Learn how to embrace self-love and self-acceptance as a woman with these five life-changing, confidence building, empowering tips!

Embracing self-love and self-acceptance can be hard, especially if you’ve been burdened with things like abuse, trauma, guilt, or even neglect as a child. So, today I’ll be helping you learn how to do this.

But first I want to say that although this blog post is written specifically to help women (as I’m a woman and have a passion for helping women who have been through a lot), it can also help others. So, anyone who needs help in this area is welcome to keep reading.

Also, I want you to know that I speak from experience. I’m not a doctor of any kind, so feel free to seek a professional’s help and advice if needed. However I’ve struggled with a lack of self-love and acceptance and have overcome this, so I think I can help you by sharing things that have helped me.

And, if you’re feeling down on yourself or hopeless let me encourage you by saying that I had a lot of issues to deal with and if I could overcome them, learn to love myself, and become happier you can too.

Now let’s get started talking about how to embrace self-love and self-acceptance as a woman, so you can change your life for the better!

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How to embrace self-love

Here’s a little history…

One time when I was younger, a friend told me with sincerity that she didn’t think I had much confidence. I remember thinking, “What are you talking about?” I put a lot into my looks, and felt like I was confident enough. But, now I get that confidence is more about loving and accepting yourself than it is about looks.

You see, I had always just pushed my problems inside. It was too much for me, plus I just didn’t understand yet all that I’d been through and how it had affected me. So, I didn’t realize that I lacked self-love, self-acceptance, self forgiveness, and inner confidence.

But later in life I started doing the inner work, facing things that were scary to me, being truthful with myself about the reality of things and their affect on me. And, eventually I started feeling a load lifted from me and I found true love, acceptance, and forgiveness for myself and my past circumstances.

Anyway it’s a lot of info but my hope is that if you’re going through something similar, me sharing this with you will help. Perhaps you’ll at least see that you aren’t alone and that someone gets it and understands.

So, now let’s move on so I can share some things that helped me embrace self-love and that I believe will help you, too.

Accept that you’re imperfect, & let that be okay

First, let’s talk about accepting that you’re imperfect and letting that be okay.

I know that for many years I was super concerned about what I looked like. And, there’s nothing wrong with caring. That’s good. What I’m saying is that it consumed me to where I cared more what others thought of me than what I thought of me.

Now, I see that while it’s good to take care of yourself in ways that make you feel good, there’s a balance needed. I can look pretty without thinking that I have to be perfect (for others). 

Anyway, everyone is imperfect and perfect is boring. So, how can you begin to embrace self-love? By accepting that you’re imperfect and letting that be okay.

See, without realizing it I spent so much time thinking of what others would think of me and trying to be perfect for them. And, meanwhile I had more important things around me to care about. So, it was wasted time.

Now, I’d rather be imperfect and live my life as me for me. On my last day of life, I want to be able to look back and see that I truly lived and enjoyed my life. 

Let these images remind you that it’s more important to be free, to be your true authentic self, than it is to strive for perfection or be hard on yourself because you’re imperfect…

Self love is important. Let go and live! Be your imperfect self and let that be okay. Don’t judge yourself.

embrace self-love

Get to know & appreciate yourself

Next, let’s talk about getting to know and appreciate yourself.

It’s important to spend time getting to know YOU & to value yourself. Just like when you’re dating and you get to know that person & fall in love with them. Well, you deserve that too!

Hey, if somebody else is worth spending time on, getting to know, and being shown they’re valued, so are you!

Explore things about yourself and find out what you really like and want. It’ll be time well spent, because your relationship with yourself will affect the rest of your life. How well you know yourself and what you want within your life will affect your decisions, and those decisions will make up your life. And, how you feel about yourself and whether you respect and value yourself will affect your confidence, how you approach life, and what you allow into your life.

If there was one thing I could go back and teach my younger self (or the old me), it would be this. It’s SO important, and I can’t say that enough. Once you see this, do the inner work, and build yourself up your whole life can change for the better.

So even if you feel like you know yourself, dig a little deeper and learn more. It can’t hurt, it can only help. And, be sure and learn to really appreciate and accept the real you. Who cares what anyone else thinks about you. You’ll spend more time with YOU than anyone else throughout your life, so pick your head up and just choose to love and accept yourself.

