This morning, I’m sitting here trying to find that feeling of peace within myself again. You know, for me it’s there way more often than not these days because I’ve worked on it. But, there are still times when it goes and I have to gently call it back to me.

So, I thought I’d talk about finding inner peace today. I know that so many of us are going through so much drama and struggles these days. And, even if we try to keep it away we hear about it all around us.

I think that right now we’re going through some changes in society and within ourselves as well. And, this can be hard! We’re adjusting to dealing with so much going on, and yet some of us just want peace and fulfillment from the inside.

If you’re like me, constantly working on yourself and finding out how to live your best life, you’re in the right place. I want to talk about these kinds of things, like finding peace within, because I truly feel we need to.

Why live lives that make us miserable if we don’t have to? Why not ask the right questions, the ones whose answers can actually make a difference in our lives.

Some people may think it’s silly to dwell on things like this. To that, I say it’s kind of silly not to. We only have so many years here in this lifetime to learn, grow, and enjoy it! So, why settle.

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If you’re looking for peace within

If you’re looking for more of a peaceful feeling in your life, then you definitely need to look within. Because, that’s where it’ll be found.

It won’t be found in the things you buy, in the way you decorate your house, or in that special person you find. At least not long term or completely.

Don’t get me wrong though. Having all the things and people around that you enjoy will definitely enhance your life, and you should always strive for what your heart desires. It’s just that there’s so much more!

You know how people describe going to heaven in a near death experience and that total feeling of peace that they get? Well, I have seen something similar in my life.

I’ve gone from a chaotic life where my inner emotions and thoughts often mimicked that chaos, to emotions and thoughts that allow me to have peace in my life – the kind of peace I used to admire certain people or families for embodying.

I learned that the way I think leads to the way I feel, which leads to the way I behave and the actions I take.

You know, I just got so stinking fed up finally with living a halfway kind of life that didn’t fulfill me that I said I’ll do whatever and work on whatever until I change my life. Because, I finally saw that I deserved a better life and that if others could have it I could too.

I wanted peace & happiness that lasted. What about you?

I wanted peace and happiness that lasted. You know, real peace within. What about you?

If you do too, work on yourself from the inside to notice and change your thoughts, choose your emotions/feelings, choose what to focus on, be more present and enjoy life, and really find what’s holding you back.

Sometimes there are old beliefs or things people used to say or do to us that stuck with us without us realizing it and now affect us in negative ways. I know that’s a mouthful.

What I mean is, if someone used to react to you as if you were stupid as a child you may subconsciously now feel that you aren’t smart or good enough to do or have more for yourself. And that’s not only unfair to yourself to think that way, it’s counterproductive. It won’t help you at all.

Maybe your buried things are a little different than this, but you get the idea. We naturally want to bury things in our minds that cause us hurt, but if we don’t face them and stand up to them they can hold us back.

And, only you can know if something does need to be dealt with. I do want to say that I’m not a doctor of any kind and I’m only speaking from experience. So don’t traumatize yourself! But if you listen to your heart or spirit, you’ll know when it’s asking for your attention.

The more we deal with things and work on ourselves the more peace we can find within, because there’s less chaos inside and there’s less to make us miserable. I feel that this is what happens in those peaceful near death experiences – all the baggage is gone!

All the things that don’t really matter are gone, and what remains is a strong feeling of love and peace.

Finding inner peace with the craziness around us

Of course this all sounds nice, but we’re still on this earth. And, we still have a lot of things and people around us affecting us.

I hate to say that though, because I feel like I just ruined a wonderful happy story! But, let’s be real. We will work on ourselves and still have people around us that don’t. We’ll search for peace while others seem to thrive on chaos.

So, what gives? What can we do?

I had been searching for answers to this and what I found is that while it’s not easy (especially at first), we can try to stay grounded and limit how much outside things affect us internally.

And, it’s not impossible. I used to be someone that if things fell apart around me, I fell apart. If the boyfriend broke up with me, I needed help. When things weren’t working out, I felt the chaos inside. And, that isn’t fun.

Now, I’m not saying I never get affected by things these days. I do. But, I recognize how I’m feeling and take control of what I can. It may take a little bit or you might get off course for a bit, but you can just steer yourself back in the right direction.

You can decide to waste less time and energy on things and people that you can’t control and choose inner peace and happiness instead! And, you can choose you. When you can, choose things and people that contribute to the peaceful, joyful life that you want.

I see a lot of people get really worked up about outside events going on that they have no control over. And while we will have opinions and are often affected by things, we can still choose the kind of life we want to live. At least internally.

Sometimes we need to do something, yes. But, sometimes the only choice is to react and that reaction might not be worth the peace you lose in the process.

This is what I’m working on! And, it’s a process.

Peace, just like happiness, is a choice we make and something we work toward or allow into our lives. We can block it with miserable thoughts or allow others to block it, or we can say no I choose peace and happiness instead – and let the rest go as often as possible.

So work on finding peace within, often. It isn’t always easy, but it’s well worth the effort!

Closing thoughts: Peace within – The peace is within you, not outside of you

I hope this post on finding peace within has been helpful! I truly believe it’s one of the most important things.

There are so many people miserable in their lives, and most of us spend at least some time that way. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. Life can be more peaceful, joyful, and fulfilling than most of us realize.

If you take the quiet time to really take a look at things, you’ll start to see that this is true! That’s what I did, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

No, it won’t always be perfect. Yes, there’ll be times when we feel down or irritated. But, the secret to finding inner peace is to not stay in that place and to realize that true peace and joy is an inside job. It comes from within you, not due to everything going on outside of you.

And, I’m wishing you many happy, peace filled days!

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