Here are five little, but life-changing, ways that I’ve learned to show self love and acceptance each day!

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Things like true self love and self acceptance don’t come naturally for all of us. Just like with confidence, these things can be affected by what we’ve been through or lacked in our lives. But, the good news is that we can build ourselves up, heal ourselves, and change things.

We can become more empowered and more forgiving, loving, and accepting of ourselves, and essentially change our lives for the better. That’s what I’ve done, and I feel more light and free than I ever did before. And, you can too!

With these five tips for showing self love and acceptance, you can start becoming more of who you really want to be. You can finally start allowing yourself to be the real you, not worrying about what everyone else thinks or if they accept you or not.

These tips for how to be authentic & love & accept yourself will inspire you!

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5 Ways to show self love and acceptance

Here are the five ways to show self love and acceptance that I’ve found work. Try to slowly make these five things part of your life, and before you know it they’ll be natural to you. This is a wonderful gift that you can give to yourself!

#1 Positive self talk

I don’t allow myself to talk bad about myself or put myself down. There are plenty of people that do that to us through out our life times, and we don’t need to join them.

We need to counteract the negative people and experiences with positivity and positive self talk. We need to be building ourselves up.

I don’t care how many people put you down in your life or made you feel bad about yourself and everything you try (I mean I do care, I have a heart and I’ve been through it, but I don’t want you to allow it to bring you down). You have the power within you to call it all BS, to heal, and to restore your self love and acceptance of yourself.

And, I know that it isn’t going to happen just because I mention it here and you read it. It takes some inner work, but I promise you it’s worth it.

So, watch how you talk to yourself. Just observe for a while. Then, every time you notice that you’re being unkind to yourself and hard on yourself, lighten up, rephrase it into positive words or thoughts, and start again.

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#2 Being patient with yourself

I used to be really hard on myself and that could quickly spiral out of control, but I don’t do that anymore. Now, I’ve learned to be patient with myself and understand that no one and nothing is ever perfect, so I shouldn’t expect that of myself.

You can hold yourself accountable to do what you planned to do and be disciplined, but it often doesn’t help us to be too hard on ourselves or beat ourselves up about things (especially if we’ve had others do this to us a lot). If it’s already happened, it was a lesson and it’s gone.

We’re here to learn and grow, not to be perfect.

So, try to be patient with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up or be way too hard on yourself. Show yourself love and acceptance, instead.

This might be difficult at first if you’ve had people be hard on you and you adopted that by being hard on yourself. Sometimes we automatically think it’s the best way if it’s what we observed or have been taught. But, we have minds of our own and can decide what’s best for us and what feels right for us.

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#3 Forgiving yourself

This kind of ties onto number two, but it’s important.

I used to hold so much stuff against myself, without realizing that it was dragging me down, but now I’ve learned that self forgiveness is extremely important to living a full, happy life.

All of that unforgiveness, even towards ourselves, resides in our hearts and it’s heavy.

Have you ever felt that pressure over your chest when someone has broken your heart, like it’s hard to breathe? I have. And, when you release the burden you feel so much lighter.

So, release it. Release it all and free yourself. Only you have the power to do this. It might take a little inner work to let go, but you can do it.

And, it might help to remind yourself that this lifetime we’re in on this earth is temporary. You’ll gather up experiences and learn and grow, then you’ll be off to another place for different experiences.

At some point you will work through it, so why not start now? You’ll see it all as something to learn and grow from.

Work on forgiving yourself (and others within your heart space for your own good – this can be done without ever talking to the person), and travel lighter. You can’t truly fully love and accept yourself if you don’t.

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#4 Standing up for yourself

Work on standing up for yourself, with love, in whatever way feels comfortable to you.

The only person you can count on standing up for you is you. You might be blessed enough to have people in your life that will, but we can never predict the future or other’s behavior and those people won’t always be around.

Only you are always with you. So, you need your own backing. You need you on your side at all times.

I used to be around people that would say something to me in a condescending way or to put me down, and I’d go along with it. I didn’t want to cause a fuss, and I was trained to believe that this is normal and acceptable. But, it isn’t.

I’ve now learned that someone else might not respect me or love me enough to treat me the way I deserve to be treated but that I don’t have to go along with it.

If I don’t think it deserves my energy and attention and I don’t want to cause drama, I can ignore it (giving it the zero attention it is deserving of). But, I never need to or have to agree with put downs or things that aren’t true about me.

I don’t have to go along with what doesn’t ring true to me or feel good to me. And, neither do you.

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#5 Holding your head high

Some people might want you to hang your head, not be proud of yourself, not feel good about yourself, and not be accepting of yourself. But, that isn’t what an empowered, confident, self-loving person does.

People like that will say things to you or about you that make you feel less than, not good enough, stupid, or even crazy. They’re jealous of you or have other issues of their own that actually have nothing to do with you. Don’t fall into it.

Hold your head high and stand in truth, power, and strength. Know who you really are and let no one sway how you feel about yourself. Your worth and value are not dependent upon how people like that treat you, speak about you, or feel about you.

I have learned that standing tall and holding my head high in strength and confidence, despite anyone else or any situation, is part of self love and acceptance.

It might be easy to say that we love and accept ourselves, but I’ve found that the true test is how we stand behind ourselves for support when others won’t. It’s how we are able to lift ourselves up and stand tall, believing in ourselves, no matter what.

So, work on holding your head high and reminding yourself of your worth and value.

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Closing thoughts: 5 Little ways to show self love and acceptance

Getting comfortable with doing these five things for yourself will change your life. So, save this page (or a pin like the one above to Pinterest) so that you can find and refer back to these ways to show self love and acceptance as needed.

Also, feel free to comment below (or on our women’s forum – button’s up top) sharing your experience or tips with self love and self acceptance that might help us all.

I believe that we are all valuable, worthy, and loveable, and I want to spread this message. If you do too, you might share the link to this blog post on your favorite social media platform or with someone you know that could use it.

I hope that this blog post has been helpful and inspirational to you. Always remember who you really are (one who is inherently worthy of all good things)!

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