Learn to start accepting abundance as your divine right, so you can start living the abundant life that you’re meant to have!

Many of us struggle at times with this, wondering why we feel blocked from abundance or if perhaps we just aren’t meant to have it. But, the inspirational words written below show that we are meant to have it and that in fact our Creator wishes this for us.

Now, you can call your creator God, the Universe, or something else entirely. It truly doesn’t matter what we call this force. It’s more important that we acknowledge It and let It guide us. And, that’s what this blog post is for.

So, let’s get right into it!

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Living the abundant life that you’re meant to have

I hope these words that follow give you the inspiration and confidence that you need to start living the abundant life that you’re truly meant to have and enjoy.

I feel that we all have a divine inherent right to this, but that sometimes we’ve forgotten it. So, let these words remind you of this truth!

Here are the words that I was led to write on this…

I want to remind you of your worth, of your inherent right to abundance. Many times in life we forget this, allowing other things outside of us to cloud our perception. And, it isn’t until someone brings it to our attention that we go, “Ah, you know, that’s true.”

Every day when you wake up I want you to say, “I am worthy, I am enough, I am abundant,” for you surely are.

Look at where you come from. Are you not worthy? Are you not enough? As God took all that He needed to make you and formed you, was it not enough? No, this is not the case. You were made perfectly, in just the right way.

You were made beautifully, so let me say that if you feel less than or not enough it is not so. It is not due to your make up, the way you were formed. It is your environment and those around you, your circumstances, that leave you feeling so.

So, what I want you to do is try and release this. Release it all – all the baggage that holds you back and keeps you from loving, accepting, and believing in yourself. That that keeps you from believing in your inherent worth and abundance.

Every single person on this Earth has the same right to an abundant life that fulfills them. There isn’t anything you could do that would make you not deserve this or not be worthy of it.

This is hard to understand at times, because you’ve been taught that you need to be perfect or earn things, or even that you need to be punished at times. But, when it comes to your abundance, your good quality of life, make no mistake, you were born worthy of it.

So, open up your mind and try to imagine a God, a maker, who loves you unconditionally and who wants the very best for you. This God and all it’s helpers look out for your best interest, bringing you messages like this to uplift you and remind you that you are not alone, that you are so loved, and that you are worthy of all that your heart desires.

Look up at the stars and see the vast opportunities, the complex interweaving of things. See how everything works together and just flows. Know that you, like everything in this Universe that was created are beautiful and have a place in it. Know that God, your maker, would not give less to you, saying you must suffer, you must have less. No, it is not so. You are loved, you are needed, you are accepted as you are. And, when you ask for forgiveness you are already forgiven.

All this to show you that only good things are wished for you. So, open your heart to new possibilities and new abundance. Have hope, have faith, have inspiration. You are loved, you are loved, you are loved.

Closing thoughts: Accepting & living the abundant life you’re meant to have

I hope these positive words about accepting and living the abundant life you’re meant for were uplifting. They were even inspirational to me, and I’m so grateful to be able to share this with you.

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Keep believing, and reminding yourself if necessary, that you have an inherent divine right to abundance and a life that you love. And, start looking forward to living the abundant life that you’re meant to have, as if it’s already yours!

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