When you feel defeated, don’t accept it for how it seems. There’s more than meets the eye, and this is the inspiration that you need!

Let’s talk about those times when you feel defeated. We all have them.

There are times when in the physical world it looks like things aren’t going well for us, and perhaps it even looks very unjust.

When this happens, what do we do? Do we lie down in defeat? The clear answer is no. And, let me tell you why.

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Don’t trust how things seem when you feel defeated

You shouldn’t trust how things seem when you feel defeated.

You have to know there’s more at play here. You see, we’ve been trained to just look at what’s physical in front of us – what’s obviously been made or manifested that we can now see. But, there’s another side to things.

Everything is energy, and that changes everything. There is not just the physical realm but also the spiritual. There is not just what now is but also what is currently being woven together for us but is still in the energetic or spiritual form.

So, it may look like you’re defeated or wronged and nothing can be done about it. After all, look how it is. Right?


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Feeling defeated? There’s more at play than meets the eye

Specialists who study this kind of thing say it takes days or however much time for our manifestations to take physical form – for all that our current thinking and vibrations are creating to show up in material form that we can see.

And then there’s the fact that we have the spiritual realm cocreating and helping us – guides, angels, the Universe, God (whatever you believe in or call them). And so, you can see why I’m saying that there’s more at play here than meets the eye.

So if you’re feeling defeated, all you need to do is know this.

Be aware of it, so that you have an advantage through this knowledge and so that you don’t sabotage things for yourself meanwhile by admitting defeat and giving up (accepting things for “as they are or appear to be”).

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Look beyond what you can see, & feel into what can be

What can you do when you feel defeated? You can know that all that is meant for you will come to you, and even sooner if you work with all that is and all that is meant to be.

See, we often work against all that is trying to help us. We expend a lot of energy complaining, whining, and asking why when the Universe is saying, “Hey, I got you. If you’ll just trust and work with me here, we can get this done.”

And, I know it’s hard. Trust me, I know! Dang it, it’s so difficult to let go and as they say “let God”. Right? It isn’t easy, and that’s why not everyone does it all the time. But you can, it just takes being patient and loving with yourself and a little bit of practice. Plus, some surrender.

You can do this. You can look beyond what you can see, and feel into what really can be. Let go, listen (for inner guidance), and trust. And, often times you’ll see that everything starts to line up for you. Sometimes, even miraculously.

I’ve been called to write this for you today, because I too struggle with these things. And, I’m being guided to handle things differently in a way that’ll work out better for me – and be a whole lot easier!

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Stop spinning your wheels & surrender to higher guidance

Sometimes we rack our brains trying to figure out what we can do to change things, to get justice, or to bring what we feel we should have. We’re expending a lot of energy this way, especially if a lot of emotions (even fear) are involved.

So even though there are things we need to do at times, if we’ll breathe and listen internally for guidance we’ll get a clearer perspective and work with the Universe for our highest good. Stop spinning your wheels. If you feel it’s all out of control, that you seem to have no control of things, surrender to higher guidance and help.

All while you’re upset and stressed, the Universe/God could have something lined up to help you – it might just take time to come together.

And, so the biggest thing I’m saying to you is don’t just take it for whatever it looks like. Instead, see the many possibilities that can happen considering the energetic and spiritual realms that are involved too.

It isn’t always as it seems. Just remember that, and it’ll get you through a lot.

“It isn’t always as it seems.”


You think someone’s getting away with something and there’s no justice? Consider that spirit sees everything and knows all. You think your good actions go unnoticed and unrewarded? Remember that all is seen and will be recognized.

And, know that you are not alone. Spirit wants you to know that. You may feel alone, but you never are. And if you know this, if you remember this, no deed done and no circumstance can hold you down. For you will rise, knowing you’re supported and guided along the way.

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Closing thoughts: When you feel defeated – don’t accept it for how it seems

I hope this has been helpful to you! May you be able to feel the love, protection, and guidance that your spirit team (your guides, angels, the Universe, God, & whatever else you believe in) has for you.

It is not always easy getting through this life on Earth, but we are not alone and the guidance and help is available. And, I believe that we can be led to peace, fulfillment, and an abundant happy life.

May yours be so.

And may you have faith, trust your inner knowing above all else, and overcome any obstacles!

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