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If you’d like a positive, happy life but you can’t help feeling negative at times, then you’re the reason I wrote these seven tips to stay positive. I’d like to help you to stop letting negativity hold you back and to transform your life.

And, I can tell you from experience that it can be done. But…

If you want to improve your life, the best thing to start with is your thinking as this affects everything else. How we think affects how we feel and that affects what we do. So, foster a positive mindset with these 7 tips to stay positive:

  • Become aware of your thinking
  • Stop the negative thoughts
  • Stay in the present moment
  • Switch out negative for positive
  • Think like who you want to be
  • Change your environment
  • Listen to & watch positive things

Now, let’s look more at these ways to stay positive so you can transform your life!

1st of these tips to stay positive is to be aware of your thoughts

The first of these tips to halt negativity and stay positive is to become aware of your thoughts. And, this is super important!

I say this because in order to improve your way of thinking, you have to first become aware of it. So, start to notice your thoughts throughout each day

What kind of thoughts are they? Are they helpful thoughts that stay on the positive side, or are they mostly negative thoughts that are potentially harmful?

Just paying attention to your thoughts will get you headed in the right direction – to improve your way of thinking and your life!

So, notice your thoughts for a while and see if you have more negative thoughts than positive ones. Don’t judge yourself, just be an observer.

If you do this, you’ll be thinking outside the box, different than most – finding new ways to improve yourself and your life. 

You’ll be on your way toward different thinking, which will set you ahead of those that don’t do this!

2. Take control of your thinking & stop negative thoughts

The second of these ways to stay positive is to think better by taking control of your thoughts.

So, take control of your thoughts by observing them. Then, after having observed your thoughts for a while you can begin to see how they’re affecting you and work on stopping the negative thoughts in their tracks.

And, just like if you were constantly hanging around someone who talked negatively about things – what you hear regularly will eventually begin to affect you, even if it’s from your own mind.

So, we have to get some control over our thoughts

You may think like I used to that your thoughts can’t be controlled and that they have a mind of their own – that they determine how you feel and that there’s nothing you can do about it.

But, you can stop the negative thoughts even though it can seem like work at first. 

When thoughts come up that you know aren’t going to help you any, just say stop

You’re just telling yourself to stop going off into thought land where your thoughts run the show and do whatever they want. 

Tell yourself to stop it, and bring your mind back to the present moment.

This will be well worth it, I promise, so just keep practicing it!

3. Be mindful: Stay in the present moment

Third of these tips to stay positive is to be mindful and stay in the present moment.

This is because when we’re letting our thoughts run the show and do their own thing, we aren’t fully living in the present moment. And, living in this moment now is better for us.

It’ll actually solve a lot of problems with negative thinking!

Think about it. Do you find yourself often getting caught up in memories or conversations that have already happened? 

If we get caught up in thinking too much about things that have already happened, then we’re living more in the past than the present.

And, to add to that, if those things from the past that we’re thinking of are negative then to our mind it’s like we’re still in that negative place – and we don’t want this!

So, stay in the present moment as much as you can – gently bringing your mind back to this current moment, noticing sounds and other things around you if that helps.

It’ll take some practice, but before you know it it’ll be like second nature to do this – and you’ll be glad you worked on bettering yourself and your mind!

4. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts

The fourth of these ways to stay positive is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. And, you’ll want to do this after you’ve begun to purposefully pay attention to your thinking.

Then, once you’re noticing negative thoughts, you can start trying to switch out your negative thoughts for positive ones that are more helpful

At first, you’ll have to consciously do this – but after a while you’ll find yourself naturally doing it.

Sometimes, I find that listening to positive affirmations is helpful. In fact, if I find my thoughts and feelings slipping too much to the negative side, I’ll seek out a positive audio of some kind like it’s my life line!

I know that the way I think can make me or break me, and I want to safeguard my mind.

You can also do this if you’ve been around too much negativity from others. Put on something positive and helpful and recenter yourself.

You know, we know that what we put into our bodies affects us. But, why do we not always realize that what we allow into our minds affects us too?

So, start to replace negative thoughts with positive ones whenever you can. It’ll make a difference!

5. Think like the person you want to become

This next technique involves thinking like the person you want to become.

What kind of person do you want to be? If you have a goal of getting to a certain place in life, really think of what that kind of person is like.

How does she think? Ask yourself, how would someone who is already where you want to be in life handle things?

This can really help, especially if you have a specific problem that needs solved. But, it’s still helpful even for those times when you’re negative thoughts won’t leave you alone.

More than likely, the ideal life you’d like to have and person that you’d like to be isn’t going to handle things with a bad attitude or negativity. So change your perspective if needed, and you might find it a lot easier to be more positive!

Look at it in a different way and decide that to become who you want to be and to have what you want to have, you need to change the way you think.

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6. Change your environment for a more positive mindset

When I start noticing I’m feeling and thinking negatively, I also like to look at my surroundings to see if anything needs to be changed. 

Am I getting too much clutter? Could I make my environment more calming or more enjoyable for me?

So, our next tip to stay positive is to change your environment as needed to encourage a more positive mindset.

Your thinking can be influenced by your environment, so don’t make the mistake of thinking your surroundings don’t matter.

Do you have a specific memory that involves the smells or feel of your environment? I do. I can remember the feeling that I got at certain times in the past – maybe the peaceful way I felt in that moment.

With these good, peaceful memories I can tell the environment helped bring out positive feelings, because the memory isn’t about something happening – it’s about the feeling I had at that moment.

Your environment can stress you out, or it can bring you a feeling of peace.

It can make you less able to focus and think positively, or it can enhance your focus and positive feelings.

So, don’t forget to take a look at your environment if other things don’t work!

7. Listen to & watch positive things

On top of surrounding yourself with the right things in your environment, it also helps to listen to and watch mostly positive things.

Too many depressing news stories and other sad things can affect your thoughts. But, listening to positive things can help combat the negative in life.

So, try to find some podcasts or audiobooks that you find inspirational – that leave you feeling good!

Think of this as upkeep for your mind. Fill it up with good so that you can get good from it.

Conclusion: 7 Tips to stay positive, halt negativity, & transform your life

I hope these seven techniques have helped and that you now have a better idea of how to stay positive. With all that’s going on in the world around us, I feel we could all use as much positivity as possible!

And, as a reminder…

7 Tips to stay positive, halt negativity, & transform your life are:

  • Become aware of your thinking/negative thoughts
  • Take control and stop negative thoughts
  • Be mindful and stay in the present moment
  • Replace negative thoughts with more positive ones
  • Think like the person you want to become
  • Change your environment for a more positive mindset
  • Listen to and watch positive things regularly

So, tell me…

What will YOU do today to be more positive and transform your life into one that you love?

Always remember that if you change your way of thinking, you’ll change how you’re feeling and what you’re doing – and this will change your life.

You have more power than you might think, and you CAN stay more positive and improve your life!

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