Today, I’m going over eight areas of self care that you can work on to make life better. These will help you be able to keep up with life, not get run down, feel more balanced, and feel better overall.

There are benefits from evaluating what areas of our lives need more self-care. Life can get hectic and busy and we don’t want to neglect ourselves, because the benefits of keeping up with the different areas of our lives and taking care of ourselves is huge.

And, we feel better when we feel balanced. I know for myself that there was a time when I was very unbalanced in my life, but I didn’t even realize it. All I knew was that I didn’t feel well or feel good about how things were going in my life.

But now I know that balance is one of the most important things to have in life, as it affects our entire lives. And, it’s difficult to feel balanced in life if we aren’t taking good care of ourselves. So, take a look at these different areas of self care and decide which ones need the most attention from you right now.

8 Areas of self care that you can work on are:

  • Your self care routines
  • Your appearance
  • Mental self care
  • Mom self care
  • Self care for anxiety
  • Caring for yourself while busy
  • Self care during your success journey
  • Caring for yourself while in a relationship

Next we’ll look closer at each of these areas, and you can skip to the ones that are most relevant and helpful for you right now if you’d like. Let’s get started!

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8 Areas of self care

I’ve included eight areas of self care for different parts of life here, but I’m sure you can think of some other areas too. These are just the ones that I thought of that might be most helpful. And, I hope they are!

But, I also want you to keep balance in mind and not overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle everything at once. Keep a kind of slow and steady wins the race mindset.

Just making some kind of progress in our lives regularly is good enough. And over time, a little progress here and there will make a BIG difference!

Here we go…

#1 Your self care routines

First, let’s talk about adding self care into your routines.

Remember how I said I’d realized I needed to get back to taking care of myself? Well, what happened is that I stopped having a self-care routine. 

I realized that I used to have regular habits of doing things for myself. Things that I loved and that made me feel good about myself. And, without those self-care routines in my life I felt neglected. But, I was the one neglecting me.

The good thing about it was that since I was to blame I could fix it and start feeling better about myself! And it worked.

Beginning a good self-care routine again seemed to give me back the balance that I needed. See, I thought that I didn’t have time for taking care of me and that I had to put it on the back burner for a while. But, what I found was that I couldn’t afford not to take good care of myself

I realized that it was affecting how I felt about myself and that I was feeling run down. Not taking care of myself was causing me to lose self-confidence, and confidence is needed to accomplish a lot! 

So when you find what works for you, try to make it part of a regular self-care routine. It’ll keep you balanced and feeling good, and that’s what you need. 

And, keep it simple whenever you can so you’re more likely to keep it up. New habits are hard enough to stick with without it being complicated.

So, try some of these ways to take care of yourself and start feeling great! Also, remember not to neglect yourself and that you’re worth a little self care.

#2 Your appearance

Now, let’s talk about taking care of your appearance, or rather your beauty and skin. (This is a more obvious one, but it’s still important.)

I immediately thought of this one when thinking of how I’d let myself go in the past. I knew that I used to care a lot about my looks and that I’d then made excuses for why not to care.

So, let me give you a few tips for this in case you’re in a similar situation. Sometimes we just need a reminder of what we used to enjoy doing!

One thing I realized that I used to enjoy and had stopped doing was caring well for my skin. And if you think about it, it’s amazing how much better and younger moisturized skin looks!

I had been careful about applying oil to my skin after every shower or bath and lotion to my hands. My favorite at one time was baby oil with vitamin E in it, and then I fell in love with coconut oil because it’s less messy. So, I started this up again! 

I realized that I used to do things all the time that made me feel beautiful, and I missed that feeling. Have you stopped doing things that make you feel good about yourself? If so, think of what would make you feel good in this way and start doing it.

Also, appreciating and pampering yourself is a way of celebrating yourself. A way of saying you love your body and appreciate everything about yourself. So, think of ways that you can spoil yourself!

Two things I had stopped doing was enjoying putting on and playing with make-up and doing my nails regularly. These things make me feel good, so I knew I needed to start making time for them again.

