Are you moving to a new place alone? If so, you’re in the right place. I’ve been there, and I have twelve helpful tips that can help you not only survive the move but enjoy it too!

I know that moving by yourself can be a little scary and lonely at times, so I really hope that sharing what has helped me makes it easier for you.

Now, let’s start looking at these twelve tips for moving alone to a new city!

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12 Tips for moving to a new place alone

These twelve tips include a little bit of everything, and that’s why they’re so helpful.

Let’s face it. There’s a lot to do when it comes to moving (even more if you’re moving to a new place alone), and it can be overwhelming. So let this list take some of the burden off, and save it. You won’t get everything done right away, and you may want to look at this list again later on.

And when things do seem overwhelming, try to remember that it gets better. You’ll be settled in and comfortable in your new city before you know it!

#1 Join groups after moving to a new place alone

When I first started thinking of moving to a new place alone, I thought of joining groups. I knew this would be the quickest and easiest way for me to meet people that I had something in common with. 

I actually purposely looked for a place with women’s groups and play groups so it would also give us something to do, regularly.

I knew that if I didn’t get busy meeting people and doing things I would probably start feeling lonely or down at some point. And, one thing I’ve learned is that it’s better to prevent than to fix.

So, I had to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone more than ever. If YOU do this too, I really think you’ll feel a lot better about your new environment!

moving to a new place alone

#2 Check out the library after moving alone to a new city

It’s easy to forget about the good old fashioned library, but these can actually be helpful. So, don’t leave your local library off your list of things to do when moving alone to a new city.

I found that mine had a regular storytime for toddlers, as well as toys and puzzles to play alongside other children. 

This can be so helpful when you have kids and don’t know anyone else with kids that they can play with. You’ll worry less about them knowing they get to socialize in some way with other children.

So, find out where your local library is located and what they have to offer! Even if you don’t have kids, they may have other programs available for you. 

I also learned about another neat place in town from someone at the library. So just stay open, ask about things, and listen!

#3 Find your new go-to places after you move

It can be pretty scary being in a new place at first, so quickly find your new go-to places. A place doesn’t feel much like home until you’ve done this. 

moving alone to a new city

This could mean finding your favorite grocery stores, Wal-Marts, or even parks for your kids to play. 

The park was probably most important for us. It even gave my child another way to play alongside other children, people in general, and their pets. 

If I were moving again, the first thing I’d do when searching for a home is find out how far away a good park is! It’s important if you have younger kids.

#4 Learn how to move by yourself & love the adventure

Now, let’s talk about how to move by yourself and love the adventure.

I know there’s a lot to do with a move, but try to enjoy the adventure and experience of moving as much as you can. 

moving to a new place alone

Did you know that two people can be going through the same process in life, yet they can have two very different stories about how it’s working for them?

Yes, different things happen to people and we have different situations. But, you can always change a lot if you change how you’re approaching things. As I said before, moving to a new place alone can be scary. But… 

If you think of all the ways it’s an adventure you might just have fun! 

Moving can also be stressful. Yet…

If you think of all the new experiences you’re getting to have, it can become a priceless journey that you’re lucky to have.

I didn’t always think so positively. For years I worried so much and over thought things a lot! I had to do a lot of work on myself, learning how to think differently, so that I could change my life. And, I promise you it was well worth it! 

So, you might need to change the way you look at this move or experience.

#5 Be willing to introduce yourself & talk after moving

Here’s a story for you. When we pulled up to our house in our new town for the first time, it was getting dark. 

After traveling all day with a toddler, you can guess that I was exhausted. I’d never seen this place before, and all I wanted to do was somehow get us unpacked enough to get us fed and comfortable. 

This man living across from us came up kind of close, asked if we needed anything, and invited us to come over and eat. With my cranky mind at that moment, I honestly found it weird and kindly turned down the offer. 

But, after that he introduced his wife who seemed nice, too. And, later on I found out that they truly are just that nice and are very helpful people. 

So, even though at first you’ll be busy and tired in your new place, try to be open minded and take time to get to know your neighbors. You never know how helpful they might end up being to you and your family.

Have you baked some extra cookies for your nice neighbors yet? That’s my next idea. : )

moving alone to a new city

#6 Make your new home feel cozy

I used to be funny about putting curtains up before anything else after moving to a new home. And, now I see that it was about making things cozy right away, and that’s what did it for me.

