Get 9 self growth tips that changed my life and that can change yours, too!

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Are you looking for ways to change your life? Well, I spent many years searching for things that would help me change my life. And honestly, not many of them did. They either weren’t real game changers, or they weren’t things I could implement and stick to easily.

So because of what I’ve learned, I’m going to keep these self growth tips as simple as possible. They don’t need to be complicated, just things that you can (and are likely to) implement in your life.

They need to be things that get you moving in the right direction, that get you doing something even if it’s something small. It’s hard enough to change habits and ways of living when it’s not complicated, so simple is best.

Most people are sticking to the same ways and the same life they’ve had, for the most part. But, you don’t have to. You don’t have to settle. 

Use these self improvement tips that have worked for me. They aren’t just “mine” after all. I’ve learned them from other people too, and now it’s your turn to pick what works for you and let it help you improve your life!

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9 self growth tips that can change your life

Here are nine simple self growth tips that can help you change your life.

#1 Stop looking at the past & focus on the future

It’s easy to reminisce on the past and even to wish things were like they used to be. But, what isn’t easy is creating a different future while your mind spends most of its time in the past.

What I mean is if you want to create a better future that’s different from the one you’ve had in the past, you’ll need to change some things. You’ll need to do some things differently. And, this is going to take a new mindset and new habits. 

So, stop being hung up on the past and focus on your future. You can’t have both – a life that stays the same forever and is comfortable, plus a new life that’s different and better.

It’s time to focus on growth and change.

There’s a story I heard once about a race car driver and getting where you want to go. It goes something like this.

This race car driver kept crashing into the wall. He’d get to driving his fast car, it would begin to get out of control, and he’d stare at the wall hoping he wouldn’t crash into it. Yet, he would. Finally, someone told him to stop looking at the spot he DIDN’T want to go and start looking at where he DID want to go. Look away from the wall, they said. And, sure enough that helped – he was able to steer the car away from the wall and avoid crashing.

Are you doing this in life? Are you remembering the past troubles, hoping you end up somewhere better, just to still end up in the same place? If so, focus and think of where you want to go instead (and what you need to do now to get there). And, what you’ll find is that you’ll start living in the present moment more and creating a different future.

After all, each of your present moments eventually become your past moments. What you do RIGHT NOW impacts your future and your future past. Complicated, huh? What this means for you is that when you stop dwelling on the past, start looking at where you want to go instead, and start living in the present moment working toward what you want, you create a better future.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t ever think of things from the past – like good memories. I’m just saying spend MORE time in the present and focus on what you want. In other words, don’t dwell on the past.

So, enough about the past already ; ). Let’s move forward.

self growth tips

#2 Switch out negative words & thoughts for positive ones

One of the most important self growth tips that changed my life is about not thinking negatively. It can definitely keep you from creating the life you’d rather have, so steer away from negativity as much as possible.

In fact when negative, unhelpful thoughts come into your mind, notice them and let them go. You don’t need or want them, trust me. 

I used to have a lot of negative thoughts come into my mind – I even spoke them, because this is what I was used to and had learned. But, it wasn’t until I started paying attention and stopping them that I realized the impact they had on me.

I am NOT kidding you. Changing the way I thought, primarily by switching out negative thoughts for positive ones on a daily basis until it became natural, changed my life. I felt lighter and became happier. I even started to see life in a more positive way.

This meant that eventually I was able to see a brighter future for myself, without the negative thoughts holding me back. You know, those ones that repeat what someone has said to you, what you think they think about you, or what you deep down think about you. The ones that are toxic.

And, they’ll sabotage you. 

If you don’t think well enough of yourself to have good thoughts about yourself, how will you truly go after your dreams? I mean the hard things, the things you think are nearly impossible.

Strangely enough, I have found that even believing in myself (and confidence) starts with my thinking. Not in just repeating affirmations, which can be helpful. But my thoughts are a basis, like a sturdy foundation for a house being built, and so are yours!

So, I encourage you to start noticing the types of thoughts you have and work on changing them – little by little. Don’t expect a miracle overnight with this, because it takes work. But, this is something that’s totally worth it and truly will change your life.

