Get nine self empowerment tips that will help you step into your power, feel empowered, and change your life for the better, for good!

It isn’t fun feeling like you have no power or control over things that are going on in your world. And, it doesn’t feel good when others constantly make you feel less than them or like something’s wrong with you. But no matter what brought you to this blog post, when you leave you’ll feel more empowered.

You’re going to learn to take back the control that you can take back, to see things from a more empowering perspective, to stop giving all your power away, and to look out for what’s best for you because you value you.

Get my five best tips for how to take your power back!

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9 Self empowerment tips that’ll change your life

They say that the definition of self empowerment is consciously making decisions to take charge of your life and being confident in your ability to carry out or act on those decisions. It is also said that self empowerment is closely linked to self-esteem and self-confidence.

I agree that these things are a part of leading an empowered life. As you work on building up your self-worth and self-confidence, you’ll begin to feel and act like someone who is empowered. You’ll change how you interact with the world around you, because you’ll see your own value and believe in yourself.

And, this will change your life! So, let’s get started and get you some empowering information.

Wisdom is freeing.

– alb

Here are nine self empowerment tips that will change your life, in a good way.

#1 Stop apologizing for being you

If you struggle with having confidence and feeling empowered, chances are someone in your life at some point made you feel like there was something wrong with you and like you weren’t enough.

You weren’t good enough to be loved properly, you weren’t good enough to be a part of the group and be accepted, and you supposedly weren’t good enough to be respected. No, they possibly made fun of you, acted like you were stupid, and talked bad about you.

But, let me tell you something. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. It’s in all caps, so that you get it and let it sink in. There’s nothing at all wrong with you – you are just fine. The only reason people treat other people in the way I described is because they themselves lack something. They don’t admit it and don’t want to show it, but they at some point lacked love and respect and still are insecure inside. And unfortunately, it makes some people feel better and bigger to make you feel smaller.

But, YOU ARE NOT SMALL. Oh, no. You’re still going. You are brave and good. You’re strong and big hearted. And make no mistake, you have help from the other side that you probably aren’t even fully aware of. They whisper in your ear, “Keep going. Don’t give up. You’ll rise above this. Believe in yourself. Remember who you really are.”

And this week, I want you to work on not apologizing for being you. When they make their rude looks or comments to make you feel stupid or small, stand up tall. Be proud of who you are, and don’t back down on this. You are wonderful. Don’t let anyone steal you confidence or belief in yourself. They don’t get to have that. It’s yours.

Learn how to be authentic, be yourself, and love and accept yourself.

#2 Be confident & show self-value & self-love

Next on this list of self empowerment tips is to be confident and show self-value and self-love.

We already talked about how others might have treated you (or might still), but you can make the choice to love yourself and value yourself despite anything or anyone.

You don’t have to earn love or become valuable or worthy – you were born that way. We’re all worthy in our Maker’s eyes.

Sometimes it amazes me to hear the hate that spills from the lips of people I know, to see them act as if some people are more valuable or worthy of acceptance and love than others. This is nonsense. No matter what source we believe in, no matter what we call it, it doesn’t ask us to hate one another. It never would.

We are seen as worthy and valuable, and we are loved beyond comprehension. So, forget who did or didn’t give you these things. Forget how damaged or hurt you may feel when it comes to your loveableness or worthiness. Give it to yourself.

Love yourself, accept yourself, and choose to be confident. This is your right, and you may need to work on it a bit but you can do it. No one can take this from you, unless you let them.

Realize that your loveableness, worthiness, and even your abundance and peace do not come from others. These things come from within you and from a greater Source, a greater energy that is all around you. Feel the abundance of all that you need all around you, and feel that all is well.

Learn how to embrace self-love and self-acceptance, as a woman.

#3 Stand up for yourself

You may have been trained without knowing it to not stand up for yourself. Or, there may be some other reason why you don’t (if you don’t). Maybe you just want to make others happy. But, no matter the reason, if you aren’t standing up for yourself even if it’s just to walk away then you aren’t taking care of yourself – and this could take a toll on you.

I’m not asking you to make a fuss, to start drama or join in with drama, or anything like this. I try to avoid joining in with these things as much as possible, because I know it usually isn’t helpful, brings me into a lower vibration, and isn’t empowering. However, there are times when we need to stand against those who are trying to hurt us or break us.

We need to stand up for what’s best for us and for what feels right to us, otherwise bullies and others who just don’t care will take advantage or try to tear us down. And if we’re feeling stripped of confidence and energy or feeling bad about ourselves or things going on, we aren’t able to shine our light at it’s brightest.

We need to live our lives on our own terms. You’ll notice that many others do so – many bullies and those who insist that certain people are beneath them because they believe differently or do things differently, they aren’t concerned with how you or I want them to live or be.

So, don’t give your power away. You can remain at peace inside while smiling and saying, “No thankyou.” “That doesn’t work for me.” Or, “No, I don’t believe that.”

Stay empowered!

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#4 Be proud of yourself

You have no doubt done some things or accomplished some things to be proud of. So give yourself credit and celebrate your wins, even if no one else does. It matters, you deserve it, and it’s important.

It’s real easy to get down on ourselves, to be hard on ourselves, to speak unkindly about ourselves. After all, we’re probably hearing someone else’s voice that was hard on us and now we’re taking over for them. Don’t do this to yourself.

