I was thinking about how many women and moms like myself suffer from lack of energy at times, so I decided to find natural solutions for women with low energy!

I chose naturally because I believe in natural solutions whenever possible.

I’m all for medicines if they’re really needed, but I believe there are often natural things we can do to get to the root of the problem.

In my search for this, I did find that there are many things that can cause low energy and there are many ways to get more energy naturally. Some common causes for lack of energy are things like diet, sleep patterns, and even lack of exercise. But, the good news is that it’s easy to experiment and see if changing any of these helps!

Changing what you eat, how much you sleep, and how much you’re moving your body (among other things) can do wonders for your energy level. And, if low energy is affecting your life it’s best to deal with it rather than just hope it’ll get better.

So, let’s look at these six natural tips for women that can help raise energy levels!

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Solutions for women & their energy: Watch the drinks

The first of these natural solutions for women who have low energy deals with noticing what you’re drinking.

I used to drink a ton of sweetened drinks, never thinking much about how it affected my energy level. Finally, I switched from sweetened black tea to home-made green tea with lemon juice and the difference in how I felt was amazing!

So first, make sure you’re drinking enough water and other fluids. Add lemon (very beneficial) and honey if you like them. You’ve heard it a thousand times or more, but it turns out that staying hydrated is very important for energy.

As I mentioned, green tea is a great choice too. It has anti-aging benefits and antioxidants to help fight the damage of cells in your body.

So, why not choose green tea over black tea as often as you can? You can make it at home with lemon or however you like (just don’t add sugar if it’s your go-to drink).

Choose smoothies & healthy foods & drinks for energy

While searching for remedies for low energy, I came across vegetable juicing! And this can be fun to do as a family at home, and children will love that each person can add what they like.

Fruit smoothies are great (my family & I love them), but why not add in some healthy vegetables, too – and the benefits of this are obvious.

However, chia seeds are something I hadn’t thought of and they’re great to add to your diet too.

Other things that’ll help your energy levels are reducing simple carbs & choosing nuts as a snack, sweet potatoes, oats, and other whole grains.

Continue to ask these kinds of questions and you’ll see a major change in how you feel soon!

So, ask yourself some good questions – like which of these healthy foods and drinks should I try adding into my weekly diet for more energy?

Boost your energy level with exercise

Another natural solution for women with low energy is exercise. I know, it makes no sense – you’re lacking energy to do anything and someone wants you to get up and exercise. But, I promise it helps!

Full disclosure – exercising is one of those things that I often think I don’t have time for or feel like doing. Yet once I get out there walking faster, getting my heart rate up, and breathing that fresh air in, I’m so glad I did it!

I’ve heard the key is to find something you enjoy doing that gets your heart rate up – then, you’re less likely to think of it as work.

But no matter what form of exercise you choose, know that with regular exercise you’ll find a boost in your energy level and in your over all health.

And, here’s the good news. In order to get the benefits of exercise, it doesn’t have to be extreme exercise. So, just have fun with it and enjoy it! Just get moving so that oxygen and nutrients can go to your body cells, helping your heart, lungs, and energy levels.

When you, like me, find yourself thinking that you don’t have time for this, ask yourself if you can afford not to make time knowing how much it’ll improve your life.

solutions for women

Also, if you’re exercising outside like with walking or running, you get the added benefits of the sun! This combination makes me feel awesome.

So, get moving and have fun!

Use sleep as a natural solution for low energy

Although most of us don’t think about this often, sleep and stress can greatly affect how we feel and specifically how much energy we have. So, I included getting the right amount of sleep as one of these natural solutions for low energy.

I’m sure you remember a time when you were tired after not getting enough sleep the night before – we all have those times for one reason or another.

In fact, moms and busy women often feel tired from stress, busy schedules, and lack of sleep – and with so much going on in our lives we can end up feeling run down and exhausted. But, luckily I’ve found a few things that can help!

There are a few things to keep in mind with sleep and stress when trying to have more energy. One is to try to go to bed and wake up at regular times each day and night. When I do this regularly, I feel so much better!

Keeping your wake and sleep cycle regular is important for your body and energy levels, so give it a try.

Raise energy levels by reducing stress

One way to raise energy levels is by reducing stress, but with the struggles of life I know this can be hard. So, here are some ideas…

You might try:

  • Taking a nap.
  • Not having caffeine after about mid-afternoon.
  • Dealing with whatever is stressing you.
  • Getting out in nature.
tips for low energy

Some people say that a quick nap really helps them get a burst of energy and feel ready to go (but actually I think this may depend on the individual).

So, just try it and see if a nap refreshes you!

As for caffeine, some say the effects of it can last many hours. So, if you stop drinking it earlier in the day it’ll help it not interfere with your sleep.

And as for stress, we all know how it can effect our lives negatively. But if we can recognize the cause and try to reduce it, then it’ll consume less of our energy.

Try to keep these things in mind when trying to raise your energy levels!

More solutions for women with low energy

Well, so far we’ve looked at several natural solutions for women with low energy. But, I’ve found a few more things that can also positively affect energy levels in women.

These include taking in vitamin B12, using peppermint essential oil, and shifting posture. Of course, checking for other medical causes if nothing natural works is important, too.

Also, I can never forget the great benefits that the natural sun has given me all on its own. There is definitely something therapeutic about nature itself!

I personally have tried and seen a difference with vitamin B12, with changing how I’m sitting, and with getting up occasionally.

Like Tony Robbins says, changing your posture and facial expressions can affect how you feel. It’s true, I’ve tried it! (He points out something like it’s hard to be depressed when you’re smiling.)

To me, this shows that we need to remember that sometimes our mind & body affect our energy in ways we wouldn’t normally think they would.

I’ve noticed that when I’m slouching at my desk a lot I not only feel more tired but get achy muscles. So, I’ve begun to keep in mind how my posture is, what muscles I’m straining, and how often I’m getting up and stretching.

I also used to put just a little peppermint oil in water in a pan on the stove on low heat in the winter time. And, I felt the aroma helped with things like my energy and alertness. (Of course that is just my experience, and I’m not a doctor.)

So, get busy having fun and trying things on your own. Find out what natural things work best for increasing your energy levels!

Closing thoughts: Solutions for women with low energy (6 All natural tips)

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post with solutions for women and their energy that are natural. Isn’t it wonderful when we can find natural things that help us feel better? I think so.

And, please check out my other blog posts for women (there’s a blog post button at the top of this page). They cover topics like self growth, spirituality, and general inspiration for women.

(We even have a forum button for women at the top of this page, so you can discuss these kinds of things with other women and feel supported.)

Feeling good is important, so don’t stop at increasing your energy levels. Do different kinds of things that keep you feeling balanced, uplifted, and positive.

That’s what this blog is about – helping you feel good and inspired in your life, overall!

So, keep growing and creating the life that you really want.

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I hope you’ve found this post with natural tips for increasing energy levels helpful.

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