Hi there, today I’m giving you fifteen inspirational New Year’s resolution quotes. The “one” in fifteen standing for new beginnings, and the “five” in fifteen standing for change – positive change that we’re going to embrace!

Think of a new year as a fresh start, a chance for endless possibilities and opportunities to come to us. Choose to feel good about this year, and allow positive energy to fill your heart and sprinkle over your life.

Here are six New Year’s resolutions for better life balance (good for all year)!

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15 New Year’s resolution quotes (list of quotes for the year)

I hope these New Year’s resolution quotes inspire you on your journey towards a more fulfilling and purposeful year! They are a powerful way to focus on self-improvement, goals, life balance, and changing your life for the better overall.

I, personally, am going to use these as reminders throughout the year to continue working toward the kind of life I prefer to live. And, I encourage you to join me and do the same!

You might save this so that you can find it easily throughout the year. And, perhaps share it with a friend so you can support each other as you work on these things.

Here’s our list of quotes for the year!

1. “I’m going to embrace the beauty of simplicity. This year, I resolve to declutter my life, both physically and mentally, to create space for what truly matters.”

This first resolution for the new year is about simplifying and uncluttering our lives and our minds, whether through letting go of toxic emotions or literally letting go of things.

Have you ever cleaned up and decluttered a space and then felt a sense of relief, like it was so refreshing and you wish you’d done it earlier? Suddenly with less stuff around the space it feels freeing, like you can breathe easier (probably because it’s less stressful and more relaxing).

I have, and it’s a wonderful feeling. Very freeing. Sometimes we think we need a bunch of stuff (and even noise like from the t.v.) constantly surrounding us, but once we force ourselves to simplify things a bit it’s refreshing.

So, let’s try it! Let’s take the time this year to simplify things, in our physical and mental world, so that we have a clear mind, more positive energy surrounding us, and more time and energy for what’s most important to us.

2. “In this new year I’ll choose kindness as my guiding principle, knowing that small acts of kindness can create ripples of positivity that impact the world around us.”

There are plenty of mad, upset people in the world right now. And, perhaps they give legit reasons for feeling this way. But, it isn’t helping the planet or any of us. Love and positivity is what we need and is what will help lift up the planet.

So, let’s decide to be a positive contributor to the energy of the world that affects us all. None of us are perfect, but if we each try to choose kindness and love as often as possible it will ripple out to others around us and it WILL make a difference.

Those who say one person can’t make a difference in this big world are just wrong. If nothing else, it makes a difference within ourselves – and that matters.

3. “I resolve to prioritize self-care and nurture my mind, body, and soul. Taking care of myself allows me to be at my best for myself and others.”

It doesn’t help to run ourselves down for the sake of others or for something else. We may think so at times, but if we don’t refill our energy tank we wont have as much to give to others.

So, let’s take care of ourselves. When we feel ourselves beginning to run low on positive energy, let’s refill our own energy tanks. We need to nurture ourselves and realize that this is important, as it affects the different parts of our lives.

Nurture your mind, body, and soul (all parts of you), and show yourself love, forgiveness, and the right to feel joy regularly!

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4. “Gratitude changes everything. This year I’ll cultivate gratitude, knowing that it has the power to transform challenges and my life overall.”

If you do some research on gratitude, you can see the benefits and the power that it has. It’s amazing what a little gratitude can do, how it can transform a situation or how you currently feel!

So, this year let’s make an effort to feel grateful for something each day. No matter what’s going on, no matter how we feel, we can purposefully state (out loud, written, or in our minds) what we’re grateful for. We can work on maintaining a sense of gratitude, daily.

And then, watch our lives transform for the better as we focus on better things! Because, where your mind goes, the energy flows. Meaning, what you focus on determines where you’ll end up, what you attract, how you’ll feel, and how you’ll see things.

This is why I say gratitude changes everything.

Where your mind goes, the energy flows.

-Abundant Life & Balance

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5. “Growth occurs when we push beyond our perceived limitations. So, I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new experiences.”

The next of these New Year’s resolution quotes is about stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing new experiences and opportunities.

Change can be scary, because we don’t know what lies ahead, what’s going to happen. It can be the same with trying new things. Even if we really want change, it can bring anxiety and cause us to procrastinate on the changes.

I know, I’ve been there. And, you probably have at times too. But, it’s okay. We can push through those negative feelings and try, a little at a time, to embrace the change that must come if we want to evolve, create new experiences, and improve our lives.

If there’s something you want or a particular kind of life you want to create, go for it! We’ll embrace new things together this year.

6. “I’m letting true joy be my compass this year. I’m going to find moments of happiness in the simplest of things and let this higher vibration become my new normal state.”

Let’s rise to a higher vibration, a higher state of being. One where true joy resides!

We sometimes get used to feeling lower vibrational feelings, so that we don’t even notice that it isn’t our highest state. But, when we have that moment of feeling pure joy and pure peace inside we can recognize the difference.

And, who wouldn’t want to feel good? We can choose what we focus on. We’re not powerless to where we have to feel bad because of our environment or what’s going on. It might be difficult, but we can raise our feelings up, raise our vibration.

Seek things that bring you joy and peace this year!

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7. “In the journey towards my goals, I commit to perseverance. Challenges are stepping stones towards success, and I’ll keep moving forward in the face of them.”

It is true that challenges are stepping stones to success. All great people who did great things had to overcome challenges, too. We’re no different, they’re no different.