So, how can you make your new home feel cozy? 

For some people cozy is found through great smells, and for others it’s in the cozy throw blankets and pillows. 

Whatever it is for you remember that it’s important, even though you’ll have many other things to do when moving (especially at first).

If it makes you feel better and improves your quality of life, then it’s worth making time for.

#7 Consider getting a pet if you’re moving alone to a new city

One thing I’ve been thinking of that might make a difference in our new place is a pet! So, you might want to think about a pet, too.

This might not apply to everyone though. Maybe you already have one or can’t have one. It’s just an idea that I thought I’d share, especially for those of you moving alone to a new city. 

If you’re moving and don’t have any family, like kids or a spouse, then a pet might keep you company and add life to the house. 

And, a pet can be a playful addition to your family! It can even soften the blow of moving and lighten things up for you or the kids (my son will appreciate it).

Pets can also give you a good reason to go on walks or to dog parks where you might meet other people.

moving to a new place alone

There are all sorts of pets, even goldfish or betas that are easy to care for. 

There are also plants! A few plants can add life to your home, and (even though they aren’t people or animals) they’re alive and you get to take care of them. 

#8 Do things that keep your confidence & spirits up

Back home things were familiar, which made you feel safe. However, in a place where everything is new you might not feel as confident about everything. 

People can also be more likely to start feeling down when tired, and moving can definitely wear you out. So, do things that keep your confidence up after moving.

I can’t tell you what that is for you, but you know what makes you feel good about your life and yourself.

This is a time to take good care of yourself and to be kind to yourself.  So, think of some things that you can do for you!

#9 Find things to be grateful for

It’s easy to forget to think about what you’re grateful for when you’re tired or busy. So, take a bit of time to find things to be grateful for during and after your move. This will help you stay positive about things.

Whenever I look for things to be grateful for, I always feel better about my life. And, I really think this will help you during your move. So, give it a try!

moving alone to a new city

#10 Use Google Maps or a GPS after moving

You’ve probably already thought of this one, but just in case it slipped your mind I want to remind you to use google maps or a GPS during and after moving. 

The GPS I placed on my car windshield has been more helpful during and after my moves than probably anything else. A lot of people choose to just use the maps on their phones and say they work just fine for them. 

Still, you might prefer a GPS to leave in the car just in case you lose phone service or something. These aren’t always perfect either, but mine’s been more helpful than not and was well worth the price.

#11 Pay attention to tips from new neighbors & others

My next moving idea is about getting tips from people who have lived there a while.

I’ve received great tips from others after moving to a new place, so I’d definitely pay attention to tips from new neighbors and others in your new town. If they’ve lived there longer than you, they probably have some ideas that you can use! 

So, if you need ideas or need to find something, don’t forget to ask the locals. 

You don’t have to do everything on your own. : )

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#12 Look online for a city website with resources

The last of these tips for moving by yourself involves your online city website. 

After moving, make sure to get online, check it out, and see what activities and info they have listed for you.

I didn’t used to know that cities often have their own website and hadn’t even thought of it. But, the last two times I moved to a new city I found their site online with utility info, plus things like upcoming community events and farmer’s market schedules.

So definitely look online for info on your city, and you’ll probably run across your city’s website.

Closing thoughts: How to survive moving to a new place alone

I hope my ideas and moving experiences help you during your move.

Remember to try to enjoy the journey. Moving can be stressful and tiring, but memories are being made and it can also be an exciting new start.

And, for a refresher…

Use these 12 things to survive moving to a new place alone:

  • Get out of your comfort zone & join groups
  • Check out your local library’s activities & programs (especially for kids)
  • Find your new go-to places as soon as you can, so you feel more comfortable there
  • Try to have fun during this experience, too, to reduce the stress of it
  • Try to open up, introduce yourself, & talk to others
  • Even if you can’t do it all yet, do little things to make your home cozy & comfy for you now
  • Consider getting a new pet or plant to liven up the place
  • Do things that make you feel good about your life & yourself, to keep your spirits up
  • Find things to be grateful for (this always helps during trying times in life)
  • Use google maps or a GPS, or write down addresses to your favorite new places
  • Be open to tips from your new neighbors & others
  • Definitely check out your new city’s online website (should be easy to find online)

Good luck, and keep your spirits up. I hope you make a lot of great memories in your new city!

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