Learn how to stop doubting yourself, & go from self doubt to confidence with these tips!

Do you ever doubt yourself and the path you’re on, even though you had strongly felt a calling to go in that direction or that it was right for you before? If so, keep reading because today I’m going to help you get clear and stop doubting yourself.

Self doubt can sabotage the goals and dreams that you’re working toward. It can steal your confidence and hold you back. And, it can even keep you from attempting things that your heart is calling you to do. So, it’s important to not let it take over.

Sometimes we don’t even realize it’s happening. All we know is one minute we were confident and heading in one direction, and then suddenly we’ve changed our choices and direction. One minute we were feeling good, maybe even great, about things and then we weren’t. 

What causes this? And, how do we know when we’re self sabotaging things and letting self doubt take over? 

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today. I’ve been through this, so I’m sharing what I’ve learned that can help you with self doubt, self sabotage, and holding yourself back.

Learn about authenticity & feeling empowered enough to be the real you!

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How to stop doubting yourself

So, first let’s talk about how to stop doubting yourself overall.

For a long time, I lacked confidence and didn’t even know it. Therefore, during that time I questioned a lot of what I did and said. I ran things back in my head that were done or said, and I acted as if I needed a reason for feeling or thinking the way that I did.

And, I didn’t realize that I didn’t need a reason and I didn’t have to prove myself to anyone. I could’ve just been myself and not worried about what others thought, knowing that the right group of people would love and accept me as me.

But at the time I wasn’t confident enough for that, and I didn’t have the right tools in my life toolbox. I didn’t know that even though I’d felt like many people hadn’t accepted me for me, it didn’t mean that there was something wrong with me.

I just wasn’t for them. Now I know that. Sometimes even the people we love might be there for specific reasons but not have been put there to be our soul tribe – people who understand us, accept us, are like us, and seem to just speak our language.

And, unfortunately this can give us the wrong idea about ourselves and even cause us to doubt ourselves.

Now if what I’m writing here today is for you, you will feel it. And if it doesn’t resonate at all, that’s okay – it just means maybe this message today is for someone else. But if it does feel like I’m talking to you, I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you and you have the right to be able to just be YOU.

Take some time to figure out what might’ve happened in your life to cause you to doubt yourself, lose confidence in yourself, and perhaps not even make choices that are true and right for you.

Digging deep can be hard, trust me I know. Looking at and dragging stuff back up that you’d rather not look at – of all people I get it. But I can tell you that, if done lovingly and carefully, it can free you from a life of always trying to please others in order to be accepted and loved – just to realize one day that the one person you needed most to accept and love you was YOU.

Learn about self-love, self-value, & increasing your confidence!

How to build yourself back up

If you’re needing help to stop doubting yourself, chances are that you’ve been knocked down in life by some experiences or people.

You took a hit, or rather your confidence took a hit. But, you can learn how to build yourself back up and be even better than you ever remember yourself being! So, don’t give up.

The first step, from my experience, is to do the inner work like I mentioned before. Look within and figure out what has happened and what needs to be let go of and healed. And, specifically, what needs to be rewired within you.

By rewired I just mean reprogramming what was perhaps ingrained in you by life or someone else that isn’t true for you and isn’t yours to carry. For example…

If there was someone in your life that constantly made you feel stupid or less than, that doesn’t mean that you’re actually stupid or less than them or anyone else. And, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t enough as your true authentic self.

It just means they had their own stuff to deal with here on this Earth, and you were on their path. That’s all it means. So, try to tell yourself as many times as it takes until it sinks in and you no longer take it so personal that it changes who you were meant to be

And, you were meant to be free, authentic, and happy! We all were. And so you absolutely have that right.

Don’t let anything or anyone in life take that from you. You know it’s one thing for someone to choose to be miserable in their own life, but they don’t have the right to steal the light from your life. And, they only can if you let them.

So, build yourself back up in whatever way you need to. Do whatever works for you. Listen to audios or watch videos that build and lift you up. Use affirmations when needed to remind yourself that you are incredible just as God/the Universe created you. Remove yourself from negative people and situations whenever you need to if they’re dragging you down.

These are just some of the things that I’ve noticed really help, but you be YOU and find and do what really helps you.

You were meant to be free, authentic, and happy! And, you absolutely have that right. -alb

These nine self empowerment tips will help to build yourself up!

When you’re suddenly doubting your choices & ideas

Now I just want to quickly say something about those times when you suddenly find yourself doubting your choices and ideas, because I’ve learned something.

See, there have been many times when I was crystal clear about what I needed to do, what I felt would work for me, and even what I felt led by Spirit to do. I mean, it was obvious and there wasn’t a doubt in my mind.

But, then I would share that idea or that next planned step with someone for whatever reason. Often, I felt obliged to do so for some reason or I just felt excited to share it. 

Then, after leaving that person I would feel different. I’d suddenly start doubting my original plan or idea and either not do it at all or not do it with the same confidence I’d had in it – and it wouldn’t work out.

So, I’m not saying to never share anything with anyone. I’m just saying this so that you can be aware in case this sort of thing happens to you.

Learn how to not let others shake your confidence!

And if it does, you might want to just be careful of sharing your ideas early on. Because yes you can build up confidence and do inner work, but this kind of thing is similar to being around negative people a lot. You might be very centered and positive yourself, but anyone can get dragged down by a lot of negativity. So, many people choose to protect their minds and their energy as much as they can.

Just be aware of how you’re feeling and thinking at different times so that you can get a better idea of what might really be going on. Because if you suddenly get a lack of confidence in what you were sure of before, it could be that someone else’s feelings on it are rubbing off on you or that something else (even thoughts of the past) caused you to start doubting yourself.

Of course, there are times in life when we get a strong feeling about something being wrong and are later glad that we listened to it. So if you have a gut feeling of this or something truly doesn’t feel right, of course pay attention to it. 

I’m big on following your intuition, so this is just something to be aware of and in the end you have to decipher what’s really going on. And, it just takes awareness and practice.

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Closing thoughts: Stop doubting yourself & go from self doubt to confidence

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to stop doubting yourself and go from self doubt to confidence. And… 

There are a few things that I want you to walk away from here with:

  1. The most important person for you to learn to love, accept, and believe in is YOU.
  2. It is totally okay for you to be the true authentic self that you want to be.
  3. Those that don’t speak kind, loving, accepting words to you just aren’t your soul tribe, and those that are part of your tribe will get you, accept you, & love you for you.
  4. True self confidence has nothing to do with appreciating how you look and everything to do with loving and accepting yourself and allowing yourself to be you.
  5. Stay aware of how other people and things affect you, including how they affect your self confidence and your confidence in your own ideas.
  6. Realize that you are not anyone else’s definition or opinion of you, be who YOU want you to be, & stop caring so much about others opinions or whether they like you.
  7. Other people are usually living their lives for them, & you can live yours for you too. 
  8. It’s your life – allow yourself to be the star of your own show!

Now, stop doubting yourself and go live life the way you truly want to live it. Let yourself shine. Let yourself be YOU, your true authentic self. It’s so freeing!

And though it may take some inner work and building yourself up, it’s absolutely worth it. I didn’t change overnight, and chances are you won’t either. But, that’s okay. Be patient with yourself and your journey.

Know that the work you do on yourself is worth it, because no one can take it from you and it can change your life for the better from now on. (It most certainly has mine.)

I hope you love yourself, make good choices for yourself, realize your worth and potential, and never stop believing in yourself!

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