Here is some spiritual motivation and an empowering message, for those that need to hear it!

The other day, as my son was playing some sort of Mario game, I heard him say something that caught my attention and sent a chill down my spine – in a good way!

Wanting to make sure I’d really heard it and amazed he’d said it, I said “What did you say?” And he replied, “Nothing can steal my bigness.” He even said it in a sort of “big” voice.

Well, I had been going through some stuff spiritually, trying to connect and learn from spirit. You know, those times when you ask what it is you need to learn or get.

And, when my four year old said this I knew it was something I was supposed to get!

See, I’d been feeling God, Spirit, the Universe (however you see it) wanting me to get that I’m more valuable than I think I am. I felt God had been trying to show me that I was more than I realized.

And, with this one line, I got it!

Let me explain.

Here are some spiritual words of encouragement for difficult times!

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Spiritual motivation

My child was talking about a game character having grown, probably from eating a magic item, and how no other character could take that away from him.

But, God was showing me something else – something that you might be needing to hear as well.

We are big in spirit, because we are connected to spirit. We essentially, inside our bodies, are spirits ourselves.

We acknowledge, if we believe, that God or the Universe has all this power. And, we pray to this source in some way, at least when we need help.

We may even beg for help. And, make no mistake, our Source listens.

But, many of us go through life not seeing our own bigness! Not remembering that we are one with source, that we came from source.

Get it? If you believe in God, you’ll say you were created by the almighty, all powerful, God.

But, does God, or the Universe, perhaps want you and me to see our own power? Does our divine source perhaps want us to rise up in strength, believing we’ve inherited a divine worth and power, too?

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In meditation, while connecting to source, I recalled a part of the bible that talked about moving a mountain – basically if you truly believe, have faith, you can say to the mountain “move” and it will move.

Do we have faith? True faith?

Do we believe we were created to do this?

Or, do we just think these are kind words building us up. And, what does it really mean?

Hmmm. Well, when my child said nothing could steal his bigness my spirit said “listen”. It knew, with it’s innate wisdom, that this was gold. The kind of gold that’s rare.

Say it. “Nothing can steal my bigness.”

Spiritual motivation poem

Nothing Can Steal My Bigness

Nothing can take what was given to me. Nothing can change that I am a spiritual being, connected to the divine.

Nothing can break me. Nothing can truly take from me. Nothing can really change who I really am inside.

Nothing can steal my bigness. This light that shines from within me.

Though they may try. Though this world can be harsh. Though they made me cry.

It cannot take from me. It cannot determine my value. It cannot hold me down.

For my bigness comes from the divine.

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Remember who you are

As Maya Angelou said, “And still I rise.” Why? Because I am one with the divine. Because I know who I am.

My worth is not for anyone else to decide.

So, why, why, do we sometimes walk around with our heads hung in shame? Why do we beg in prayer, instead of standing strongly, knowing we deserve what we ask for just because of who we really are?

This isn’t arrogance. I believe it’s something God, or the Universe, wants us to get – to believe in ourselves.

It’s a big lesson, but perhaps one day we will say with confidence and faith, “Nothing can steal my bigness.”

And, perhaps on that day, divine beings that we cannot yet see will applause and say, “Yes, she/he gets it!”

Don’t dim your light for anyone. Don’t dim your “bigness” for anyone. Don’t let anyone make you feel that you’re worth less than you are worth. Remember who you are!

Then, you will know what you’re truly capable of. You’ll believe in yourself.

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spiritual motivation

Closing thoughts: Spiritual motivation & an important empowering message

I hope this spiritual motivation and empowering message has helped you and lifted you up! May it bring you comfort when it’s needed.

I also hope it gives you confidence, self empowerment, and healing if you’ve been needing it.

And, please share the link to this blog post with anyone you feel may need it so that together we can continue to lift up people around the world!

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