If you need help with setting goals and seeing them through, stick around and I’ll give you six easy goal setting techniques that anyone can do. Yes, even you!

But first, let’s talk about successful people. Ever been envious of one? Well, at first glance successful people can seem lucky and we might even be envious of them. But, although the person might seem lucky, what we don’t see is that they put in hard work toward goals and achieving balance. 

People don’t just get lucky and fall into success. They plan it out, put in the hard work, and then reap the benefits. They have goals.

Here are six easy goal setting techniques that anyone can do:

  • Know the importance of goals
  • Know why you want the goals
  • Write down your goals
  • Keep balance while striving for goals
  • Enjoy small wins on goals
  • Stay focused and track your goals

Now, let’s talk more about these tips so you can reach your goals and be proud of your accomplishments!

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6 Easy goal setting techniques

These easy goal setting techniques are meant to guide you and inspire you to stay on track with your goals, so you can actually reach what your aiming for.

Many people don’t even have goals that they’ve planned out, and many who do don’t put a lot of thought into them. So if you learn from these tips for achieving goals and put effort toward your goals, you’ll be ahead of many people.

So, read them and then put them into action so you can get closer to what you desire!

1. Know the importance of having goals

The first of these goal setting techniques is to know the importance of having goals in the first place. So, let’s talk about this.

Without goals, where would we be? If you think about it, we’d kind of just be wandering around aimlessly.

What does goal setting do for us? Well, for one it gives us a purpose. For two, it gives us direction. And for three, it gives us a sense of achievement and progress once we’ve met the goals.

My own life has completely changed after centering it around goals. I now have a purpose every day when I wake up. I get up and work toward my goals, even when I don’t feel like it. 

Unlike before when I could literally pull the covers over my head and try hard to just go back to sleep. Ever been there? It’s an awful feeling to have inside.

goal setting techniques

What we really want is the opposite of that feeling. And, as a woman balancing goals in life has definitely given me that. 

We all want to feel that what we do matters and makes a difference. We want to feel proud of what we’ve done. It’s what truly makes life worthwhile. 

So, make sure you have clear goals that excite you at all times. Goals that give you a reason to get up in the morning. This will give you an entirely different feeling inside!

2. Know why you want the goals

The next step is understanding why you want your goals.

We should always have goals in life – something to work toward. And, we should know why we want the goals.

Knowing why you want the goals is about making sure you have enough reason for working toward them when the going gets tuff. And, it will probably get tuff at some point. 

That’s probably why so many people don’t want to bother with trying to make and meet goals. But sadly, they’re missing that great feeling you get from accomplishing them!

What striving toward your goals makes of you along the way is really what it’s all about. You become a different person – you learn how to be a confident person who knows what she wants.

So, come up with a goal and think of why you want to meet this goal. And if you don’t want it badly, you might want to go bigger. (Of course, sometimes we can also set small goals that give us inspiration to move to the next step. I do this often!)

I like to set goals that mean enough to me so that, even when I’m not seeing the results yet, I won’t let myself give up. 

Make sure that your main reasons are this big, too! Big enough that even though you know others are nestled comfy in bed, you’re still going to get up and work toward your goals in life.

3. Write down your goals

Next on our list of goal setting techniques is to actually write down your goals. And yes, it’s best to write them down and commit to them.

We often think about things but don’t write them down, failing to realize that writing it down has power. Have you ever heard of “see it, hear it, do it” and you’ll remember it a lot better? 

Well, you’ll also be more inclined to work toward it when you write it down. And, keep writing it down for long enough and you’ll begin to believe in it and see yourself accomplishing it!

Another reason for writing down your goals is you need a plan. You also need to get it out of your head and onto the paper. Your mind can only keep track of and organize so much.

So, get out some paper and a pen! Go ahead. I’m waiting…

goal setting techniques

Now, start writing. And, make sure to get detailed and set high enough goals with timelines. Then later, remember to regroup if you have to and not beat yourself up if you don’t meet a deadline. 

It’s just to give yourself direction, so you clearly know where you’re going and how you can get there. Because you can’t get there blindly

If you want to win, you have to set the odds in your favor. Having goals in life does that for a woman!

So, think of your positive goals in life and write them down – and set yourself up for success.

4. After setting goals, work on keeping balance

Make sure that after you’ve worked on setting goals that you also work on creating balance.

Balance with goals is something I’m constantly working on, because it’s so easy to get caught up in meeting your goals that you start to slack in other areas of life. 

So, remember to keep balance while you’re striving toward your goals. You have several different areas of your life to attend to, and balance is key. With the right balance, you’ll be able to go further and meet more of your goals!

So, yes work toward your goals daily. But, also still make yourself do things to take care of yourself. Being goal oriented and working hard can take a toll on a person, and a healthy body and mind will allow you to keep going.

Also, you still have to keep up with your relationships.

It can be easy to get too busy for others when you have high goals. But, you’ll still want a good relationship with your child or friend after reaching the goal. So, just keep a balance.

5. Enjoy small wins along the way

So, now let’s look at how you can achieve your goals by enjoying small wins.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you look at big goals and to feel like you’ll never get there. So, part of balancing goals in life is to break things down into smaller goals for smaller wins.

By this I mean that even though I have big goals, I also have smaller ones that I can check off easier. Then, each time I check one off I feel excited and I feel I’m making progress. And, you can do the same!

One more important thing I’ve learned is that the feeling of progress makes all the difference. And, if we’re hard on ourselves and don’t celebrate small wins along the way, we don’t feel progress along the way and aren’t as likely to keep going. 

And, it makes sense.

It’s discouraging to just look at a longggg road ahead. But if you can have mile markers along the way that you celebrate passing, it’ll give you fuel to keep going to the next one until you’ve reached the end.

However, the secret is that there is no real end. You’ll reach that goal in life, and then make another one.

So, remember that it’s more about the journey and who you’re becoming by reaching these goals. Enjoy it!

“With life and goals, it’s more about the journey. So, enjoy it!”

Abundant Life & Balance

6. Stay focused and track your goals

The last of these goal setting techniques is to stay focused and track your goals.

Trust me, distractions will come. Disappointments will come. But, you can keep your focus and keep on tracking where you’re at and where you’re going. And, it’ll help!

Always regroup if needed. That’s part of resiliency. Being able to make it through anything. Nothing is set in stone. Yet, you don’t just give up. You just regroup if needed.

Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or sees in what you’re doing. The point is, do YOU see it. If you want it with all of your being and you can almost see it as being, then keep working toward it!

This is a sign that you’re headed in the right direction. And, I’d rather be working on what means something to me than to only do what will never mean much to me at all. Whether I fully reach all of my goals, or not. 

THIS is a meaningful life.

Abundant Life & Balance

Now, go make it count!

Closing thoughts: 6 Easy goal setting techniques that anyone can do

So, there you have it. You now have six techniques for goal setting that anyone can do, including you! These ideas have helped me, and I believe they can help you too.

And, for a refresher…

6 Easy goal setting techniques are:

  • Know the importance of goals
  • Know your “why”
  • Write your goals down
  • Keep balance along the way
  • Enjoy your small wins
  • Focus on & track your goals

I believe these six things will help you find ways to achieve your goals while keeping balance. And, I believe in you and in what you can do. So, aim high! 

We can often do way more than we thought we could. So if you’re thinking about having something or doing something, pay attention to the little voice inside that might tell you to move on from it. It thinks you can’t do it, but YOU CAN!

Abundant Life & Balance

Now, what are your goals in life? If you haven’t figured this out yet, start thinking on it now. Your future depends on it.

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