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#3 Surround yourself with the positivity you’d like in your life

Another thing I’ve learned is that if you want a positive life you need to surround yourself with positive people and things.

Now, don’t go cutting everyone out of your life that isn’t gushing with positivity. I’m not saying that, but you can decide what’s best for you later – and it might just be that you limit time with loved ones who are negative and bring you down. 

You have to decide what is best and what works for you. That’s what I did, and that’s all I’m saying.

Take a good look at how people and things make you feel. Do they drag you down and drain you? Make you feel bad all the time? If so, you might want to limit these things and add in more positive things.

Again, that’s what I did. I slowly added in more and more positive habits, people, and things and lessened what didn’t feel good for me.

Have you ever noticed that miserable people tend to spout a lot of negative things? Have you also noticed that people who seem joyful and like they love life tend to spout more positive things more often? I have. And, I’ve found that there’s something to it. So, try it! 

Find people online to listen to that lift you up and add to your life. Especially do this when you find yourself having negative thoughts and getting down. This has helped me so much!

Surround yourself with positivity as much as possible, and limit the negativity in your life. It isn’t worth it if it drags you down, and I’ve found this to be the case even with a simple movie or show. If I get in there and I’m feeling crummy, I’m probably getting out of there.

#4 Forgive yourself & others, or you hurt yourself

The next of these self growth tips is about forgiveness. And this is a big one, because it’s a deep one.

Who hasn’t cringed at some point at the idea of having to forgive someone? Hmmm.

I know, it isn’t an easy subject. Yet it’s necessary to include on this list, because it’s another thing that has greatly impacted my life for the better (and can yours) – forgiveness.

The subtitle above this section says forgive yourself and others or you hurt yourself, and it’s true. In the beginning stages of forgiveness we think we’re hurting others by holding unforgiveness, but even more than that we’re hurting ourselves.

This is because it goes deep down to a spiritual level, or a heart level if you see it that way. And it will affect your life, no doubt.

And, I say this not only from what I’ve learned but from experience too. When I started doing the inner work, dealing with hurtful things I held within, I began to heal. And, this in turn healed my life.

My life is now better than it was before, when I held onto those hurtful feelings tightly just because I had a right to. And, you DO have the right to. Absolutely. It’s your right, and it was mine too. If someone wrongs us, of course we feel bad. We just don’t want to let it affect our lives, because then we lose.

So, decide if it’s worth it to you. Every time the chance to harbor unforgiveness and even hate comes up, make your choice and decide if it’s worth keeping. And if it’s not, let that baby go! Let it fly.

Trust me, it’s better that way. You don’t want it anyway. Let the other person keep it if they’d like to, but you move forward.

Now, sometimes a person or situation is too toxic to just allow it to continue in your life. And, we must and should make good decisions for ourselves and our lives. So, if you need to cut someone out then by all means do that. I know I have. I’m just saying don’t hold onto and internalize the negativity. Let those negative feelings go, as fast as you can.

It’s totally okay to say I forgive this person and let it go but not allow them to continue hurting you. It’s not only okay, it makes sense!

Just don’t let unforgiveness and any hurt feelings affect your present and your bright future!

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#5 Focus on what you want, because where you put your focus is where you go

Remember in tip number one where I mentioned the race car driver who was told to look where he wanted to go instead of the wall that he was crashing into? Well, this is like that.

Stop focusing on what you DON’T want, and start putting more focus on what you do want. It’ll pay off.

Start thinking of what you want more often. It may sound silly, but it works. I know that when I started really thinking about what I wanted for my life, I started working toward it. And, this is the start to a new life!

If you keep complaining about your current life, you’ll likely get more of that – that’s what I learned. And it makes sense, because you then have less time to focus and work on creating something better (if you’re complaining). 

If on the other hand you’re loving your current life and situation at the moment, then do talk about it! You’ll be focusing on good things and getting more of it. See how this works?

Focus on what you want so that you can go that way. It’s as simple as that.

