Get five spiritual activity ideas that are easy to do!

Spiritual growth and spiritual activities have transformed my life, and I believe they can change your life too. So, today I’m giving you some specifics on how to make this happen!

But first, let me tell you why you want to work on this area. Of course it’ll improve your life overall, but more specifically growing spiritually will give you a more peaceful, meaningful, and joyful life. So…

Here are 5 spiritual activity ideas that are easy to do:

  • Spend time with meditation, prayer, & reflection
  • Be open to learning about spiritual things
  • Connect with others that are on a spiritual journey
  • Learn about yourself, & practice self love & gratitude
  • Spend time in nature & connect to your source

These five spiritual things will help you create a more balanced life and be more happy and fulfilled. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these!

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5 Easy spiritual activity ideas

We’ll now take a closer look at these five easy spiritual activity ideas. But, what are these types of activities anyway? Well, spiritual practices or activities encompass a wide range of practices and experiences aimed at nurturing one’s inner connection, purpose, and sense of transcendence.

And, how can a spiritual activity help you you ask? This type of activity can help individuals explore their inner selves, find solace, and seek a deeper understanding of their place in the universe.

In fact, these intentional practices are essential for many in their journey toward a more profound spiritual awareness. So, let’s take a look at these five easy spiritual practices that can transform your life!

#1 Engage in spiritual wellness activities like meditation, prayer, & reflection

As you participate in spiritual wellness activities like meditation, prayer, and reflection, you’ll make your life better. (This definitely made mine better!)

So take some quiet time to be still and reflect on things, so you can gain clarity and be able to see what’s important to you. This will also help you to make decisions that align with you spiritually, that make you feel good, and that are good for you.

Meditation and prayer are also helpful, and they can have a very positive impact on your life.

Meditation can help to clear your mind, giving you the ability to be more present, more relaxed, and more mindful. This is powerful!

Think of all the symptoms that we have due to stress and busy lives. Meditation can help with this, because it puts us more in control of our minds and our bodies – rather than us being controlled by our bodies and minds (think of tension, etc.).

Prayer is also a powerful spiritual tool. It can help us to connect with our Source, open our hearts and minds, understand more, and grow spiritually overall. With prayer, we can open ourselves to spiritual guidance, receive answers to things, and be comforted and encouraged when we need it.

Prayer can also help us become more aware of the higher guidance available to us that can give us peace, hope, and strength.

I, personally, often combine meditation and prayer. I get quiet and meditate to connect with my source, communicate my thoughts, and listen for guidance. So, I kind of think of them as the same thing.

So, give it a try or do it more regularly if you aren’t already! You’ll find you have more peace, balance, and joy in your life as a result.

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#2 Be open to learning about spiritual things & growing spiritually

Learning more about spiritual things and growing spiritually can enhance your life. And, it can be a rewarding experience!

Just stay open minded. Once I opened my mind to different things, it was like I’d found a whole new world of possibilities and things that I could be part of. And, that felt good.

I found things that felt right to me and a place I belonged. And, I guess that’s what finding a true connection to your source feels like – like coming home finally!

Spiritual activity examples

Here are some spiritual activity examples. These can help you grow spiritually and learn more about spirituality.

You can read books on spiritual topics. There are many different types of spiritual books out there. I’ve found some really helpful & interesting ones on Amazon! I prefer audiobooks, but find what you like.

Another way is to attend lectures or workshops on spiritual topics. You might be able to find these locally, or even online. And, this can also be a great way to meet other people that are into similar things!

You might also be interested in exploring different spiritual practices, beliefs, and traditions. And, you could look to a spiritual teacher or mentor for guidance on spiritual topics.

You could also learn more about different meditation, prayer, and manifestation techniques – depending on what you’re interested in and what helps you.

All of these things will help you grow spiritually and improve your life. They’ll also help you get to know yourself better on a spiritual level, and when you know yourself and your source well you’ll live a more authentic, happy life!

So, pick some of these spiritual activity examples that resonate with you and give them a try!

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#3 Connect with people that are into spiritual growth & on a spiritual journey

The next thing on this list is to connect with like-minded people, like people that are into spiritual growth and on a spiritual journey (like you). And, this can make such a difference!

You’ll feel understood and like you have a place that you belong, and you might not have felt this way before. That was definitely the case for me.

So, find your people. Find those people that you can feel comfortable around and be the real you with. You shouldn’t have to change yourself to suit others or to make them feel more comfortable.

Having this strong support system of people around you (even if it’s online) who understand your spiritual journey will make you feel so much better. So, surround yourself with people who share similar spiritual values whenever you can!

#4 Learn about yourself, & practice self love & gratitude

Number four on our list involves self-knowledge, self love, and gratitude!

It’s all about vibrating high, keeping on feeling good about yourself and the world around you. And, love and gratitude are the best things for this.

So, take time to appreciate the good in your life and practice self-love. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself and about yourself. And, pay attention to how you talk about other things in your life.

Notice how you see the world, the Universe. Do you feel that it’s there to help you? Or, do you feel and talk like it’s out to get you? This can give some insight, so take a closer look at how you generally view life.

And whenever you can, come from a place of love and gratitude – even if you have to redirect yourself. It’s a great spiritual practice that’ll definitely improve your life!

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#5 Connect to your Source & enjoy nature

Number five of these spiritual practices is to spend time connecting to your Source (God, the Universe) and even in nature.

If you’re working on growing spiritually, this is an obvious spiritual activity. But, I don’t think we all do it as often as we could. Life gets busy for us, and this might not always be at the top of our minds. So, it’s good to have a reminder to do this.

Check in with yourself every now and then, and maybe even have a spiritual object or corner for yourself that you’ll see and that’ll remind you to connect.


Do things that’ll push you to get out in nature more, because it’s naturally therapeutic and calming. When you’re in nature, you’ll be calmer and in a vibration closer to that of your source. So, you’ll feel more connected to your source.

It’ll be easier to connect to your source if you’ve been in nature and are calm. After all, who made nature? Hmmm. Your source!

This has made a huge difference for me, but at first there were times when I didn’t think I had time for connecting with Source through meditation and prayer. And, during certain times I felt too busy to make time for nature.

But, I eventually learned that I’d rather take time out to connect with Source and have direction than to be moving fast aimlessly. In other words, it made a big enough difference that if I did it I’d actually save time in the long run. I could focus better, make better choices, and get more done.

So, know that the payoff is big. You want to connect with the source that you believe in! You want that kind of peace and balance that comes as a result. And once you do it enough and feel the results, you’ll see the value in it.

So make more time for this, whether it’s through prayer, meditation, walks, or something else!

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Closing thoughts: 5 Spiritual activity ideas that are easy to do

Well, now you have five spiritual activity ideas that are easy to do and that will change your life for the better. And, I hope they’re as helpful to you as they have been for me!

So, which ones will you try first? What are your biggest take-aways from this? What are some spiritual practices and things that you already do, if any?

Share with the rest of us in the comments or in the forum for women (the link is at the top of this page).

And, enjoy your spiritual journey!

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