Your things may be different, so think of what makes you feel spoiled, beautiful, and appreciative of your body, and then try them! You deserve it : )

#3 Mental self care

The next of these areas of self care is mental self care and it’s an important one, because the state of the mind can affect a lot. So, I wanted to be sure to include this!

One important part of this is getting enough sleep, because lack of sleep affects more than you might think. You’ll feel better, think better, and retain whatever you’re trying to learn better if you get the right amount of sleep.

eight areas of self care

You also want to do more of what keeps your mind feeling balanced and centered. Too much chaos is sometimes not good so you might need more calming, quiet activities in your life.

Another thing that’s good for mental health is actually to keep connections with others that you enjoy. Notice that I said “that you enjoy”, because I don’t believe it helps as much if those people stress you out all the time. But, people need people.

And, the last thing is to watch how you talk to yourself. And, this is so important! 

We can sometimes be so hard on ourselves, even continuing someone else’s criticism on us in our minds. For example, they criticized our weight, etc. and now we despise ourselves in the mirror. Let’s stop this! 

We are human, not perfect, and we deserve our own love.

So take care of your mind and mental health overall, and remember to be kind to yourself.

#4 Mom self care

This area of self care is specifically for moms, because as a mom myself I know that we can forget to take care of ourselves. So, let’s talk about some mom self care!

First, try to move your body in ways that you’ll enjoy and not just when doing things with kids. So, while you can get exercise by playing with your kids you still need some active movement that’s personally for you – that you’ll enjoy. 

Even if like me you have to push your child in a stroller to get your walk in, that’s okay. You’re still able to walk quickly and get a good amount of exercise that can also be relaxing for you. 

Just think of what you’ll enjoy. Maybe during nap time, if they’re young, you put on some headphones and music and do some aerobic exercising. Maybe choose something that you like, that energizes you, or that helps clear your mind.

And, take some “me” time, and don’t feel guilty about it. This is a much needed self care tip for moms, and I’m aware that it can be hard to get.

mom self care

However, like I said before even if it’s at nap time or bedtime it’s good to do something special for yourself. I know you probably usually do dishes or something else with that time, but try to paint your nails instead and see how you feel!

After taking good care of yourself for just a bit, you’ll probably be re-energized and hopeful again. And, you might get more done than you would have otherwise. A little self care can go a long way.

And the last of these self care tips for moms, or really any busy woman, is to do self-care things that only take minutes. For example, maybe when you have five minutes you just get your nails ready for painting and the next time you have five more you paint them. 

Sometimes us busy women thing that if we don’t have time for the whole thing we can’t do it, but we often can if we just break the activity up into parts.

So make time for self care, because it’s good for you!

#5 Self care for anxiety

The next of these areas of self care is about anxiety, because I believe a lot of us are suffering from it these days. So, let me share some self care for anxiety that can be helpful.

One thing to try is to actually take time for a bath! I mean a relaxing one. Allow your body to float a bit, close your eyes, and focus on more relaxed breaths.

When we’re anxious our bodies tense up, so it’s good to do things that relax us.

You can also try some form of meditation. Again it’s about relaxing, but it’s also about relaxing the mind. An anxious mind can be going and going, and this can help slow it down.

Here’s a meditation book that might help…

And finally, you can try to concentrate on your breathing more often. When anxious or stressed, we naturally change the way we breathe without even realizing it, and noticing and working on this can help.

So, look up some breathing techniques or just try breathing deeper breaths. You can try to breathe in through your nose a couple short breaths and then out through your mouth one long breath. 

I saw someone talk about this online, tried it, and it worked! It relaxed me and helped me think more clearly. It feels like you’re getting much more oxygen, it’s refreshing, and wakes you up. But mostly it’s relaxing and stress relieving.

#6 Caring for yourself while busy

Now, let’s talk about caring for yourself even when you’re busy.

A lot of us work, have children to keep up with, or just have a lot going on all together and we can be pretty busy at times. And, it’s important for us to take care of ourselves amidst it all.

