Feel less stress and overwhelm and learn how to enjoy life more, despite anything that’s going on, with these six tips!

Have you been really stressed lately? If so, it’s possible that you aren’t truly enjoying life.

See, I’ve been there too often myself. I’ve handled so much on my own at times that I feel like I forgot to breathe – much less truly enjoy life.

But, life on Earth is too short for this.

We need to be truly enjoying life despite the stress of life. So, in between juggling things remember to stop to just breathe. And, smell the outdoors. Watch children play with a smile on your face, forgetting for a moment the responsibilities of life. Because, if we don’t do this we’re likely to look back with regret later.

Get 10 tips for having a balanced life despite feeling overwhelmed!

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Find balance & enjoy the journey of life

So, let’s talk about why we should find balance and enjoy the journey of life.

Life has all these parts to it, but what do they all have in common? Experiences.

Experiences along the journey of life. And, if later on we feel like we missed a lot of those experiences by not truly being in the moment, that’s when we may feel regret.

Because, as we age and start feeling our life here is shortening (with what’s left of it) wisdom kicks in. That wisdom wants us to see the big picture, to appreciate things, and to have learned something.

And, all the goals and things we attained were great. After all, this makes us feel good and feel we have a purpose – something to aim toward. And, we do need direction.

But, life is a balance. A balance of all the parts, and there are so many different parts.

This is where the “juggling” comes in. Until we find balance, learning to appreciate all the parts of life and to take time to enjoy them. This is when we learn to enjoy the journey despite the stress of life – to enjoy the journey of life and not just the next destination.

Tips for how to enjoy life more despite stress

Sometimes being grateful for the littlest things in life can make all the difference.

Abundant Life & Balance

Studies show that the effects of stress are huge, affecting our lives in many ways – including medically. This can take a toll on our entire lives, from relationships to health, and people really struggle with releasing stress.

So, let me give you some specific tips for how to enjoy life more despite stress.

#1 Remember to breathe

But, we mentioned a few things earlier that can help – like simply breathing. It sounds simple, but have you ever noticed how tense you can get when you’re stressed? Breathing becomes shallow instead of relaxed and deep, and this obviously isn’t good for us.

So, breathe! Right now, take a deep, relaxed breath, and feel the difference that it makes. Let your body ease up like it’s safe to let go and relax, and try to let the tension leave your body and mind.

It’s not always easy at first but keep taking time to relax and let go, and you’ll find that it gets easier.

#2 Seek a higher source for comfort & guidance

It can also help to trust in something higher than yourself, a higher source like God, the Universe, Angels, or whatever you believe in. You don’t have to manage everything alone, and many people believe that all you have to do is ask for help.

So if you believe in it, ask for help and guidance from your higher Source.

#3 Think of what’s most important in life

It also helps to think of what’s most important and, as often as you can, let the rest go. When you find yourself tensing up and reacting to stress, decide whether it’s worth letting it take over and affect you negatively.

I think that with many things in life that cause us stress, if we really knew how much that stress would cost us we wouldn’t give it so much power.

#4 Practice gratitude

Another thing that helps is to take a deep breath and find something to be grateful for. And usually you’ll find that this helps in some way, no matter what you’re going through.

It’s also good to remember that it doesn’t have to be something big – sometimes being grateful for the littlest things in life can make all the difference.

#5 Practice mindfulness by being more present & aware

And, being more present can help.

Just being aware of what’s going on and how things are affecting you (how you’re reacting to things) can help, because if you’re aware you can then make the needed changes.

Choose to be in the moment, to practice mindfulness, and enjoy where you’re at in life at the moment. Then allow things to unfold as they will, dealing with one moment at a time.

#6 Deal with one thing at a time

And, that’s the next tip. Deal with one thing or one moment at a time. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! (Or, try not to.)

We often get overwhelmed because we’re worrying about so much at once, so it helps to break it down or just say I’m only focusing on my next step.

When it all becomes too much, ask yourself what’s the next thing that you can do that will make a difference or get you headed in the right direction. And, just do that one thing. Even if that one thing is taking a moment to breathe and recenter yourself. This is important!

We can get out the paper if it helps, and write down our plans and goals overall. But after this or if this is too overwhelming, then it’s time to just focus on one thing at a time.

I hope these six tips for how to enjoy life more despite the stress of life help! And now, let me talk about one more thing that I feel is important.

What really matters in life

Since some amount of stress is likely to be in our lives at least some of the time, it’s a good idea to think of how to enjoy life more and relax despite stress. Otherwise the price is too high.

The price of stress ruling your life can be way too high if you think about the toll on relationships, your mental stability, your health, and your peace and balance overall. It just isn’t worth it. 

So, try to think of what really matters in life!

Once you’ve been through the very worst parts of life, like losing someone you love, you’ll get a gentle tug at your heart now and then to appreciate life – to remember what’s most important.

And it’s a blessing to carry that kind of wisdom with you, rather than just realize it when you feel your days are nearing an end. 

So, this is my hope for you…

Armed with this wisdom to appreciate life, even the little things, you won’t be as affected by the stress of life as some may be. Sure, you’ll most likely have your share. But if you really get it, you’ll stop to feel the breeze, smell the flowers, or watch a child play. And this will, at least for the moment, relax you and allow you to enjoy life.

Closing thoughts: 6 Tips for how to enjoy life more despite the stress of life

I really hope that this blog post on how to enjoy life more, despite the stress of life, has been helpful.

It’s so important not to let stress overtake us, but I do know how hard that can be. So, just be aware of how things are affecting you and do what helps. It’s often not just one thing that makes a big difference but many little things, so everything counts!

And, I have many more blog posts available to you that can help make life easier and better. (I’ll list a couple below.)

Also it’s important to say that if you ever feel that nothing seems to help or you’re in a state of despair, it’s okay to reach out for professional help. I’ve been there myself, and sometimes we just need a little more help for a bit.

Sending you a warm hug, positive energy, and wishes for a wonderful life you can enjoy!

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