Love yourself and be kind to yourself. And, be proud of even the little things that you’ve gotten through or accomplished. Be proud of yourself for “keeping on keeping on”, like some people that I dearly love used to say.

#5 Stand with confidence & strength

Number five on this list of self empowerment tips is to stand with confidence and strength.

Notice how the people that you admire stand and hold themselves. What energy do they give off? Do they stand with confidence and strength? Sure they do. Without confidence, resilience, and strength they wouldn’t be able to accomplish so much.

So, let’s try and hold ourselves in the same energy that’s needed for the kind of life that we want to live.

Let’s make sure that we aren’t thinking like victims and giving off that energy. We can stand with strength but also love. If not, we may attract the wrong people to us that we aren’t wanting to align with.

But, let me be clear and say that I understand fully what it’s like to be victimized but that I’ve also learned that I’m no one’s victim. There’s a difference. I am strong. Things may have happened to me, but they don’t define me. We can make the choice to be empowered everyday, even if we have to work on it. So, let’s do it!

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#6 Protect yourself (& your energy)

You have the right to protect yourself, to look out for yourself. That isn’t being selfish or thinking that you’re too good or something (incase someone made you feel that way). We all have the right to look out for what’s best for us. In fact, if we don’t sometimes no one will.

So, protect your energy. I’ll put a blog post I’ve written below about this. Feel free not to spend too much time around people who make you feel bad about yourself or for whatever reason. It’s your right.

Don’t go along with things that don’t align with what feels right to you. Say no or no thank you, but say no. Don’t feel guilty for choosing not to do something, go somewhere with someone, or go along with something if it doesn’t feel like it’s the best thing for you.

Now, I know that sometimes we might need to do things to help others even if we don’t feel like it. That isn’t what I’m talking about. What I mean is if it’s not absolutely necessary and doesn’t make you feel good, then maybe you need to look out for you. And, you don’t need permission to do this. It’s ok : )

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#7 Do what’s best for you (& for who & what you love)

Many people have opinions and want to push them on you. And, this can begin to make you feel stressed and powerless. But the truth is it’s your life, and in the end it’s really your choice.

So you might want to make it your motto that you do what’s best for you and for who and what you care about, first.

And, if you doubt that this is okay or makes you a good person just look at what those people with all the opinions do. Do they look out for themselves, first? I bet they do ; )

You have an obligation to look out for you and, if you have them, your kids and significant other. For those that maybe not everyone else is going to look out for. Don’t let someone else make you feel guilty for that.

Part of staying balanced is doing what’s best for you and staying stress-free, at peace, and happy. And, this is important because how you feel affects those that you love and your life. So, take care of YOU!

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#8 Follow your intuition & stand by your gut feelings

Follow your intuition, and stand by your gut feelings. I had to add this in with these self empowerment tips, because I’ve found it to be SO very important over the years.

Lots of times we walk away from someone or something with a bad feeling in our gut, like someone punched us or like we’re going to be sick, all because something’s off. But, we might not realize that that’s the cause.

It’s important to understand that you have a naturally installed radar system (that’s what I’m calling it today lol) that guides you. And, it’s important to learn to feel okay trusting it. No one and no thing can substitute this, and no one should make you doubt it.

The biggest question you need to start asking yourself is, “How does this make me feel?”

If it makes you feel bad, there’s probably a reason. It either doesn’t align with you, or there’s more than meets the eye with someone. Even if it’s just about someone who is talking nice to you but you don’t feel good around them, it could be that you’re intuitively picking up bad things they’re saying when you walk away.

Trust your gut. I used to doubt mine or wonder what’s wrong with me that I feel this way. But, now I don’t. Now, I lean into that feeling and can instinctively know, as I’ve honed the skill, that something’s off – or even exactly what it is. Trust yourself.

#9 Be authentically you, without apology

I think that everything we’ve talked about so far leads us up to the last of these self empowerment tips – being authentically you, without apology.

Be authentically you by:

  • not apologizing for being you – just be yourself & own it
  • being confident in yourself & in your choices
  • standing by what feels right for you

You have the right to feel okay being yourself. We were never all meant to be the same, although some people would prefer everyone be like them and only do what they do. In reality, it would be boring if we were all the same. So, you do you and don’t worry about it.

This is your life to live. You don’t want to waste too much of it worrying about what other people think, say, or feel about you and your choices. Just smile and be glad that you’re learning to be strong enough to be the you that you want to be. (And, celebrate that accomplishment because not everyone’s able to do it!)

Learn about being authentically you & not caring what others think.

Closing thoughts: 9 Self empowerment tips that will change your life!

I am so glad that you made it to the end of these self empowerment tips, and I want you to save this page so you can find it later. We all need inspiration occasionally, and it’s important to stay lifted up and empowered.

I myself feel that something higher guided me through writing this, and I’ll no doubt be coming back to re-read this again. Staying inspired and lifted up is part of my self-care.

I’m honored to have been able to share some inspiration with you, and I hope it has helped! And, if no one else has said it to you lately, I’m so very proud of you. I know it isn’t easy to work on yourself despite all that you’ve been through and to keep going with hope. Even if things don’t seem so hard but you’re working on improving yourself and your life, this is still incredible. So, keep moving forward and stay empowered!

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