I want. 

And, this is so therapeutic! Try it, and you’ll see a difference in how you feel throughout your day. It gives a sense of peace and direction and helps with stress.

Women’s stress tips involving fresh air & sun

The next of these women’s stress tips is to use fresh air and sun.

I think most of us know the benefits of the sun and fresh air – it’s pretty obvious. But, sometimes we forget about it.

So, parent yourself with self talk that says, “Hey, you need to at least open the door and breathe in some fresh air.” – or, Take a walk, because you’ll feel so much better afterward. Come on, it doesn’t have to be for long. Just five minutes at least.

women's tips for women's stress

Then, you’ll get out there and want to stay! It sounds too simple, but the benefits are amazing and worth it.

And, I’m not going to go into this anymore because of how obvious it is – except to say that walking in the sun (and a couple other things) literally cured my depression.

So, try getting some fresh air and sun the next time you feel stressed and see what happens!

Change the way you see things

So, the last of these women’s stress tips is to change the way you see things and to take good care of yourself. And, this can change your life!

Have you ever heard of two people who grew up in a dysfunctional family but each turned out totally different – maybe leading completely different lives?

Well, I find this fascinating. But the more I’ve learned about perception or how the way we see things affects us, I feel like it explains a lot.

In this example, each sibling grew up in the same harmful environment. Let’s say one went down a bad path and had a difficult life. The other one pushes herself to rise to a better life. Why?

Well, maybe it had something to do with how they each chose to look at things – and with what they told themselves

So, try to be open minded and change the way you’re looking at things when needed. Look at what you’re saying to yourself and at what you’re deciding things mean to you.

You can dig in your heels and decide to stay upset about something, or you can choose to see things differently and feel better – to rise above and make something good out of it.

I believe that your perception of things greatly affects your life, and that it did mine in a negative way for a long time. Now, my happiness and peace is worth me changing some things.

Abundant Life & Balance

Good self care

Another thing that can get rid of stress is self care. So, take good care of yourself!

If you’re starting to get run down, ask yourself if you’ve been doing this or not. We have to check in with how we’re doing and feeling sometimes.

And, good self care is going to take you further in the long run. If you feel better, you’ll be able to do better. 

So, are there ways that you could be taking better care of yourself?

Figure this out, and you could even renew your energy and zest for life!

Conclusion: Women’s stress tips – Inspiration for women

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this and that it’s helped you!

I gave you 9 women’s stress tips that have worked for me, and that I believe will help you too.

And, for a refresher…

Some women’s stress tips that can help you are:

  • Be aware of your feelings & reactions, recenter yourself, & breathe
  • Take breaks & regroup before tasks, get rest & have fun, & control your schedule
  • Get up early & take “me time”, get fresh air & sun, & change how you see things while taking good care of yourself

All of these things will help, but only if you try using them. So, which of these will you try? You might just find yourself getting rid of stress and feeling better!

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