The road to success can seem like a long one, and it’s hard to be patient. But, I have some inspiration for success that’ll help!

Let me tell you a little story about waiting for success and wealth…

He was shocked to lose, because he was faster and bigger than his opponent! “How could this happen?!” I’m sure this is what he was thinking at first, before giving it more thought. 

“He” is actually the hare in The Tortoise and the Hare fable that we all know so well. So, what can we learn from this? I don’t think this has always been just a child’s story, and from what I can see there’s quite a history with it. 

Many people struggle with the time it takes to reach their financial goals and success and wonder if they’ll ever get there (or if they’re getting anywhere for that matter). Well, the answers actually lie within The Tortoise and the Hare fable! Yes, lessons are there. Like the fact that the tortoise took on the challenge despite what it looked like and didn’t give up even though it took time. 

And, by the way, he ended up winning the race.

But, we think it’s sooo difficult, because we’re working so hard and want to see results already! After all, don’t we deserve it?

Well, let’s look more at the road to success and what it takes and get you some much needed inspiration!

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Is the road to success worth taking?

Now, let’s talk about whether the road to success is even worth taking. Because, let’s face it, along the way we usually begin to wonder.

In the story, the tortoise took on the challenge despite what it looked like. He initiated it! Yes, the story is told like he was tired of the rabbit bragging that he was better than anyone. 

And, you might be tired of seeing all the success and wealth being flaunted by everyone but you! 

It’s good to get tired of something, even sick and fed up with something, if it gets your butt moving. 

Many accomplishments and wins in history came from people that were just plain fed up with the circumstances. That is often what it takes, otherwise we might never change or grow!

So, should you bother working so hard toward your goals and dreams? I say yes. It’s a good thing to do, and don’t let anyone or your own conditioning convince you otherwise.

You deserve success and wealth just as much as the next person. You just have to earn it. So, set up a plan and get your butt moving!

success and wealth

Inspiration for success and the right mindset

Now let’s get you some inspiration for success and the right mindset, because your mindset will make all the difference.

The tortoise was teased, laughed at, and mocked by the big rabbit. He knew that the rabbit, and probably no one else, thought he would ever win! But, here’s the thing. And, it’s something I said in another blog post as well, because it’s so important to remember.

No one else has to be able to see your vision! They do not need to understand it in order for it to come to pass.

So, remind yourself not to care what anyone else thinks. Seriously.

And, you really can’t blame others if they don’t understand what you’re aiming for, because they probably don’t know much about it. Sometimes you may have to just let some stuff go in one ear and out the other and keep moving forward no matter what.

As long as you know your purpose, then you’re good. So know your “why”, or why you want to reach your financial goals and success. It’ll give you reason to keep going when things get tuff or discouraging.

It is an intimidating goal to strive for. But, how will you feel once you’ve succeeded? 

Keep your eye on where you’re going and why.

Go do some research on people who have won big and all they had to endure to get there. Also, look at the mindset they had to have along the way. Mindset is key.

The road to success takes so much time!

You might sometimes think, “But the road to success takes so much time!” I know. You try so hard for so long and eventually you have a moment of wondering if you can keep going.

Well, let’s use our story as an example again…

The tortoise knew that if he wanted to win he had to be persistent, but it was a lot of work for a little turtle. He had to not give up when it got hard! 

the road to success

He surely had never done that before, so it was all new to him. The tortoise surely knew it would take a lot of time. And, still he took on the challenge. Way to go turtle!

So, will it take time to reach your financial goals and success? No doubt. But, everything truly worthwhile takes time. Just in the way that a mother gets her precious baby after about 9 whole months of carrying it and waiting for it. Was it worth it to her? Of course.

The time you spend toward achieving your goals and dreams will be well worth it to you later when you look back on it. Plus, the time is going to pass anyway, so you might as well make it worthwhile.

Try to remind yourself to enjoy the process and to notice and appreciate who you’re becoming along the way.

He was slower, but he didn’t slow down

Yes, the tortoise was slower than the much bigger rabbit, but he didn’t slow down just because the rabbit rested. The rabbit mocked him by resting, as if he had plenty of time to beat the tortoise. But, the tortoise kept on working hard while his opponent rested.

To win, you will need to do this! While striving for success and wealth you will have to have the discipline to work harder and longer than others.

Many people won’t even bother attempting something so hard and time consuming. So, when you do, this gives you an edge. 

That is also one of the reasons that many people won’t understand what you’re going after. 

Others might think if they wouldn’t put themselves through that then why should you. They might also not think you can do it, simply because they don’t believe that they can do it. 

Without realizing it, others can give you bad advice. So, stay true to you, your purpose, and your desires! 

You don’t want to end up not reaching a goal you were meant to reach just because for whatever reason you never started it.

Know that you will feel like you’re slower and know less than many other people at first, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Even the best had to start from a place of not knowing anything until they pushed themselves to learn a lot. This is something that’s easy to forget!

inspiration for success

He did not get anything until the race was done

The tortoise did not get any compensation for taking on the challenge, and probably no applause yet either. Yep, it wasn’t until the race was completed that he surely got applause for his hard work and appreciation for having taken on the challenge. 

Like the turtle, you likely won’t get anything for all your hard work for quite some time. 

You will learn and work hard toward your goals, and you might even be surprised when no compensation comes for a long time. 

The key is to not expect it yet. Again, you have to earn what others aren’t willing to work for. If that wasn’t the case, then it would be less valuable. Remember this!

If someone else doesn’t understand why you’re working so hard on something for so long without compensation, then they probably have never achieved what you’re striving for. So, don’t let it bother you. Do your thing!

Is success and wealth worth it in the end?

the road to success

You wonder if all of this is really worth it in the end? Well, let’s see. 

While going through all the hard work necessary to achieve success and wealth, you’ll have learned lessons and built your character just like the tortoise. 

I’d say that when done you’ll see that the most important part is who you became in the process. So, is it worth all the hard work and time given to work toward something very hard to attain? Yes. 

A strong yes, because at the end of your life you can’t take anything except your memories and character. 

No, you can’t take the money or the things you bought with it when you go, just like they say. However, I believe you can and will take who you became through the lessons that you were meant to learn from. I believe that this is the point. 

So, yes you should try and strive for anything your spirit really yearns for. 

Now you may have different beliefs than me, and that’s totally okay. Differences are okay. Still, I believe that no matter what you believe in, you will grow to become a better person through trials and perseverance.

You don’t want to end up not reaching a goal just because you never even started it.

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Closing thoughts: Being Patient While On the Road to Success & Wealth

I hope all of this has helped you with the patience that’s needed while on the road to success!

And, now I’m sure you can see the benefits of waiting patiently. Plus, you grow so much during the process!

Also remember that sometimes when we change how we’re looking at something, that thing changes. And, how you see things affects a lot. It can determine whether you’ll continue toward a goal, or not, and more!

So, don’t give up. Never give up – just adjust your course as necessary. If that means going after something else, then fine. But, it’s not a failure or giving up unless you choose to make it that.

If you choose to give up on you and your goals, well of course that doesn’t help you and it doesn’t help you grow. But, if you choose to do the opposite you’ll be so proud of yourself for your perseverance.

So, how can you change the way you’re seeing things? How can you start enjoying the process more? Think about these things, because introspection or thinking over what we’ve learned is where much of our growth and change comes from.

Good luck!

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