If you’re struggling or stressed as a mom, these three simple tips for overwhelmed moms will help. Feel better faster & enjoy motherhood!

I’m a mom myself, and I know how hard it can be at times. But, I want you to know that feeling overwhelmed as a parent is common and that there are simple things that can help. And we need some simple fixes, because we’re already busy as parents.

So, let these three things help you deal with overwhelm and stress as a mom and feel better fast!

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Tips for overwhelmed moms

It’s time to prioritize your well being, mama. So, let’s dive in together and talk about some things that can help you thrive amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

And by taking care of yourself, you’ll not only make yourself feel better but also create a harmonious and nurturing environment for your entire family. You deserve it, and both you and your family will benefit from it.

Now, let’s go over these three tips for overwhelmed moms so that you can feel better fast and just enjoy being a mom!

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#1 Handle one problem at a time

Sometimes as moms we can feel like we have a list that never ends, with mom tasks and other things to do. And, this can be very overwhelming!

All the life duties pile up, and we don’t even know where to start and get stressed. Plus, we’re only human and we get tired. But, one thing that helps me when I feel like this is to remind myself to handle one problem at a time.

I try to decide on the one thing that’s either most important to get done at the moment, the one thing that’ll make the biggest difference, or the thing that’ll make me feel better and like I’ve made the most progress.

Then, I’m more clear headed and can focus better and get something done. 

You just have to make the decision of where to start and focus on that one thing for the moment so that your mind isn’t so overwhelmed.

So when you’re feeling overwhelmed as a mom, take a breather for a minute (regrouping is well worth the time and you’ll get way more done because of that self care time). And then, decide to be mindful and focus only on this moment in time and maybe the next step for now.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s okay to take things one step at a time. -alb

Remind yourself that every problem has a solution, and you can handle it all. You’ve gotten this far, haven’t you?

#2 Have fun with family!

overwhelmed moms

Another thing I do when I start feeling overwhelmed and stressed as a mom is to remind myself to take a break and have fun!

I find that when I’m frustrated or feeling stressed and overwhelmed, things flow better and I can deal better after having stepped away from things for a bit.

Even when you’re frustrated with your kids, you may find that a break and some fun is all you need to get everything back on track. 

And, it makes sense. Get everyone more relaxed and happier, and then you’ll get better results!

So when you’re loaded with mom problems and can tell the overwhelmed mom version of you is coming back, see if you can make time for a little break or to have fun with family for a bit.

Having fun and breaks are so important for us all, even if we feel we’re too busy for it. And it’ll be well worth the time, so make time for it! 

I don’t know how many times I’ve thought I don’t have time to step away from it all and just have fun time as a family, but then I do and I come back more refreshed and getting even more done. And, everyone is happier!

Sometimes you just have to make the time or make the decision that maybe doesn’t feel best but that your heart knows is going to be most helpful.

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#3 Remember that it’s not about perfection

At one point I realized that I’ve always had this perfect ideal way that I thought things should go in my life. And, at times I concentrated so hard on getting things perfect that I wasn’t truly living and enjoying life.

Now I can see that this misses the point, because… 

When we look back on our lives we won’t be looking for perfection. We’ll be looking for genuine, authentic moments to cherish. -alb

I think we’ll want to remember the good times and time spent with loved ones, not just “perfect” times. And, this tells me that perfection isn’t what matters most.

So, don’t give yourself overwhelming stress because of a desire to get things perfect. Just think of what’s most important, and start there.

If it’s not perfect, so what. Your kids don’t want a perfect mom or an overworked and overwhelmed mother – they just want a happy mom! So, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take it easy.

Remembering that it’s not about perfection has definitely helped me ease the stress of motherhood and life, and I think it’ll help you too. 

And now, when I have a lot of mom problems that have me feeling stressed and overwhelmed I tell myself I don’t have to do things perfectly, I just have to get it done

(Go ahead and steal that line if you want to!)

Believe it or not, this takes a ton of stress off! You just need to get done what really matters for you and your family at the moment, and that’s all.

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Closing thoughts: 3 Simple things overwhelmed moms can do to feel better

I hope these three simple tips for overwhelmed moms have helped you!

Just remember that although overwhelm and stress can really affect us, we don’t have to let it take over. And, give yourself some credit! We moms have so much on our plates, but we still keep handling life, never actually giving up, and that counts.

So, here are some take-a-ways for stressed & overwhelmed moms:

  • Feeling overwhelmed as a mom is normal, so don’t be hard on yourself about it.
  • Take a breath, step back, and decide what’s most important at this moment.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day – take things one step at a time.
  • Every problem has a solution – sometimes we just need to look at things differently.
  • Take time for a break or to have fun with family when you’re feeling overwhelmed as a mom.
  • Don’t be too busy for fun – you’ll all be more relaxed and happier afterward!
  • Your kids don’t want an overworked and overwhelmed mother, so take it easy.
  • Perfection isn’t what matters most – ask yourself what really matters.
  • Remember to make good memories with your family despite stress.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for handling life as it comes & never giving up!

You don’t have to keep feeling overwhelmed all the time. Try some of these ideas, or find someone to talk to. (Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and that’s okay.)

There have been times when I was talking to someone and didn’t even realize I’d needed it but ended up expressing what I was going through and then felt much better.

So take care of yourself and do whatever you can to destress so that you can just enjoy being a mom and making memories!

Additional resources

Here are some more things that I think will help you!

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And finally if you’re a stressed or overwhelmed mom, know that there are online resources that can help – you don’t have to go through it alone.

In fact, Parents.com has a blog post with some specific online resources for struggling parents, so you might check it out.  They specify how these will help during a pandemic, but many of them can help at any time – like their resource for surviving single parenthood.

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