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Have you ever felt frustrated when working toward your goals and dreams? Well, I’ve been there. So, today I’m giving tips for having positive goals in life and as little frustration as possible while working on them.

Working toward dreams and positive goals in life can be frustrating, but we must not give up on them. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Having positive goals in life gives us purpose
  • The reward for sticking with it is worth it
  • Frustration with reaching goals is normal and part of the process

It’s easy to get discouraged before we’ve reached the goal, but keeping these three things in mind will help. And instead of just laser focusing on the end result, remember that who you become in the process is what will matter the most.

Now, let’s talk about dreams, visions, and positive goals in life!

Dreams, Visions, & Positive Goals In Life

Have you ever felt like me? I want it so bad I can taste it.

The vision is there, I know what I want, and I’ve been working toward it like a mad woman. 

But, I’m not there yet – and I feel like I should be.

Will I give up? Do I give up on these dreams that have been driving me for so long? 

Or, do I believe in my vision and in myself enough to keep going for as long as it takes.

As long as it takes, no matter what I think anyone might be saying about the crazy woman working toward the same ole dream with no results to see.

What is the dream you seek?

And, does it hurt not to have it yet? Does it break your heart too when you think it might not happen?

Then you aren’t alone – frustration with reaching goals is common.

So, let’s talk more about having positive goals in life and overcoming frustration so that we can reach them!

1st Tip for Positive Goals In Life: Just Get Started!

My first tip for positive goals in life is to just get started already.

And, the fact that you’ve dreamed of doing something and put one foot in front of the other, stumbling to begin toward it, says a lot! (Heck, even reading this blog post is a start.)

Many people won’t actually start doing anything toward what they’re dreaming of doing or having. 

Perhaps they can already predict the frustration with reaching goals that will come and want no part of it.

So, give yourself credit! 

You’ve begun – you’ve taken action. And, you’re a step ahead of the crowd.

Beginning something new is hard. It takes guts, because it’s scary to go out into the unknown not knowing if it’ll work. You might just fall flat on your butt in front of everybody.

So, if you’ve begun working toward what you dream of you can call yourself brave. 

And, if you haven’t yet begun then start now – take a step out. When you’ve reached the goal you’ll be glad you did!

The 2nd Tip I Used for How to Reach My Goals

I, too, wondered how to reach my goals.

And, the second thing that helped me with having and reaching positive goals in life was to not give up too soon.

Just realize that it’s going to take work and time and that struggles will come in an attempt to discourage you.

This will help you to get further than those people that’ll get halfway to their goals, and then quit.

Imagine that you have to swim out into a big body of water, and you want to get across. But, you don’t know how far you can swim or what’s in the water. 

Many will never even attempt it. And, some will get wet – getting into the water, getting a feel of the water, and then get out.

However, some will stay in and get halfway through the water. Yet, when they get to this point they’ll look around and analyze a little too much.

Feeling frustration, these people will decide it’s a little too hard and a little too risky. After all, they’ve put in so much work and time already – what will it look like if they put even more time and work and fail?

So they don’t even know if they’ll make it across, and this might be their last chance to turn back.

The end of their goal is too far ahead to see now, out of sight out of mind you could say, and they begin to forget why they began. So, they turn back having never reached the goal.

You see, many people will only make it half way toward their dreams that once burned like a fire inside them. They let frustration with reaching goals and impatience get the best of them. So, you have to keep the fire burning inside! 

Let’s look more at positive goals in life and reaching them.

3rd Tip for Positive Goals In Life: Don’t Go Off How You’re Feeling

My third tip for positive goals in life is to not go off how you’re feeling.

Almost all people will give up before reaching goals, based off how they’re feeling and what they can’t yet see. But, that doesn’t have to be you!

You ask why would they give up when they’re almost there – that’s crazy and doesn’t make sense. I know. I agree. 

But, we do it all the time – we can’t see the future so we don’t know how close we are.

If someone up in heaven were looking down, they might be cheering us on saying you’re almost there – don’t stop now! Think of the frustration, knowing someone is so close but doesn’t know it.

But, we often don’t know we’re almost there. We just know how we feel – how tired we are and how long we’ve been at it without a sign.

Sure, you might occasionally hear the stories of people saying they did everything right and quickly became a success. 

But, don’t you more often hear stories saying they tried for years before getting their big success? I bet sometimes they imagine where they’d be now if they’d given up at one of the millions of points where they began to doubt.

It’s like a long, long race that’s extremely exhausting. Imagine watching them run for so long side by side, with some running out of steam and finally dropping out.

So, when you begin to run out of steam tell yourself you have no idea how close you are. Also, tell yourself not to go by how you’re feeling on this particular day. 

If I went by how I was feeling still, I’d never get this blog post written! And, who knows – it could be a game changer, helping me and a whole lot of other women.

We just never know. So, we must keep striving toward what we believe in – toward what’s calling us to complete it. 

After all, that “striving toward something” is what makes us who we’ll become. So, we’ll be better for it.

Just don’t let frustration with reaching goals get the best of you – don’t be part of the statistic of how many give up. 

Conclusion: 3 Tips for Having Positive Goals In Life & Less Frustration

So, we’ve been talking about positive goals in life and tips I used for how to reach my goals, that’ll also help you. I hope this leaves you encouraged and ready to tackle those goals and reach your dreams.

Keep going until you’ve reached the goal, even if you need to twist and turn a little to make it work! This will make you great, more than you are now. So, push through the scary hard parts knowing that it’s just part of it.

Abundant Life & Balance

When you know what to expect, it isn’t quite as scary or unbearable. And, now you know they’ll be times when you’ll feel exhausted, questioning the point, and want to give up.

Now you know that feeling frustration with reaching goals is completely normal and that you aren’t alone. 

Doesn’t that feel a little better?

If that isn’t enough, go look up stories of some of the greatest people in history who pushed through despite how hard it was. Then, imagine where we’d be if they hadn’t.

Good luck! I know you can reach all your positive goals in life and be happy.

positive goals in life and how to reach my goals

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Thanks for reading. You’re truly appreciated!

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