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After being on this journey of learning everything I can about myself and getting more confidence, I’ve decided to share three real tips on self confidence for women that have helped me!

I’ve learned that sometimes on the surface we think we have plenty of confidence, but there’s a part of ourselves that has been beat up by life and circumstances and needs the confidence restored.

To tap into self confidence for women, start looking at how you see yourself. Surprisingly, with confidence it starts with how you see yourself even though we worry about what others think of us. So, you should:

  • Define who you want to be
  • Work on seeing yourself that way
  • & Listen to things that build you up

Now, let’s look at three real tips on positive self confidence for women that can help you!

Tip #1 for self confidence for women: What you hear matters

When it comes to self confidence for women, what you hear makes a difference. So, if you’re wondering how to get more confidence just keep this in mind!

You might be putting yourself around people that drag your confidence down. And, if so they probably aren’t even aware that they’re doing it. Sometimes the way people behave just becomes a habit.

However, you still need to look out for what’s best for you! If you need to limit time with certain types of people, that’s totally okay.

Also, from the time we are children we’re hearing things – things that are good and things that are bad for us. If you heard a lot of criticism in the past it could definitely be affecting you now.

You need to listen to things, like audios on youtube or e-books, that build you up. And, don’t just listen once! Keep listening.

And, repeat these good things to yourself often. You can even make up a couple sentences that you’ll repeat to yourself when it’s needed. 

Finally, do not worry what other people think of what you’re doing. They’re where they’re at, but you’re trying to go somewhere else. So, they very likely aren’t going to understand what you’re doing.

But, keep going – keep working on yourself! The results from it will come, and those results will speak for themselves

Tip #2 for building self confidence for women: Keep your word to you

You can tap into positive self confidence for women by simply practicing keeping your word to yourself.

Sometimes when we don’t do something we told ourselves we’d do a little voice says “there you go again” or “you can’t finish anything”. This is us beating ourselves up!

And, this is so bad for us! Yet, it’s not anything we mean to say to ourselves.

This is why we need to be aware and purposely say and think good things.

self confidence

Also, try to keep your word with little things that you tell yourself you’re going to do. Start small.

It sounds so very simple, I know. Almost too simple. But, trust me, I’ve found from experience that it really does build your confidence in yourself – in how you see yourself and feel about yourself.

And, I’ve learned that this is very important in what you’ll be able to accomplish.

I also want to say that these are not my ideas. I make it a point to listen to the best of the best when learning something because I want the best results. 

So I listen, learn, and think of how I can make it work for me and how I can put it into action.

One person I learn a lot from is Bob Proctor. His videos, and especially his e-books, have helped me a lot. So, you may want to look for some of his stuff. (I definitely recommend his e-book titled ‘You Were Born Rich’.) Click here if you want some info on one of his programs!

Tip #3 to get confidence: See yourself as a confident person

For self confidence for women, think of how you see yourself.

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as too shy to talk to anyone – or as someone who always does a particular thing wrong?

I’ve learned that you want to be very careful of what you say, think, and envision, because it does affect your life.

So, think of who you want to become and then envision you being that person. Go ahead – close your eyes and try it. Really feel what it feels like to be this person.

Then, when you open your eyes try to keep being that person. Again, it may sound silly, but what you’re doing is rebuilding your image of who you are and how you behave.

If as a child someone always told you “you’re always late” or something else, then chances are you found yourself behaving in that way. 

We have to be careful of what we say to our children and to ourselves. 

You can change how you behave and therefore what kind of life you lead, contrary to what some people might think

The way I see it is if my environment and what I heard could shape me as a child, then why can’t I re-shape me?

Think about it. Different cultures learn what types of things to eat and how to behave, all around the world. There are many different ways to be. And, we are shaped by our environments.

So, don’t let someone tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t change. That’s totally up to you! There are many ways to be. And, you can change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.

Conclusion: 3 Real tips on positive self confidence for women

So we talked about how to build self confidence for women, and I gave you three tips that can really help you with this. Those three things were:

  • What you hear matters – listen to things that build you up
  • Say and think good things & keep your word to you
  • See & envision yourself the way you want to be

The positive attitude of a confident woman is attractive, and you’ll begin to attract what you want into your life.

And a woman with confidence is also unstoppable, so I know you’ll use your new confidence to move mountains in your life!

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Thanks for reading. You’re truly appreciated!

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