Show yourself forgiveness

Another important part of embracing self-love and self-acceptance is forgiveness. So, let’s talk about this.

When you hold unforgiveness for someone, you can feel yourself holding back from fully loving and accepting them, can’t you? You may love them, but you aren’t freely and fully sending love their way.

So if you don’t forgive yourself for certain things in your life, you’re not able to fully open your heart to love and accept yourself. You’re holding back from yourself, and let me tell you why this isn’t fair to you. Everyone comes here to this Earth to learn and grow – not to be perfect, not to get it all right. In fact, you couldn’t do it all perfectly even if you really tried. Now, I can hear what sounds like the old me saying but you don’t know how bad I’ve messed up. Well if this is your voice I’m hearing, I assure you that you are here to mess up, learn, love, and grow, and if you never “messed up” you’d never have a chance to grow.

Lighten up on yourself. Take yourself and your life a little less seriously, and try to see the bigger picture. And, try to enjoy life as much as possible because that’s the other point of life. Create, live, love, & find joy.

One more thing. If you never move forward from that “mistake” and let it go, you might not ever get to that next lesson that you were meant to get to – to that next level.

Life is about learning. Did you learn something? Good. Now let’s move on, go make more mistakes, & learn some more! That’s what it’s all about. If we never made mistakes we’d never grow, & we’re all learning & growing together.

Abundant Life & Balance

Spend time on self-care

Another way to embrace self-love is to spend time on self-care.

You may have been spending plenty of time on other people and things and not enough on yourself. So, treat yourself. Show yourself that you’re worth it! Hey, we buy gifts for our family and others so why not do special things for ourselves, too (and it doesn’t have to cost money)? 

Spend some time just treating yourself or spoiling yourself. I’m sure you can think of some ways to do that. This shows appreciation and love for yourself, and it also refreshes you so that you feel better and have more to give to life and others.

Part of learning to love yourself is paying attention to yourself and caring for yourself. Is there something you would love to do for yourself that you’ve been neglecting? 


Remember that regular self-care shows self-love and appreciation, and it also restores you. It gives back to you, refilling your tank so that it doesn’t run empty. And, it reminds you of your own value and can even restore confidence. So, tell yourself you’re worth it and try to make this a habit!

Celebrate your accomplishments

So many of us are measuring our worth by what we accomplish, by how successful we feel overall, and by how we feel others see us. And so we’re accomplishing things and then hurrying off to the next thing, because after all there’s a lot to be done.

But, are we taking enough time to celebrate our accomplishments and the journey along the way? Are we patting ourselves on the back, or just figuring that if no one else does we must not be doing good enough?

Can we accept ourselves for who we are and where we are right now, without measuring it to anything? Because if we could, this we be equivalent to being present in the now and loving ourselves for just being.

For just being? Yes, we deserve love and acceptance as we are right now – as the divine being that we are. Some higher source created us, guides us, and works with us so that we can create in the same way. So, we are divine beings from a divine source.

And, let me remind you that that source wants you to love yourself and just be. This is peace. This is like living heaven on earth, learning to surrender to all that is, even when it comes to accepting and loving yourself.

Know that you are enough and that you are worth celebrating. You celebrate your birthday, the day you were born here on Earth, but do you celebrate your true divine being, your spirit, often enough? Do you celebrate YOU?

Make it a habit to notice even your small accomplishments, and appreciate the journey that you’re on in this life. It is so valuable. You’re learning so much. So, always be kind to yourself and build yourself up!

Closing thoughts: How to embrace self-love & self-acceptance as a woman

embrace self-love

I hope this blog post on how to embrace self-love and self-acceptance has helped!

When I saw that people were searching for this answer, it tugged at my heart. Probably because I’ve been there. And, writing this post aligns with everything I want to do: Make a difference in other women’s lives.

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Additional resources

This self love journal will build you up! It has a beautiful poem titled “What You See You As” (that I’ve written just for you) & self-love reminder tips, & it has a place to write your thoughts & affirmations each day. It’s on Amazon, so click the image or title to check it out!

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