Get these simple tips for protecting your mind and mental state that are life-changing and easy enough for anyone to put into practice!

Some of us think of protecting things like our health or finances, without ever working on protecting our minds. And, the mind is just as important – if not more important! I say this because the state of our minds can affect everything else. So, make sure you’re protecting your mind.

For years, I was like many others who accepted that some people just have to deal with things like depression. Like, maybe they inherited it.

But, later I saw myself change this by working on my mind. So, I started to understand that there’s more to it – that sometimes we’re just under the influence of our minds.

But, the good news about this is that it means we have more control over it than we probably thought we did!

Now, let’s be clear. Sometimes there might be another issue going on. (And, definitely seek professional help if you feel that way, or if you need help to get through dark times! There’s nothing wrong with getting help, & sometimes we need it.) But, we’re often more affected by the state of our minds than we realize.

So, here’s some inspiration on protecting your mind that might help you!

Get some words of encouragement and hope for difficult times!

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Protecting your mind from external sources

There are so many things coming at us these days, and these things affect us.

From the news to social media, things are flooding our minds continually. Do we really think all these things don’t affect us? Of course they do.

We’re not machines that might function the same no matter what. We’re human, and the energies of others and of the things going on around us affect us.

Can we avoid this? Well, there’s definitely a lot we can do, like guarding our minds.

But, here’s the thing. You have to work on protecting your mind, because you’re the only one that’s going to do it.

The social media platforms and news agencies aren’t going to put your minds needs above what they want. And, the shows you watch aren’t going to do this either.

Only you can, as an adult. So, you can choose to pay attention to how things affect you and make adjustments as needed.

Notice how you feel after watching something specific. And, if it brings you down it probably isn’t good for you.

Now, you may feel like you need those things, like perhaps the news. But, if that’s the case and it’s something that brings you down, you might want to limit it.

Because, you’re important! And, you’re mindset is important. It can affect how you function, what you think, and even what you do.

So, now that you know this happens you can start to be aware of how things are affecting you so that you can start protecting your mind.

What affects your mind internally

Now, we talked about outside sources that might be affecting your mindset. But, what about internal ones?

Sometimes what we need to be protected from most is ourselves! That’s right. As strange as it sounds, sometimes we bring ourselves down. And, we might do that with negative thoughts.

Have you ever found yourself basically beating yourself up verbally? I know I have. And, I don’t put up with it anymore.

If negative thoughts start clouding my mind and my judgement, I say “stop”. Because, it isn’t real. It’s just my ego trying to take over. And, I run this show now! (ha, ha)

And, you can do the same. Know that those negative things that run through your mind at times, that tell you things like you’ll never make it and why, don’t have to run the show.

It’s your mind! Try showing it who’s boss next time, and you take over instead.

It can seem strange, because we’re so used to thinking of our minds or thoughts as us – which explains why we might think we have no control over them.

But, don’t let your earthly body confuse you. Inside, you’re a spirit who’s connected to God, the Universe, or whatever you choose to call it.

And, that spirit is pure and wants what’s best for you. It won’t say hurtful things to you that put you down or hold you back.

Your ego or mind on the other hand might. Perhaps it remembers something someone used to tell you, and it reminds you of it.

But, with practice you can quiet that negative voice in your head. So, don’t worry! Just start protecting your mind by recognizing these things and working on what needs to be worked on.

Closing thoughts: Simple tips for protecting your mind & mental state

You now have some tips for protecting your mind and mental state, and I hope this has been helpful to you!

Know that your happiness and peace of mind are so important, as they’ll affect your quality of life. So, guard your mind against things that would impact these negatively.

And, one more thing. Don’t forget the power of positivity. Listening to positive sounds, videos, books, etc., has helped me more than I can explain.

Now, when I feel my mood being pulled down, I fight back with positivity – positive words and positive things. And, you can do this too!

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