So, let’s do it! Let’s decide to persevere, to never give up; to keep going despite obstacles because obstacles will always be there (until we overcome them, and even then as we progress toward something else or something higher more obstacles will appear).

I think that this resolution for the new year is an important one, as it reminds us that our mindsets matter.

8. “This year, I’ll prioritize mental wellness. I will practice mindfulness, seek support or inspiration if needed, and prioritize my mental health and peace of mind.”

Sometimes stress and business can take a toll on us. So, we need to take care of our minds (as well as ourselves overall).

Practicing mindfulness (being present in the moment), breathing techniques, and meditation can be very helpful. And, I definitely recommend putting some of these things into practice. They’ve definitely helped me!

But if you won’t, at least try remembering to breathe (deeply, slowly) and to relax throughout the day. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re almost holding our breath in stressful times.

Also, seek inspiration. I do, often. It’s important to stay uplifted and inspired.

Learn how to feel balanced, calm, & at peace, despite life.

9. “I want to be a lifelong learner, seeking knowledge, growth, and wisdom in every experience. I choose to embrace learning on my self-improvement journey.”

The next of these New Year’s resolution quotes is great for self-growth and reminds us that learning is a life-long process. Even though we may finish schooling at a certain time, that isn’t the end of our growing.

Our Earth experience is all about this – about learning and growing. So, let’s embrace it this year and every year. Let’s seek ways to expand our knowledge, our compassion, and our wisdom, regularly.

10. “This year, I pledge to make eco-conscious choices when I can and take care of Mother Earth. Small actions collectively can make a big impact.”

Now, this New Year’s resolution quote doesn’t have to make you cringe and begin seeking reasons to procrastinate. It can be simple. Yes, it can include bigger things, whatever you want, whatever calls to you. But, it can also mean simply picking up your trash that falls on the ground outside.

Sometimes it surprises me to see the kinds of trash that people are leaving on the ground, as if it doesn’t matter. But, it does matter. Now we don’t have to be perfect, but shouldn’t we care if it affects others?

Let’s show that we appreciate and love our Earth, our environment, and all that was given to us. Let’s care. : )

11. “I commit to fostering strong connections and good moments with loved ones, as genuine relationships are part of a fulfilling life.”

Relationships matter. We need each other, or we enhance each other’s lives. Let’s show that we appreciate these.

Sometimes when we’re tired and busy it’s easy to forget or not take the time to show appreciation for others or spend a lot of quality time with them. But, it’s important for all involved.

We need community, and we thrive more with it. So, join me in taking time throughout this year to spend quality time with loved ones, have healthy relationships, and perhaps even invite in some new relationships that would be good for us!

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12. “I will remember that failures are opportunities to learn, grow, and adapt. Each stumble is just a stepping stone.”

This is one of my favorites of these New Year’s resolution quotes, as it’s a wise life lesson. It’s important to keep in mind that how we see things changes things. You want to change things for the better? Then, choose to view things in a better way.

Is it a devastating failure that you can’t come back from? Or, is it something that taught you a lesson or gave you a new way of doing things or seeing things?

Perhaps it was just one option you tried, and now it’s narrowed down and you’re supposed to keep trying different things. That’s how we all find solutions or the right things anyway, by process of elimination. We keep trying, keep searching, until the right thing, person, or answer is found.

13. “This year I aim to bring mindfulness into my days and routines, cherishing each moment and finding beauty in the present.”

There’s so much beauty in every day that we overlook, perhaps even special moments that we miss. So, this year I want to bring mindfulness into my days and routines.

I want to work on being mindful in the moment, truly being present more often, and appreciating the moment happening now and the beauty that surrounds it.

Join me! Begin to be present more often and to seek out what’s beautiful and wonderful right now.

14. “This year, I will get clear on what I want and work toward it. And, I’ll keep reminding myself that I deserve financial freedom and everything else that I want.”

If you don’t feel you’re deserving of it, you’ll let it slip right through your hands. Even if you really, really want it. You’ll likely sabotage yourself.

So admit to yourself what you really want, work on accepting your worthiness of it (you’re divine, inherent right to it – you don’t have to earn the right to it), and take action towards having it.

I’m going to be mindful of this throughout the year, and I invite you to join me (and perhaps even comment here or on the women’s forum, link is up top, with what’s working out for you)!

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15. “This year, I’ll consciously work on spreading positivity and being a source of encouragement to those around me. Small things can make a difference!”

If we’re mindful of it, we can make a difference in the world and in our immediate environment by being more positive than negative. If everyone tried this, imagine the difference we’d see!

Again, we aren’t perfect and it isn’t about being perfect. It’s just about uplifting the world a bit and uplifting ourselves and the people around us as much as we can, as often as we can. Because, life is better that way!

Let these New Year’s resolution quotes inspire and motivate you! And if you have any positive resolutions that are different from these, please share in the comments.

Closing thoughts: 15 Inspirational New Year’s resolution quotes (list of quotes)

May this new year be a canvas for you to paint a life that fills your heart with joy and fulfillment. As you set your resolutions, may they guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and enjoy the journey.

Let these inspirational quotes be a beacon of hope and motivation throughout the year, reminding you of the incredible strength and determination within you.

Don’t forget to save this list of quotes so you can find it for inspiration throughout the year. And, know that you can also turn these quotes into affirmations.

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I hope these New Year’s resolution quotes have been inspirational and that they prove to be helpful to you. Here’s to a year filled with growth, positivity, and endless possibilities. Happy New Year!

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