#6 Practice controlling your feelings and choosing happiness

The next self growth tip that changed my life is about one being in control of their own feelings and happiness. It’s true for you, and it’s true for me! 

We might say that someone has made us feel something, but it isn’t true. We make the choice to let other people and situations control us or not.

I know, it sounds harsh. After all, they did it – isn’t it their fault?! Well, yes and no.

Their actions are their responsibility, but your actions and responsibilities are yours. This is harsh but also freeing! If you don’t HAVE TO respond in any particular way to something done to you or not going your  way, then you can feel peace and happiness any time you like.

You don’t have to get upset. You can, but you don’t have to. Do you see how this is freeing? 

Suddenly, with this information, you are free to feel whatever you like. And, it’s so simple that it sounds crazy to say. Because, of course we have that right. Of course we don’t have to feel a certain way. But, how often do we instinctively want to get upset and stay that way and let it ruin our day?

We can, like I said, but we can also choose to NOT let it ruin our days. We can acknowledge the hurt we feel or the disappointment, whatever it is, and then respond in a way that is better for us. And, sometimes that better way is to just let it go.

Like I think I’ve mentioned in this post already, it just isn’t always worth it to hold onto something, onto feelings, that will interfere with our lives, our peace, and our happiness.

So, you choose. Do you choose inner peace and happiness over things that you have the ability to let go of? Or, will you choose to let hurt and anger affect your life? It isn’t always easy, but this is one of the self growth tips that are worth considering and working on.

Here are five tips for happiness that worked for me and that can help you, too!

#7 Repetition is key – your subconscious needs it repeated

Sometimes we try something new and it doesn’t work, so we quit it. We may strive for a better life, and after a while think maybe this is all I’m meant for – or it wouldn’t be so hard.  But, the truth is that one of the best self growth tips for success is that repetition is key. 

You must try and try again, and not give up! You’ll most likely not get something, especially if it’s big and something most don’t have, on the first try.

So, why do most of us think that we must be born with it or have it come easy to us for it to be meant for us? Hmmm. Could it be because this is what we’re taught? 

I know all parents want the most and the best for their kids. But, in reality we ourselves may be exhibiting that “this” is our lot in life – rather than a belief that if we work at it and try for long enough the odds will be in our favor.

And, they will. But, most don’t keep trying. We say, “It’s too hard!”, as if those that have fought their way to the top had it easy. Why do we think that? 

Sure, some might be born with that “silver spoon” in their mouths – but, most aren’t. And, yet many people have climbed to the top getting what they dreamed of. Even people who had great obstacles to overcome first. 

But, as we know, not many of the majority do. And this is actually great, because if it were easy and everyone did it the value of it in our minds would probably go down.

So appreciate the fact that it’s “hard”, and if it’s something you really want – go after it! Despite the difficulty or how long it might take. Who cares, anyway? You shouldn’t, because this is about the journey after all. How you grow throughout this life process and what you overcome.

So, why not? I love to ask the “right” questions that inspire!

And, remember that your mind truly does need you to repeat things so it can master it. Expect that this will probably be necessary, so you can set yourself up for success and not give up easily.

When you were young and needed to learn things, you often repeated the words or whatever it was in order to master it. Heck, we even start that way with the alphabet – repeating that song over and over again.

So if you’re trying to weave in a new habit, focus on getting yourself to add in just that one thing everyday for a while knowing that it takes repetition. And, knowing that after a month or two of doing this it’ll be as routine as making your coffee in the morning.

If it’s a new skill you’re trying to learn so you can level up, be patient with yourself! Accept that it may take practice and repetition before you master it, it may take time, but you’ll get there – as long as you don’t give up.

#8 Don’t just dream – DO

Wow, we’re getting to the end of these self growth tips. Whoo hoo! If you’ve stayed with me this long, I can tell you that you definitely have it in you to succeed at whatever you want to do. You care enough about learning and doing whatever it takes to better yourself.

This is what I’ve done, and I’m proud of it. And, I don’t care who can see it or appreciate it or not. I myself know the work I’ve put in and how much I’ve cared about bettering myself and my life, for me and my family.

