I figured out some things that help overwhelmed and stressed moms, and I’ve put them together for you as ten stressed out mom tips. These have helped me as a mom, and I believe they can help you too!

If you’ve found yourself wound way too tight at times, feeling like you had way too much to do and can’t keep up (at least not while enjoying life), then this will help. I’ve felt these same things, and I know how overwhelming it can be. But take a deep breath and a moment to yourself, and I think that as you start reading these tips you’ll feel better.

Here are the ten things we’ll talk about here…

10 tips that’ll help if you’re a stressed out mom:

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Find what relaxes you.
  3. Take care of you, too.
  4. Monitor your money.
  5. Use breath work.
  6. Have some fun!
  7. Get others helping you.
  8. Use time wisely.
  9. Try to prioritize.
  10. Work on keeping boundaries!

Focusing on how to reduce my stress as a mom is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It has possibly benefited me and my child more than anything else – and I want it to benefit you and your family, getting you stress free or close to it.

So, let’s look more at these ten tips for moms who are stressed so you can start feeling better and just enjoy being a mom again!

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10 stressed out mom tips.

Here are the ten “stressed out mom” tips. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me!

Number one, try to plan ahead.

Stressed out moms can make life easier by planning ahead, which takes a lot of anxiety out of things. When you’re busy and know you can quickly grab what’s needed because you prepared it ahead of time, it feels great. It’s a BIG stress reliever!

For example, I decided to prepare and freeze my child’s peanut butter and jelly lunch sandwiches in batches. It’s convenient, and I knew he liked the ones you buy in the store but this saved money and time and I could quickly make more at home. (I found a video online that only took minutes to watch, then I was able to make them look like the ones you buy.)

I’ve also decided to cook extra of a meal sometimes and freeze part of it for a quick meal later on. And lately, I try to do something that my future self will thank me for. It’s usually just something simple that the next day makes me think I’m so glad I already did that yesterday.

Planning ahead helps, so try to think of things that would make life easier for you that you haven’t yet thought of. Even if they seem like small things, when you add those small things up it makes a difference. And when you’re busy, saving five minutes does help.

Number two, find what relaxes you.

tips for stressed out moms

Another thing that can help is to find what relaxes you, and this is part of self care which is important.

At one point, I found that I hadn’t been doing enough of it. Instead, I’d been zoning in on all of the things that I had to do and how fast I could do it. I was neglecting myself and was no longer thinking about what I really wanted or needed for me. Ever been there? As a mom it’s easy to do.

So, don’t think of yourself as selfish if you take some time to soak in a bath and relax, meditate, or just sit with your favorite drink and breathe while visualizing things that you want.

Do whatever relaxes you and reduces your stress. Anything that refreshes and revives you is worth it, because it gives back to you. You’ll have more positive energy to give to things afterward. And, you are worth it. : ) Remember that.

Number three, take care of you too.

stressed out moms

My next tip for moms who are stressed is to take care of you too, because essentially you taking good care of you is also good for your child. We always keep going and giving for our children. But, it may not be with the same level of energy or positivity as it would be if we took some time to give to ourselves and to refresh ourselves.

At one point when I wasn’t taking good care of myself, I recalled the saying about the plane going down and the question of who’s air mask to put on first, yours or your child’s. And you probably already know that the answer is to put on your own air mask first so that you have the oxygen and ability to help your child (or the other person).

Of course this is difficult, because we naturally want to help those that we care about first. But this got me thinking that yes lots of what I do is for my little one, but I need to take good care of me so that I have plenty of energy to keep going and giving. So, remember this when you’re feeling drained and don’t think you can afford to take time for yourself.         

You’re a better mom for taking care of yourself, not the other way around. Like a car that needs gas, you have needs to and they matter. So, give back to yourself. Feed your needs, whether it be physical for your energy, spiritual with time for connection, or creative with time for visualization of all that you’d like to create.

Number four, monitor your money.

Another thing that helped me stress less as a mom is to always know how much money I had and where it was going. This might sound simple, but let’s be honest and say it isn’t always so easy and money is a big deal. And, money is also a primary source of stress within families because of it being so necessary and a big deal.

So what I’ve found for me is that if I want to be stress free as a mom, I need to watch my finances. If I do, then I feel more in control of my life since money’s a big part of it. And, when people feel more in control of their own lives things like anxiety lighten.

Even if you have plenty of money, you can still benefit from planning and monitoring your money. For some of us, it gives a sense of stability. Of course you can find a sense of stability in other ways too, like having certain things that you do (maybe as a family) everyday.

Another thing that can help if a lot of your stress is related to money is to learn more about money – different ways to make it, how to handle it, and how to grow it. I believe that often times knowledge can free us. (Of course I know that it isn’t always easy and that you may not have a lot of extra time and energy – this is just an idea.)

If you’re a money expert already, feel free to disregard this as you already know plenty. I’m not a money expert. I just know that as a mom feeling more in control of my finances has helped me so much.

