If you think you’ve received signs and guidance from the Universe you probably have, because there are many ways that the Universe communicates with us. And today, I’ll share five ways that this might happen.

I remember when I first started regularly seeing signs that were guiding me. Part of me was in awe, and a little part of me hoped I wasn’t going crazy. Well I wasn’t, and neither are you.

Some ways that you might get guidance from the Universe are:

  • through confirmations
  • from dreams
  • through ear ringing
  • with symbols
  • & through an inner voice

Our higher source wants to give us spiritual guidance, and the more we acknowledge it the more it’ll come. So, let’s talk more about those five amazing signs of communication from the Universe!

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5 Types of guidance from the Universe.

Here are five ways that you could be receiving guidance from the Universe. Keep in mind, though, that these are just some of the ways that you could be receiving spiritual guidance. Perhaps there’s more!

Number one, confirmations.

Sometimes you’ll get signs from the Universe through confirmations. For example, you might have a thought and then see a video or something related to it. This can give you confirmation that you were indeed receiving communication from the Universe. It’s wonderful when you start seeing this happen.

And, don’t be afraid to ask for help or confirmation. Ask and wait patiently knowing that help is coming, because your higher source wants to help you.

Number two, dreams.

You can also get signs, messages, and guidance through dreams. So, you might want to say what you’re wanting help with before going to sleep.

You might be wanting something or struggling with something (even in the back of your mind) and then have a dream that relates to it. 

One time, I’d been thinking about something I’d wanted for quite some time. I wondered how to make it happen and if it would happen any time soon. Then, right before waking up I heard a line of a song saying “out where dreams do come true”! I had a wonderful, peaceful feeling when I woke up too, like my dreams had just come true – like I’d experienced it.

But, all I remembered from my dreaming was that line of that song. I thought, was it an actual dream or was it a voice speaking or singing to me? I didn’t know, but I knew it was special.

I’ve had many dreams where I thought no big deal, just another crazy dream. But, then there are the special ones – like you just know there’s a message or a meaning there for you. I’d be interested to hear some of your stories in the comments below or on our forum (button for this is up top).

Number three, ear ringing.

Another way you can get spiritual signs is through ear ringing. It’s not a kind that continues or hurts you (for that you may need a doctor, & I am not a doctor), but the kind that begins when you start getting more spiritual. This could be your ears ringing occasionally for short bursts of time as if to get your attention, and it could just be in one ear.

Like most people I’d had ear ringing before this began, but when the spiritual ear ringing came I knew it was different (especially when it kept happening often and briefly). At times, it was such a loud sound that it threw me off a bit. I thought okay you’ve got my attention, and I looked up information on it.

I learned that a lot of people start experiencing different tones of ear ringing in different ears once they start getting more spiritual.

Some people say the different kinds of tones and whether it’s in the right or left ear mean different things, but I’ve found that the most important thing is paying attention.

One time, it was a very high, alarm-like sound. And, shortly after that I opened the front door and a bee, or wasp, fell from the top of the door frame, above my head. They had built a tiny home there. I’m not sure if that was what it was about, but I learned to listen.

At other times, I’ll be listening to a video about something and a brief ear ringing will happen. And, I’ve learned that there’s usually something there that I need to pay extra attention to because it relates to what I’ve been going through.

So if this begins happening to you, pay attention because the Universe could be trying to communicate with you!

Number four, symbols.

Another way that you might be getting guidance from the Universe is through symbols that stand for something. You might see a certain animal, insect, or something else and have a thought that it symbolizes something. It could even be as simple as a shape in a cloud.

Just this morning, I had a little visitor on my computer screen. First I woke up funnily saying, “What a magical day. I feel like great things could happen today!” I just had a wonderful, light feeling – a very happy feeling.

Then, I watched a short video that said watch for signs. And then, I noticed a little, baby, praying mantis at the bottom of my computer screen! This was very comforting to me, perhaps because I’ve been going through some challenges lately. It seemed like a sign and left me feeling comforted.

So, know that if you ask for guidance or help, the Universe will assist – in whatever way it sees fit for you.

Number five, an inner voice.

This is my last example, but know that (as said earlier) there are all kinds of signs that the Universe can use to communicate with you. And, everyone can have different experiences.

This type is spiritual guidance from an inner voice, which can be a sign that the Universe is trying to communicate with you. With this, you might find that when you’re quiet and relaxed you hear a guiding voice inside. It might sound like your thoughts or your inner or higher self talking to you.

To me, it’s the kind of voice or thoughts that I’m listening to for guidance. The voice might talk different than you would, maybe more wise, gentle, and loving. It may correct you in a way that gets you thinking about doing something in a different way.

Do you ever have this experience? I now know that I always had this guiding voice, I just didn’t always pay attention to it or recognize it for what it was. After all, our society teaches us that this kind of thing means your crazy – but that’s just because they don’t understand it. We often fear what we don’t understand.

But the way I see it is if one believes they can pray to God, why don’t they believe they can hear from God? Is it that only certain people are good enough for this or that we aren’t worthy of it at all? I don’t think so.

From my experience, the Universe will guide us if we’re willing to listen. So, will you listen? Make sure you’re taking some quiet time to connect with spirit, the Universe, or God – however you see it. It’s definitely worth it!

Closing thoughts on five amazing types of guidance from the Universe.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on guidance from the Universe and that it helps.

If you were wondering if you’re really getting signs from the Universe, I hope this has cleared that up for you. And if you’re going through a spiritual awakening, congrats! This is a good thing, and your life will never be the same again – in a good way.

Know that you’re definitely important enough for the Universe to want to send signs and messages to you. After all, your creator loves you and wants the best for you.

Enjoy all your messages and signs!

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