Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about the power of words and being positive in life. It seems like every successful person I hear is mentioning this!

And, I don’t believe this is a coincidence – it must mean something. If the top successful people talk about this regularly, then it must be one of the main things that helps them get to where they are. So, this is what I think.

Even if it’s difficult, we should model the top successful people who value the impact that words can have and being positive in life. If it helps them it can help everyone else too.

So, do your best with being positive even in hard or stressful times, because it can make a difference and turn your situation around!

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Why is being positive in life so hard

Even when we know that being positive in life helps, it can still be hard to do. 

But why? (As my toddler often asks.)

You can tell yourself to be positive, and then something happens to disrupt your day – and suddenly you might find yourself complaining and frustrated. Isn’t this annoying? It sure has been to me!

See, we have things that we’ve been doing, ways we’ve been reacting, and thoughts that we’ve been thinking for years. So, it makes sense that these aren’t going to be easy to get rid of.

And, on top of that, we probably grew up seeing other people doing the same things and reacting in the same ways. 

So, it’s easy to beat yourself up for being unable to continue being positive in life at all times, but you really shouldn’t. Just be patient with yourself and keep trying – eventually you’ll change. 

And, it’ll happen over time. Keep focusing on how you’re thinking, talking, and reacting, and notice whether you’re being positive or not. 

Noticing is the first step – so, just be aware at first. Even being aware is something to be proud of, because many people aren’t aware. 

Being aware means you’re changing!

How can I use the power of words to help me

How can you use the power of words to help you? Well, you need to speak toward what you really want, rather than what annoys you and what you don’t want.

This is the main thing that I find makes a difference.

For some reason it seems if we speak of what we don’t want, then we just get more of that. Like if I complain a lot about how things aren’t working in the house, something else goes wrong.

Seriously, it does. Have you ever noticed this? Yes, it’s so annoying.

But, when I ignore it or let it go, doing what I need to do for it and moving on, things start to go in the right direction. 

Maybe because when I’m complaining and carrying on my attitude and energy toward things and life is different – it’s very negative.

However, when I’m choosing to be positive and trust that the universe, or God (fill in whatever you believe in), will bring a solution and what’s needed, I’m putting out a whole different energy and attitude – and what comes as a result is different.

Think about this. Have you ever been around someone who was very negative and grouchy at the moment – so much that you didn’t want to be around them or work with them?

Well, think of the universe, or all that can supply your needs, like that – with an ability to feel your good or bad vibes.

Sometimes I think we think that because no one’s around or because the thoughts are just in our minds that they don’t matter or affect things. But, oh they do!

And, if you disagree that’s okay – but just try it both ways a while, positive and negative, and see what works better for you.

I hate having to realize at times that I’m wrong and that my attitude is wrong. No one likes to be wrong. Right? But, hey it happens. 

And, I’m beginning to realize that what’s important is not that I’m able to be perfect all the time but that I’m able to correct and get back on the right path (quicker than I use to be able to).

So as much and as often as you can, speak what you want and rephrase things into a positive.

Show that you’re being positive by being grateful

One way that you can show the universe & others that you’re being positive is through being grateful.

Being grateful is a form of positivity. And so, when you’re being grateful more often, you’ll reap the benefits of being positive.

I’ve noticed that when I’m complaining more I’m actually showing less gratitude.

If you think about it, this makes sense, because if we’re complaining about how things are we can’t be thinking of all that we’re grateful for.

And, it’s important to think of things we’re grateful for regularly! It can help so much of our lives.

So, practice being grateful every day – and watch your life transform.

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The power of words scenario

Imagine two different people with the same lives – same situations. 

Only, one man is aware of and uses the power of words to help improve his life, and the other doesn’t. The first man finds it important to try being positive in life, while the second doesn’t.

In fact this second person often reacts very negatively toward circumstances and life, and he allows any negative thoughts to entertain him.

How do you see things turning out for each of them? If nothing else, do you see one being happier in life than the other?

Yea, me too. And, if nothing else our own happiness and sense of peace is priceless. It’s not worth being miserable when we can have lives that we enjoy!

So, when we have moments (and let’s be honest, we do) where things aren’t going right and we don’t feel so great, let’s try to remember this scenario and that we have a choice.

We have the choice to be miserable, or to find our way through the difficulties and to the joy that awaits us on the other side. 

And, let’s try to get there as quick as we can!

Closing thoughts: The power of words & being positive in life (how it helps)

Well, we’ve talked about the power of words and being positive in life and how this can help you. And, I hope you’ve thought of some ways to put this into action and make a difference in your life.

Here’s one last thing for you to ponder. What does every person really want?


We may think we want a new car or something else, but usually what we really want is to feel good and to be happy. And, sometimes we believe those things will bring us more happiness or good feelings.

Well, being positive will give you a different feeling throughout the day and will make you feel happier.

Just being aware of this will help!

Studies even show that the happiest people happen to practice being grateful regularly. I don’t believe this is coincidence.

Being positive and practicing being grateful can be game changers for your life. And, both will help you feel happier.

So, try to be positive each day so that you can be happy every day and enjoy your life more!

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