These ten tips for spending more quality time with kids and being present will help with parent guilt and make life better!

Many of us are busy and crave spending more quality time with kids that are part of our lives. Our children are the most important parts of our lives and we want to show this to them, but we have so many things that need our attention!

As a parent myself, I get this. It can feel awful, wishing you could do more or that you had the energy to do more. And, this can lead to guilt.

But, the good news is that I’ve put together ten awesome tips to help you with this…

10 tips for more quality time with kids (& being present) are:

  1. Focus on listening
  2. Focus on the activity
  3. Make the moment memorable
  4. Don’t have too many distractions
  5. Forget past & future, & focus on now
  6. Take time to reflect
  7. Get out in nature together
  8. Practice gratefulness regularly
  9. Remember to laugh, play, & be silly
  10. Notice the small things

Next, I’ll give a little more information about each of these tips and some inspiration!

Here are three simple things you can do if you’re an overwhelmed mom!

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10 Tips for more quality time with kids (& being present)

These ten top tips for spending more quality time with kids and being present with them will improve your life and that of your family. Enjoy!

#1 Focus on listening

First, let’s talk about how to get more quality time with kids by focusing on listening.

When we’re truly listening to our kids and giving them our full attention, we’re more present with them. And, being present equals better quality time.

I’ve noticed that there are times when I’m busy and responding to my child quickly, just trying to solve the problem or get things done. And, these times are going to happen. We’re busy for Pete’s sake!


There are times when (if we do this consciously) we can focus more on listening and letting our children do the talking at first. And, this can solve a lot – they feel like they’ve been heard today, we get a quality moment with our child, they feel like we care, and we feel better about our parenting. It’s a win-win, and it only takes moments!

Sometimes I’m in a hurry and rushing things because I don’t have a lot of free time at that moment, and I get a pang of guilt. Do you ever feel like this? If so, know that it’s okay.

Life is about balance, and we’re doing our best to balance many things in our lives.

So when we purposely choose these special “listening” moments, we’re adding in a little balance. And, (hint) we always feel better when we’re more balanced.

Know that you aren’t alone in this, and you aren’t a “bad” parent. We ALL go through this at times. And, it helps to share tips like these with each other. (And, I invite you to share any of YOUR parenting tips & ideas in the comments section below or on our support forum for women!)

What I’ve found now is that if I, for a few moments, put aside other things & just focus on listening to my child, afterward I’m able to continue what I was doing better than if I hadn’t.

I then don’t feel the guilt and can focus, because in those moments I had a quality connection with my child that we both needed

Plus, when you’re really looking at your child and listening you may notice different things – like new words that are being used, and it only takes moments.

So, give it a try and see if it helps. Now, onto the next tip!

#2 Try reducing distractions

Another way to be present and have quality time with kids is to reduce the distractions. This will help you to focus on the activity that you and your child are doing.

Sometimes we have a lot of noise around us, like from television and computers. But, what we don’t realize is that these things take away from the moment. So if you’re wanting to make the time spent with your child better quality and more memorable, you may want to shut these things off for a bit.

Our minds can only take in so much at a time, and we can’t focus good on everything at once. We also can’t remember everything. For this reason, if we limit unnecessary distractions we can better focus on and remember what’s important to us.

And then, we’ll be able to make good memories, too!

I’m not saying you can’t ever have the television on while doing a puzzle with your child. However…

If you’re limited on time and feeling like you don’t get enough of these moments, you may get more out of it by limiting the distractions and focusing on the activity at hand.

#3 Use senses to make it more memorable

Getting different senses involved during an activity can help to make it more memorable, creating a good lasting memory and quality time with kids. And, what comes to my mind with this is Christmas time! 

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, and now I see why.

At Christmas time you’ll smell good things baking and pine from real Christmas trees!

You’ll also see beautiful lights and decorations on trees in homes and in stores. 

inspiration for moms

Most of us feel soft stockings as we hang them and different textures of trees, ornaments, cookie dough, and more. We also hear familiar, fun holiday songs that we love. And finally, we taste all those delicious holiday foods – candy canes and fudge! 

With all of those senses being engaged, it’s no wonder that Christmas can seem like such a special, enjoyable, and memorable time that we want to share with our loved ones.

But, how can we bring this feeling into other times throughout the year? I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought I wish this feeling could last.

So, to have this feeling and just as memorable moments with your child on any day, just try to engage your different senses. Pay attention to the sounds, smells, views, tastes, and textures involved. Notice and appreciate them!

More ideas with using senses

You can also purposefully incorporate these, like heating essential oils that you like in a warmer. (This can also be relaxing and therapeutic for your family, which can lead to a better home-life experience.)

I think the biggest thing is to notice that these smells, and other things you’re using, are there to make these moments stand out in your mind (and better quality). 

Does the playdough have a smell? (You can add a good smell to home-made playdough, too!) Enjoy it. Are there beautiful views or trees around where your child plays outside? Savor them. 