So, the first tip here is to make sure you’re eating and drinking healthy as this affects how you think and feel and your energy level. You might be surprised at the difference it can make!

Also, do things for you to reward yourself for your hard work so that you don’t get burned out. I often tell myself that if I get this done then I’ll get to do that

But, also remembering to be excited about your accomplishments gives your mind a reason to keep going. So, give yourself a pat on the back for the good things you do. You deserve it!

Another thing that helps is gratitude. Feeling grateful makes a difference, trust me I know. It helps avoid those negative feelings and the negative talk in your mind. 

It lifts you up! And, if you’re feeling grateful about things, you’ll see things more positively. So, try saying a few things you’re grateful for every day or when you notice yourself slipping to the negative side.

Also, busy people can get tired and when we get tired these negative feelings are more likely to come up. So, remember to take care of yourself by eating well, drinking enough water, rewarding yourself, and being grateful.

#7 Self care during your success journey

areas of self care

This next section is about self care during your success journey, because while we’re working toward success we can get busy and forget to take good care of ourselves.

So, first let’s talk about being mindful of your time.

Time can slip away from us easily and leave us with less time for ourselves after everything else.

But one thing that’s helped me is to make sure that the time I have before noon is spent well, because after that my energy slowly fades. Plus, unexpected things can come up that take my time.

So you might pay attention to this and see if it helps to try and get most of the important things done in the morning. The better you use your time, the better and less stressed you’ll feel. And, maybe you’ll have some energy and time left at the end of the day to relax and pamper yourself!

Also, remember that it’s okay to say no to things.

Protect your time. Stay focused, don’t be easily distracted by things that aren’t as important, and know what’s worth putting first.

And finally, recognize when you need a little time out and make sure you get some relaxation time!

It’s too easy to get caught up with getting to a goal or success and not stop for rest or me-time. So, take care of yourself and make time for yourself.

#8 Caring for yourself while in a relationship

Those who are in a relationship have the challenge of combining their own lives with another person’s, while still needing to be their own person. So the next of these areas of self care is specifically about caring for yourself while in a relationship.

One thing that’ll help is to try to not lose yourself completely, and still try to do things that you enjoy as an individual person. This is important, and you need it. So, think of some things that you’d like to do just for you.

Allow yourself to celebrate your independent self, and be sure to appreciate yourself. You’re a couple but you’re still an individual, unique person as well.

taking care of your relationship

Here’s a couple’s therapy journal that might be helpful!

It can be used for multiple purposes, like as a therapy journal for couples to write in, writing family memories, or as an engagement or wedding gift.

So, click HERE to check it out on Amazon!

On the other hand, ask for help from your partner when it’s needed. Let your partner take some of the load off so that you can take some much deserved time for yourself! 

Some of us women, myself included, can be determined to do it all ourselves in a particular way. But, it’s okay and good to ask for help and take a load off sometimes.

The importance of taking care of yourself

taking care of yourself

Now that we’ve talked about all of these eight areas of self care, I want to remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself overall. 

It really does affect everything, because it’s part of balance. And, when you have balance in your life things feel better. 

When you take good care of yourself, it shows that you value yourself. It also makes you feel good about yourself. And, how you feel about yourself is very important!

So when you don’t feel like it, do it anyway. Even if it’s just something little for yourself. And self love is important, so always treat yourself well.

Closing thoughts: 8 Areas of self care to work on to make life better

Now, we’ve covered eight areas of self care that you can work on to make life better. And, I hope this has been helpful!

And, for a reminder…

You can take better care of yourself by having:

  • a self care routine
  • self care for beauty
  • mental health care
  • mom self care
  • care for anxiety
  • self care when busy
  • care for ambitious times
  • married woman’s care
  • awareness of self care importance

You might want to save this blog post so you can come back to it later for a reminder or to read sections that didn’t pertain to you but now do. Or, share the link to this post with someone that might need the inspiration.

These ways to take care of yourself will not only help you but can help you have more energy to give to others. So, always take time for yourself too!

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