Get five tips for how to be an independent woman, being the best version of you and living your best life!

I’ve come up with five specific tips that’ll help with being an independent woman and living your best life, plus help you improve yourself overall. And, these are classic things that have been making women feel good about themselves and their lives for years and that’ll stand the test of time.

Here’s a quick glance at those things…

5 Tips for being an independent woman & living your best life are:

  • Learn, because no one can take it away
  • Be self reliant as it builds confidence
  • Choose company with your values
  • Know that no one can make you feel anything
  • Determine what’s most important to you

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these and get you headed to an independent, fulfilling life that you’ll love!

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5 Tips for how to be an independent woman

These five tips for how to be an independent woman and live your best life are meant to inspire and empower you. They’re also meant to help you grow into all that you can be. And, if you want more or you want a better life you have to grow.

This is something I didn’t always understand – that I had to change in order for my life to change. But, it’s true. You have to change from the inside, and then your surroundings change.

I don’t know if you do this but I used to think that when my life became the way I wanted it to be, then I’d be happy or start doing things differently. (As if I couldn’t change or change things until then.) So, it took a bit for me to wrap my head around this and understand that it really works this way.

People don’t just wake up with a whole different, better life one day. They did something for it. And, if you talk to those people you’ll most likely find that they worked a lot on themselves from the inside.

So, do this! Don’t just wait for your external circumstances to change. Work on yourself and your life in every way, and you’ll see yourself grow. And as you grow and change, so will your life.

Then, you can end up feeling like the independent woman who has a fulfilling life that you’ve always wanted to be!

You have to change from the inside, and then your surroundings will change.

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Now, here’s the list of five tips for how to be an independent woman and live a life that you’ll love!

#1 Learn, because no one can take it away

Overall today, we’re looking at things to improve yourself to make you feel more independent and have a better life. And the best thing that I’ve ever found for this sounds obvious, but it’s learning. So, our first tip is to embrace learning and learn all you can.

An ambitious woman once told me something that I never forgot. And, she probably never had a clue that it would stick so well. What she said was…

“Learn all you can, because it’s something that no one can ever take from you.”

Now, how true is that?! You can lose every dime you own and have everything else taken. But your knowledge? It’s untouchable as long as you have your mind and memory.

And as I look back on the years and choices I made, I see that one of the best investments would have been more knowledge. Not all the chaos, not chasing people or things that I thought would bring me happiness, but knowledge and wisdom.

So, embrace learning and think of what you can learn and the wisdom you can attain that’ll truly make a difference and improve your life.

Oh, the things that we would learn & be able to do if we were given one more run at our lives. One more chance, starting learning all we could at an early age, knowing now what really mattered. Who we are, what’s most important to us, & how to be passionate about soaking up knowledge and wisdom.

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#2 Be self reliant as it builds confidence

Our next tip is to be self reliant, as it builds confidence.

Sometimes in life we naturally want to steer toward the easiest thing. Who wouldn’t, right? But, the easy things don’t build our character and challenge us to grow as much. And, neither does leaning on someone else. On the other hand, being self reliant does challenge us and cause us to grow.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to never open up and never lean on someone. Of course there are times when it’s good to do things with others and when we need support from others . 

But if you’ll challenge yourself to work on being more self reliant, you’ll feel great. (It’s an awesome feeling! You’ll feel full of confidence in yourself and in what you can do. And, that’s priceless.)

It’s like that famous saying about fishing. If someone gives you a fish, that’s great and you’ll say thank you. But, if that person instead teaches you to fish you’ll be grateful but also proud that you can catch your own fish! (Well, that’s the story said in a little different way.)

Just remember that how you feel about yourself affects a lot, and so it’s important to do things that help build up your confidence.

And remember that you can encourage yourself and be supportive of yourself, even if you haven’t had someone else to do this for you. There’s a saying that I love that states that sometimes you have to give yourself what others wouldn’t or couldn’t give you. So, give yourself what you need!

Take good care of yourself with kind words and encouragement because this will build you up and you need this just as much. (Sometimes we forget this.)

#3 Choose company with your values

If you’re wondering how to be an independent woman and want to live a life that you’ll love, make sure you choose to be around people that have the same values as you. I say this because hanging around people whose basic values don’t line up with yours, or who are negative, will hold you back.

Don’t let others hold you back, because then it’s really just you holding you back because you are in control of decisions in your life (even if it doesn’t feel like it).

So, if you decide to hang around people that you have to argue with because of different values or who are just negative, then you’re draining your own energy and putting it toward the wrong things. And, why do that?

So, empower yourself by realizing that you’re in control of your decisions. And, improve yourself by making good choices, including who you spend most of your time with.

live your best life

Some experts say something like you’ll most likely make as much money as the people that you spend most of your time with. And, I find this interesting! 

It also reminds me of how as a teenager my mom used to make statements about “who you choose to hang around with”. (Of course, I remember being annoyed.) And, you might have had similar experiences. But, now isn’t it easier to see how others affected us and our choices? 

Of course part of this suggestion comes from looking back on other parts of my life. Like trying to make a relationship work, and seeing now that (without ever realizing it) the arguments were based on different values. 

Why waste time on that? We’re only here for so long, so let’s choose to be around people with similar values as much as possible and save our energy and improve our lives!

#4 Know that no one can make you feel anything

Don’t give too much power to your negative thoughts and feelings. When they come up, just gently release them and let them pass.

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Okay, women. Another thing that’ll be great for your self growth is to remember that nobody can make you feel anything. Yep, that’s right!

I know that we often say things like he made me feel bad. But, the truth is that “he” can’t make you feel anything. They’re your thoughts and your feelings. (I know this sounds harsh, but try to see it in an empowering way as this puts more control in your hands.)

If you’ll remember this, then there will be times when you can turn things around for yourself pretty quickly! And, that’s important to be able to do.

It’s also important to note that dwelling on negative feelings and experiences for too long robs you of your joy. Plus, it robs you of all the other things you could be doing with your time.

I used to dwell a lot longer on every negative feeling or thing that happened. And boy, did that slow me down! I see now that I was so smart but that allowing life to control me in that way was not smart.

So, just remember that nobody can make you feel anything or keep you down. And, know that it’s empowering to take back control. It can change your life!

how to be an independent woman

#5 Determine what’s most important to you

And, our last tip for how to be an independent woman is to determine what’s most important to you. Because if you can determine what’s most important to you in life, then you can stay focused and headed in the right direction.

Then, you won’t get distracted by everything so much and be thrown off course. And, if you can stay focused and headed in the right direction, there’s nothing that you can’t do! The possibilities are then up to you. 

This is valuable wisdom I wish I’d known earlier in life. I wish I’d taken more time to sit and think of a plan for my life, of what I truly wanted for my life (and in it), and of what would really make me feel fulfilled and at peace with my life.

So take some time to answer the above questions for yourself, and you’ll end up much happier with how things in your life turn out.

Know what, know why, and along the way you’ll figure out the how.

Closing thoughts: How to be an independent woman & live your best life

Well, now I’ve given you five tips for how to be an independent woman and live your best life. And, I hope this has been inspirational and that it helps you!

Here’s a refresher…

5 things to improve yourself, be independent, & live a great life are:

  • Life-long learning
  • Self-reliance & confidence
  • Keeping company with similar values
  • Owning your own feelings
  • Knowing what’s most important to you

And, remember that you’re already an amazing woman for not settling or giving up, but instead trying to improve! As someone used to tell me, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

You can also create any kind of life that you want to have! Don’t forget that.

things to improve yourself

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