Get six New Year’s resolutions, or life resolutions, that’ll help you create better life balance all year long!

I was thinking about how I could inspire you as we begin this new year (or throughout the year), so I decided to share six New Year’s resolutions for creating better life balance. I’ll share six things that I’m going to focus on, and we’ll do this together!

Let’s get right into it.

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New Year’s resolutions for creating better life balance

This year I’m going to do my best to create better life balance or maintain a balanced lifestyle (and I invite you to also) by …

#1 Starting the day with a healthy mind

We all know that anything can happen throughout the day to set us back, so it’s important to start the day out ahead. And, we can do this by starting the day with a healthy mind.

We want calm, centered, focused minds. Ones that are at their best potential so that we can do our best and get the results that we’d like to see in our lives.

And, there are different ways to do this.

We can make a commitment to dedicate at least a little time each morning (and maybe other times in our days as well) to clear our minds and get centered and balanced. Perhaps we’ll meditate – I know I will. And, meditation doesn’t have to be a big, difficult thing.

It’s time to just close your eyes, relax, and breath. Time to just be with you, and your higher and inner guidance. Time to refresh and renew yourself. And, you deserve that!

Wipe away all the traffic in your mind, all the worries and chaotic thoughts, and just relax. Breathe deeply and slowly, and perhaps even ask yourself or your higher guidance a question – or visualize a little. Visualize what you want, as if you’re so happy that you already have it.

Things like this can make a bigger difference than you might even think! And, if you’re already doing these or similar things that help, please share in the comments below or on our women’s forum (link up top). What helps you might also help the rest of us.

#2 Rethinking habits & routines

On this New Year’s day (it’s the beginning of a new year as I write this) I’m thinking about re-evaluating my habits and routines. I want to make them better, to make them work best for me. And, I invite you to do the same!

Some things that we do each day will already be great – we’re used to them, they keep us on track, and they work good. But, there’s just about always room for improvement. So, we can take a quick look at what we could do in a better way.

Maybe there are new ways of doing things that would save us time each day (and these can add up over a month or a year). Perhaps we have a habit that’s holding us back, one that we just needed to take a good, honest look at.

The things that we do every day add up and make a difference over time, for better or worse. And so, one change that seems little might make a big difference in our lives.

Are we doing things that are good for us, making the best choices for ourselves each day? I don’t make it a big deal to make huge New Year’s resolutions that I think I probably won’t stick with. But, I do think (while it’s on our minds) that it’s a good chance for a check in and making improvements toward better life balance.

#3 Making self-care a top priority

I bet that even people who feel they’re too busy for self-care (and that’s probably most of us at certain points in our lives) can admit that if we took good care of ourselves regularly we’d be better off.

Of course we would! If you take good care of yourself, you feel better. And if you feel better, you have more energy to give to things in your life and to others. You’ll probably even feel more inspired, because you’ll be feeling more refreshed.

So, let’s decide that we deserve good self-care – that it’s good for us and that we’re going to make it a priority so that we can be at our best. Each day, let’s take a little time to do things that we know will make us feel better and make us feel more fulfilled.

Self-care is doing the normal self-care things for our bodies, but it’s also taking care of ourselves on the inside too. Are we taking good care of our bodies, minds, and inner spirits? Have we been doing things that light us up on the inside and bring us joy? This is important too.

So, let’s do all that we can to make sure that we’re taking good care of ourselves in every way that we can. After all, we are the ones (ourselves) that are best able to recognize what we need and to make sure we’re getting what we need.

#4 Showing self-love & encouragement

Getting love and encouragement from others is awesome, but it isn’t always available. Plus the best person for us to get this from is ourselves, because we need it more from ourselves than anyone (whether we realize it or not).

Now, I know that you’re tuff and don’t need constant encouragement to feel better or get things done. But, isn’t it nice? Doesn’t it make you feel better? Of course it does, so why not give it to yourself.

Plus providing your own self-love and encouragement is fail-proof, because you’ll always have the ability to be there for yourself (even if others can’t or won’t).

There are plenty of people out there in the world that will verbally knock you down and beat you up if you want someone to do that (which of course you don’t), if you allow it, or if they just feel like lashing out on you. But, here’s the thing. You don’t have to do it to yourself, and you do have the right to love, lift-up, and encourage yourself.

So, do it! Give yourself love, appreciation, and encouragement as often as you can or as often as you feel you need it. And, you’ll see a difference.

If before you first looked to how others were treating you or the love and encouragement they were or weren’t giving you to decide how you’d feel, you’ll see you rely on that less. Because, inside you’re complete and you know you’re enough and that you’re loved.

#5 Listing, doing, & saying “things that I love”

This year I say we seek out new inspiration, working on staying inspired, because it’s so important. And, staying positive is important too. So in order to stay positive and inspired, I suggest that we start embracing the things that we love.

Here’s why…

If we think of things we love rather than things we dislike, we’re focusing more on the positive. And, positivity can change a lot. It’s often how we view things that decides our attitude and actions, which affect our days and our futures.

If we say what we love we’re telling the Universe what we’d prefer to experience (and reminding ourselves as well), and so by putting our focus here it’s more likely that we’ll experience more of these things that we love and prefer.

Also, if we go as far as to make a list of the things that we love it can be very beneficial. This can inspire us and encourage ourselves to do more of what we love, which will lift our spirits. And, when our spirits are lifted we feel better and make different kinds of choices.

And, then we need to act on this list. We need to decide that we’re going to love ourselves enough to actually do more of what we love, of what our spirits crave. So, let’s do it!

#6 Holding an awareness of inner power

This is inner power and strength. Remembering who we are, where we come from, what we’re made of, and what we’re capable of. Reminding ourselves of the true power we hold within, naturally.

We are not victims of circumstance but are instead powerful creators with free will to think how we wish to and therefore to change more than we usually think we can. Our thoughts and feelings are powerful, so things like positive-thinking are important.

And, how we see ourselves is important. I love that saying (and I don’t know who it originally came from) of “if you think you can you can, if you think you can’t you can’t”. It says everything. There are so many things that wonderful people have accomplished over the years that never would’ve been done if they had thought they couldn’t do it.

We must believe in ourselves! We must constantly remind ourselves of our worth and abilities, as so much in life has taught us to doubt ourselves. Let me tell you that you were born worthy of love and having what your heart desires, and you don’t have to earn this.

We are all made up of the same stuff and come from the same place. Our creator loves us all equally, no matter what. And once we see this, we must embark on the journey of accepting and loving ourselves – accepting and believing in our worth and value.

And, sometimes this means allowing ourselves self-forgiveness and remembering that it’s all a part of our learning journey. So hold your head high (as I will) and remind yourself often of the inner power that you hold, of the light you hold within your divine spirit. And, let it shine!

Closing thoughts: 6 New Year’s resolutions for creating better life balance

I hope these six New Year’s resolutions for creating better life balance have been inspirational to you. Know that you have the ability to create any kind of life that you want for yourself, and then work towards making it happen!

One step at a time, one day at a time and sometimes one moment at a time, you can make improvements in your life that get you closer to living a more fulfilling, balanced life that you love. It’s never too late and things are never too far gone.

It’s all a learning experience, and we are growing and finding what makes us happy and what works best for ourselves. And, it’s okay however our journeys play out.

Enjoy this new year and every moment of it, as much as you can!

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