And, this is what it’s all about. Deciding to finally not just DREAM about it, but to get moving and DO SOMETHING about it.

Learn that new thing that it’s going to take. Start that new habit, even though your thoughts say “Why bother, it won’t last anyway – remember, you’ve tried that before.” Forget what your thoughts try to tell you. Tell them to stand down. Tell them that YOU’RE running the show now.

And, it’s time. 

You are not your thoughts, and you are not what others might’ve projected onto you about who you are and what you can and can not do. YOU ARE MORE than all of that. You’re an everlasting spirit that’s inside a human body right now, trying to navigate it all. And, you can do this!

#9 Be willing to do what it takes

self growth quotes

Like I just said, you can do this – whatever it is you’d like to accomplish or change. And, I don’t say that just to say what sounds nice or inspiring. I say it because it’s true. Because I’ve seen myself push through so many things, and I know that from where I started if I can do it so can you!

I had messed up experiences, messed up thinking, depression, and great losses one would never wish upon anyone, and therefore many challenges to overcome if I wanted to change my life for the better. And, chances are you’ve had some or all of these challenges too. But, it didn’t stop me and it doesn’t have to stop you, either.

Now, I don’t like mean terms like “loser”. But, I once heard a speaker say a phrase that stuck with me throughout my self growth process. It says “Winners do what losers don’t or won’t do”. Or, something like that. 

So when I’m tired or frustrated or just simply would rather do something other than what I know I should, I’ll remind myself of this fact. 

Winners, or those who accomplish their dreams or great things, are willing to do what it takes. Even if it’s hard! Even if it takes time. Even if they don’t feel like it. So, go the extra mile and do the extra thing. Strive to do more, not to just get by. And, it won’t always be easy. BUT, you will build character and inner strength that’ll serve you for the rest of your life.

And that my friends, I think, is a good end note!

Use these 9 tips as part of your self growth plan

As the eighth tip stated, don’t just dream – do. Don’t just read these nine tips and do nothing with them. Instead, make them part of your new self growth plan!

Plus, as the ninth tip stated, winners do what so called losers don’t want to do or won’t do. It takes effort to take the next step and think of how to use these personal growth tips in your day to day life. But, it’s worth it!

I used to be the person who read a LOT about self improvement. And, yes, it helped. But, I didn’t take action on what I read nearly enough to make a big change in my life. And, that’s something I’d change.

I read plenty of self improvement books and learned about self growth tips for success, yet my life back then stayed pretty much the same. So, my advice to you is take it at least one step further than I did back then. DO SOMETHING.

After all, what’s the point in all the reading and learning if it isn’t going to significantly improve your life? And, it won’t significantly improve things unless you do something significant. Get it?

Really think of what you’ve been doing and of what’s in these nine tips, and then decide on what you’d like to change – and DO IT. Maybe start with one thing to really work on until it becomes part of your life, and then move on to the next. 

That’s another thing I would often do wrong back then. I’d pick all these things that I heard or read about and decide to implement them all at once. Well, maybe you can guess what would happen.

I’d at some point, usually soon, find myself disappointed that I wasn’t successful at doing these things and changing my life. But, what I’ve since found is that this is totally understandable.

Our brains don’t work this way, and we aren’t robots. You can’t give your mind a complicated command and just expect that it’ll be able to do it all. So set yourself up for success by focusing on changing one or two things at a time.

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Closing thoughts: 9 Self growth tips (that I used) that can change your life

I hope you found these nine self growth tips helpful and that they really do change your life, like they have mine. This is a subject I’ve been passionate about for many years, and it makes me so happy to get to share what I’ve learned with you!

It would also be really great if you’d come back later and add a comment about your progress with these tips. I’d love to hear some success stories, and that kind of thing will inspire us all.

And, we need all the inspiration we can get throughout our self growth process – while we’re trying to learn, grow, change our lives, and accomplish our dreams!

Feel free to refer others to this blog post for personal growth inspiration, maybe even pin an image from this post onto Pinterest for others (there’s one up above). This will also make it easier for you to find, to refer to these tips later on.

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