If you’re one of the many moms who have mom guilt for working, you’re in the right place. I know exactly how mom guilt feels, and I’m here to share tips that help!

It’s easy to start overthinking and feeling guilty as working moms, because we love our children and want the best for them. But, carrying guilt and other negative feelings around isn’t helpful. So, working moms who feel mom guilt should cut themselves some slack.

And, these five awesome tips will help you do just that. So, let’s take a look at them!

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5 Tips to help with mom guilt for working

These five tips are meant to help you with any mom guilt you might have, especially if it’s mom guilt for working. But we often have mom guilt for different reasons, so if these tips help you for other reasons that’s great too!

And, feel free to join in the women’s forum group where we’re able to support one another. The link’s at the top of this page!

#1 Avoid mom guilt by not comparing yourself

This first tip is to avoid mom guilt by not comparing yourself to others.

I add this one because I’ve noticed that sometimes before feeling mom guilt I was admiring other people’s lives. You know, those times when we think, “Ah, they must have such a good life.” Or, “Must be nice to have a husband to help out.” 

Well, I realized that comparing our lives to other people’s can be depressing. After all, when we look at what others have that we don’t have, we’re focusing on what’s lacking in our lives.

Instead, it helps to twist it around so that the focus is on what’s positive and on where our own lives are headed. 

So, don’t compare yourself or your family to others at all. Remember that every family is unique in it’s own way and that each family structure is different. Mostly, remember that this is okay.

Yes, there are moms that don’t work a lot. But, they may not have the same reasons to work that you have. Their goals may be different. And, things are not always as rosy as they seem behind closed doors. 

So keep your head up and keep working, not concerned about what anyone else is or isn’t doing, because it doesn’t matter.

#2 Turn a deaf ear to other’s thoughts

This next tip to help with mom guilt for working is to not listen to other people’s advice or opinions on how much you work. And, this is important!

Other people, even loved ones, can bring you down if you let them. I said if, because no one can make you feel something unless you allow it. 

working moms

They are different people than you, because we’re all unique with unique lives. And, if you think about it they probably do some things that you wouldn’t quite do that way. 

Also, anytime someone begins with “you should” or “you shouldn’t”, it’s a good time to turn a deaf ear to them. Do it quickly before they have you second guessing yourself and wasting your time over-thinking.

I only mean that it’s a waste of time if it’s an opinion that you never asked for and that you don’t share, though. Especially if it comes from someone who’s lives or values aren’t similar to yours anyway.

There’s a difference between positive, helpful, wanted advice and it’s negative opposite.

So, I say from experience, just be careful what words and people you let in. It’s your life.

#3 Remember, you’re doing what’s best for your family

This tip for moms who are feeling bad about working is to remember that you’re doing what’s best for your family, in the best way that you know how to.

Know that you’re doing what’s best for your family, and don’t apologize for it. Not even in your own head. That’s called mom guilt. And remember, guilt isn’t helpful.

What is helpful is when you decide to own the fact that you’re doing what you instinctively know is right for your family.

And, no one but you needs to understand your purpose or direction. Many people in history did things that others never understood until they’d completed it. And, these people never would have invented or done great things if they’d let themselves become full of doubt.

So, remember what your purpose is and decide that it’s worth it. No wavering, just confidence. 

You know what your plan is, and you wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t worth it. If it wasn’t best for your current situation, you as a mom would choose something else. 

Now, envision the wonderful results from your goals and keep pushing forward!

#4 Be proud that you’re doing your best & reward yourself

Like I said, I already know that a mom who works hard is doing her best for her family. So, be proud that you’re doing your best!

Also, celebrate the positives and make sure that you have times when you reward yourself for your hard work. It can be at the end of the week when you take a day off and watch a movie, or anything that encourages you. 

mom guilt for working

This basically gives you a pat on the back and gives your mind a reason to keep pushing through so you don’t burn out. And, if you get burnt out and run down, you’re more likely to have negative thoughts and doubt. 

So take care of yourself, be proud of yourself, and celebrate or reward your hard work.

#5 Encourage yourself & reach out for support if needed

This last tip to help with mom guilt for working is to encourage yourself often and reach out for support if needed.

You’re still moving forward and working hard. Like I said before, that’s something to pat yourself on the back for. And…

Sometimes you need to not wait for someone else’s encouragement. Encourage yourself and keep going. 

working moms

And, we could all use a little support at times. So, find a forum for women or someone that you can talk to. It helps if we stay connected so that we feel we have some sort of support system and aren’t all alone in this.

(And remember that you’ll find the link to our forum for women at the top of this page, if you’re interested in joining in.)

You got this, mom! Isn’t that what you really needed to hear? I know I’d love to hear that from someone.

Closing thoughts: 5 Helpful tips for dealing with mom guilt for working

Well we’ve covered the five tips, and I hope you now have less mom guilt for working!

To recap, remember that it’s all about you and your family. There are many ways to do things and many different types of families. And, what matters is your plan for yours. So, regain your confidence in you and in your plan.

And, remember to keep your eye on the goal and don’t get distracted by negative people or feelings.

Stay focused and steer away from feelings of guilt. Keep your eye on the future, how you want it to be, and how you’re getting there. And, know that what you’re doing is for the greater good and that it will be worth it. 

Also don’t forget to enjoy every moment along the way, even the little ones, with your loved ones! This makes everything better.

And, be proud of yourself. It’s not easy being a mom and balancing it all, but you’re doing it! This is what’s most important. And this is what will benefit your children most, as they’ll see a mom who never gave up on herself and who pushed through it all. 

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