We can create lasting and special moments (that we’re more likely to remember) more often in this way. And although you’re busy, you’ve then created some special moments where you’re very present with your child. 

#4 Create a minimalist family home

My next tip is to create a minimalist family home, so that you have less chaos and distraction and more quality time at home with your family.

Think more like a minimalist & don’t have too many things as distractions around. If you keep it simple with just the most important things out:

  • Your environment & activities together will feel more peaceful.
  • You’ll be more likely to think of using certain things for activities with your child.  
  • You’ll have less to clean up & more time with your child.
  • There will be less distractions around you.
  • You’ll be able to focus on just you & your child more.
  • You can focus on the activity you’re doing with your child.
  • You’ll be less likely to be thinking “I really need to be cleaning instead”.

So, are there too many things left out that may be getting in the way of your quality time with your child(ren), giving you more work and keeping your mind distracted? 

If so, maybe it’s time to think of what’s most important.

And if you need help with creating a minimalist family home life, Rebecca at Minimalism Made Simple has a blog post titled 21 Simple Ways to Be a Minimalist Family that I personally found helpful!

#5 Be present with your child more often

Work on being present more often, overall.

This is mentioned often in mindfulness or meditation programs – and although it’s not always easy, it’s beneficial. 

being present

So, try to remind yourself often that in this moment you want to forget about the past & future, & just be in the “here & now” with your child. 

When thinking of the past or future, we’re not only unfocused on what’s happening now but we’re also not making clear memories of now. What’s happening now is important too and deserves your attention.

This will feel so good when you start doing it, and don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t do it perfectly all the time. I try to remind myself often that I’m trying to do something but am not striving for perfection. Perfection puts too much pressure on you. 

Just enjoy those moments when you find yourself truly able to be in the moment!

#6 Reflect on time spent with your kids

At the end of the day or periodically, reflect on the moments that you’ve enjoyed with your child.

This will make you think more about how you’re spending the time that you have with your child & about the more important things. 

It’ll bring your attention to quality time that’s spent or needed with your child. But again, don’t be hard on yourself. That is not the point of this!

Just think of the wonderful moments that you’ve been able to enjoy with your child, and the cherished moments to come.

#7 Spend time with your kids in nature

For quality time with kids, it can help to get out into nature. Outdoors surrounded by nature, you & your child can relax & have fun together without a bunch of things around you in the home. 

quality time with kids

Nature can also give a sense of peace & some quiet so that you notice more of what’s going on, without things like television sounds.

Also, being out in nature can give a new perspective. 

I’ve found that while trying to figure out how to be present with my child when busy, nothing beats nature. This is probably because we’re so relaxed outside and are focused on just spending time with each other when outdoors. (Which is lovely!)

#8 Practice gratefulness while with your child

Gratefulness helps with so many different parts of life. And yes, even with this!

When we get busy or things aren’t so easy, we can forget that we have a lot to be grateful for. But, there’s always plenty to appreciate. 

You can practice gratefulness often by looking around & thinking of what you’re grateful for. And, this practice will up the quality of your life and those around you (as well as of the time you spend together).

When at home or spending time with your child, take time to quickly notice something about him or her that you’re grateful for. It could even just be something that relates to your child, like the fact that you’re getting that time with him or her.

Trust me, if your child is giving you a hard time and you try to think of what you’re grateful for concerning him or her, it’ll help with patience and a new perspective. And, then the time you’ve spent together will have been better quality.

So, try it!

#9 Get quality time with kids through playing

Parents, remember to laugh, play, and be silly with your child! It can sound so simple, but the truth is when we get busy or stressed we can forget to make time for this. 

When you’re busy, fun doesn’t come as easily. Your instincts may make you feel that you don’t have time for that.

However, the truth is that you & your child both need that fun, silly time together, often! 

quality time with kids

Have you ever been tense & stressed, and then something out of the ordinary happened that made you laugh and you noticed that you felt better? I think this is probably why they say laughing adds years to your life ; )

So although you’re busy, you can’t really afford to not take time to laugh, play, and be silly with your child occasionally. Have fun with your sons and daughters whether they’re still little or big! 

#10 Remember to notice the small things

The last tip I have for you is to notice the small things. And, this can make such a difference! So even though you’re busy, try to pay attention to the small things and appreciate them.

Often, without realizing it, we’re busy & only noticing the big things – like what needs to be done. However, it helps to make an effort to see the little things too.

After all, when it’s all said & done these are things that you’ll think of & want to remember!

So now, I occasionally point out to myself the color of my child’s eyes in the sunlight today, the cute way his hair curls, or how adorable it is that he’s getting so into something.

I promise you, these are the truly important things! Quality time with your family, the small things, the memories you make together, and how you feel together are what matters.

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quality time with kids

Closing thoughts: 10 Tips for more quality time with kids (& being present)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for spending more quality time with your kid(s) and being more present with them.

And, don’t forget to comment below or on the women’s forum (link at top) with any tips and ideas that you’d like to share. If we all put our ideas together, we’ll be doing pretty good!

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