Number five, recognize when you need breath work.

stressed out moms

My next tip that’ll help you become more stress free is to use breath work. Sometimes as a mom we have a lot going on, and this can lead to anxiety and stress. And we all know how badly stress can affect us, so we need to take care of our ourselves – of our bodies, spirits, and minds.

One thing I’ve begun doing to take care of myself and feel better is focusing on breathing. When we’re stressed, without even thinking about it, our breathing patterns change and we stop taking in deep, relaxed breaths. Try to notice this the next time your tense or stressed. How are you breathing?

When I started paying attention to this, I was surprised to see how often I was sort of holding my breath. Of course I was still alive so I was breathing, but you’ll know what I mean when you observe your own breath while stressed.

Now when I notice this, I purposefully take a few slow, deep breaths and try to notice how I’m feeling. And, what happens is I find myself relaxing and feeling much better. I’ve also tried out different breathing techniques that I’ve learned work for stress relief and clear thinking.

You can look up breathing techniques on YouTube or anywhere online. But, one example is to take a couple shorter breaths in through your nose and one long one out through your mouth. I did not think of that technique myself, and honestly what helps me the most is taking about three deep, slow breaths in and out.

Just find what helps you the most.

Number six, crank up the music & have fun!

Now, let’s not forget the power of music, fun, and laughter!

As moms we can get stressed and tense when we have a lot to do. But, there are ways to quickly change your state, like with music.

And, it’s good to do something you enjoy while doing something you don’t enjoy. It definitely helps!

You can even make it a family thing with music and dancing as you clean together, helping to teach children to enjoy the process.

You might also notice when you’re stressed or need to concentrate, and then put on some relaxing music. I do this and it works great!

Just don’t forget to relax, laugh, and have fun, because it’s therapeutic and important for you and your family.

inspiration for moms

Number seven, if you’re a stressed out mom get others involved.

My next tip is to get others involved or helping you if you’re a stressed out mom. It’ll make life much easier for you!

You definitely want to get your children involved and helping out as much as possible.

Teach them the process of things and they’ll catch on. And, you might be surprised at how much they can do to help!

So, try to think of new ways that everyone in the family can pitch in to help with things.

Like I like to say at home, when we work together things go a lot faster.  

Number eight, be smart with your time.

Now let’s talk about being smart with your time.

Try using Google Calendar, a planner, or a notebook to organize your days and time so that things work most efficiently for you.

You can even use a combination of those things like I do.

I like to use Google Calendar and small notebooks for different areas, and this has worked well for me. But, there are many ways to organize your time.

The point is to be smart with your time so that you make the most of it, get things done more efficiently, and avoid stress.

So, really take a good look at how you can use your time most efficiently and organize it, and you’ll feel some stress just fade away!

Number nine, try to prioritize.

Another thing I thought of when thinking of tips for reducing stress as a mom is priorities.

So, I determined what few things are the most important to me and made them priority over everything else.

You may need to look at what’s most important in different areas. Or, you might just pick three or four overall that you need to focus on.

For me, even choosing three main things overall that are currently going to be my main focus helped me tremendously.

Then, when my mind started thinking of everything needing to be done and what to do, I’d ask myself what are my main things.

I’d even question what I was doing at times and ask myself “is this the most important thing you could be doing right now”.     

stressed out moms

Number ten, work on keeping boundaries.

Now that you know your priorities, don’t let anyone or anything interfere with them! And to do this, say no and keep boundaries.

Say “no” or “let me get back to you on that” instead of saying yes to things or people that might interfere with your priorities. You being in control of your time and how you spend it makes a huge difference, even for your stress levels.

If you over commit or don’t manage your time well, you can get stressed and worn down.

And, as a mom you probably have too many things to do as it is. So, always keep this in mind before taking on new things.

It doesn’t mean you can’t, just that you need to be thoughtful about it.

I recently had a visit with a neighbor who said we could join in an activity they do regularly. I thought it was nice of her, and without much thought I said yes that it sounded fun and we could do that.

But, after more thought I realized I just don’t have the time for it right now. Then, I dealt with guilt that I’d already said we would join in.

So, it would’ve helped me in that situation if I’d replied with “sounds fun but let me think about it and then let you know”.

Closing thoughts on these 10 stressed out mom tips to stop the overwhelm.

We’ve now gone over ten tips that’ll help if you’re a stressed out mom, and hopefully these will allow you to just enjoying being a mom again.

And, here’s a refresher…

If you’re a stressed out mom, try these things:

  • Think of ways that you can plan ahead & prepare
  • Find what relaxes you and restores your energy
  • Take care of yourself so you have energy for others
  • Track and organize your money so you feel in control
  • Use breathing techniques & don’t forget to breathe deep
  • Listen to music & don’t forget to have fun with family
  • Teach children the process & get them helping out
  • Organize your days & be smart with your time
  • Define your priorities & try to do more of them
  • Say “no” or “let me get back to you on that” as needed

I hope these things help you to be less stressed and more relaxed. And, let us know in the comments below or on the forum (button for this is up top) what already helps you as a mom or which of these tips helped.

Remember to take care of you, so that you can take care of others. And, share this with other moms who might need it!

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Thanks for reading. You’re truly appreciated!

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