Get 30 easy ways to feel empowered in life, as a woman! These simple ideas put together can be life-changing.

These tips for feeling empowered will help you realize who you really are and what you’re capable of. They’ll help you tap into your inner strength and belief in yourself. And overall, they’ll help you take back your power!

So, let’s get right into that list that I am personally really proud of and really moved by.

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30 Ways to feel empowered in life as a woman

Here’s your list, that you can refer to regularly for empowerment and inspiration, of 30 ways to feel empowered in life as a woman.

These are a combination of things that I’ve learned along the way, things that have worked for me during my self-growth journey, and ideas coming from inspiration I gathered from listening to a few empowering Ted Talks for women.

I hope these empowerment tips inspire and help you as much as they have me!

30 Ways to feel empowered in life as a woman are:

  1. Don’t feel like you have to be “the good girl” all the time. – You don’t have to please others all the time or do what’s expected of you. Don’t worry about upsetting others or not being accepted. Those that are “your people” will love and accept you for you, and you will find “your people”.
  2. Stop being “the victim”, or seeing yourself that way. – We sometimes can’t help being victimized, but we don’t have to give our power away. If we stop labeling ourselves as the victim in our minds, we empower ourselves.
  3. Don’t worry about being seen as “the bitch” if you stand up for yourself.
  4. Have a balance of giving and receiving in relationships (or look for those that have this).
  5. Know and remember your inherent right to abundance. – Don’t let anyone make you feel like you aren’t worthy of anything. You are. We are all worthy of all of the Universe’s abundance.
  6. Stay in alignment with your heart, Spirit, or higher self.Do what feels right to you, and it’s okay to not allow what (or who) doesn’t align with you into your life. If you leave a situation or person feeling bad in some way, pay attention to this and to what it means. Follow your intuition. And, if someone asks you to do something that doesn’t feel right to you, don’t. As they say, “no” is a full sentence.
  7. Know and remember your right to respect. – Respect yourself by making choices that are good for you. And, it’s okay to choose not to be around people much who constantly disrespect you, talk down to you, or talk to you like you’re stupid.
  8. Speak up about what you want and need.
  9. Stand in, and walk in, with your confidence.
  10. Know and remember your right to love and self-love. – You are loveable. If anyone ever made you feel otherwise, disregard that right now. And, give yourself whatever you needed in life but didn’t get from others.
  11. Accept love like you know you’re deserving of it.
  12. Know and remember your right to look out for yourself.
  13. Try to keep, or keep working on, a balance in your life that helps you feel balanced and in control.
  14. Know and remember your right to do what’s best for you and those you love.
  15. Accept help like you know you’re deserving of it.
  16. Try to think in a resilient way.
  17. Change the way you view failure.“Failure is a learning experience, and the guy who has never failed has never done anything”. Wilson Greatbatch
  18. Work on breaking out of the paradigm, or the cycle(s), that isn’t empowering to you or the best for you and your life. (You can find YouTube videos on paradigm changing by Bob Proctor that are helpful.)
  19. Change the tape in your head/mind. – When you have unempowering thoughts, notice and gently try to switch them out for more positive ones.
  20. Stop letting the past haunt you – forgive yourself, or whatever you need, and move on.
  21. Change the way you talk to and about yourself, if needed. – If you wouldn’t talk that way to or about your child (think of it hypothetically if you don’t have a child), don’t talk to or about yourself that way (not even in your mind). You should be your biggest cheerleader; sometimes if you don’t do it, no one else will.
  22. Piggy-backing off of #21, Build yourself (and others when needed) up.When you become this sort of positive, inspiring, and empowered person, you become a force to be reconned with.
  23. Work on finding your voice, especially if you feel it’s been suppressed.
  24. Change your view of what you can achieve or do, if needed. Make sure it’s an empowering view.
  25. Believe in yourself, even if it seems that no one else does.
  26. Dream big, and when you can, take action toward those dreams and desires, one step at a time, one day at a time.
  27. Realize that you have more power than you might have known, and that you do have the power and ability to change things in your life.
  28. Following up on #27, always be working on manifesting what you want in and for your life, putting out requests to the Universe confidently, and visualizing, while believing in its possibility.
  29. Following up on #28, think in an empowering way. What you believe, feel, think, and say affects you and helps create your life and experiences. Always remember that how we choose to view things is Everything.
  30. Take back your power – your confidence, self-love, inner strength, belief in yourself, self-respect, and boundaries. Boundaries are okay to create to protect yourself, and it’s okay to stand confidently in your power.

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Take back your power!

Go within and remember who you are. Not what people have made you feel you are, and not what they think or act like you are. Who are you?

You are a divine creation, made in Your Maker’s image. Made beautifully, completely, and perfect as you naturally are (before any life damage or, in a sense, “brain washing”).

You are good enough. You are more than enough. Don’t let anything or anyone convince you of anything different.

Work on self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance. This inner work, where ever needed, will change you and your life in a wonderful, lasting way.

What I’m saying overall is, take back your power! It’s yours. This life is yours, your peace is yours, your happiness is yours. Stand strong in your knowing of who you are, where you come from, and how protected you are.

A lion is strong and can be fierce, but if he does not know that he’s a lion he may act otherwise. He may back down from a hyena. You must only know the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of. -alb

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References: Ted Talk inspiration!

I gained inspiration for this blog post from the following Ted Talks:

  1. Becoming an empowered woman, by Paula Lacobara
  2. Empowering Women Benefits Everyone, by Jane Sojka
  3. Empowering Women and Girls, by Halima Hima

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