Today I’m talking about creating a balanced family life that you can enjoy, and I’m giving you six specific tips that’ll help with this.

Does it ever seem like life with family, and all that it involves, feels unbalanced? Well, I know the struggle and that’s why I’m sharing these tips for a balanced family – so you don’t have to struggle so much.

Family life is often not as perfect and serene as on some YouTube videos. Don’t get me wrong – I love watching those calming, perfect videos of other people’s lives. But, your family life doesn’t have to look like that. The idea is just to keep a balanced family.

So, here are six tips to help you create balance for your family so that life is more enjoyable for you all!

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A balanced family life includes belonging & unitedness

This first tip for a balanced family life involves including a feeling of belonging & unitedness within the family.

A balanced family is important, because you want to make the most of the time you and your family have together – and you want to make that time enjoyable.

And, there are many ways you can do this – I’m always trying to learn and think of different things I need to be doing or different ways to do things at home.

The time we spend at home with our families in our own little space in the world is possibly the most important space that we spend time in. 

So, I can understand why so many people (like myself) are concerned with creating a balanced home life with family!

And, this is why my first tip for a balanced family is about creating a sense of belonging and unitedness.

This one thing can make a difference for your family! And, if you’ve ever felt left out or like you didn’t belong or weren’t accepted as a child then you’ll get this.

And, one way that we can create that sense of belonging and unitedness within our families is to encourage everyone to pitch in.

It’s every family member’s environment, so everyone needs to feel like they’re a part of it and responsible for it. (This will help them when they’re grown, too!)

Have a special place that belongs to each member & a place for their things

Another thing that’ll help is having a special place that belongs to each member & a place for their things.

It sounds simple, but as a family grows this can sometimes get overlooked.

And, a child might feel like they belong and are respected when you go out of your way to find places that are just theirs – we’re a group as a family but we also want to be seen as individuals.

Also think of family meals together as times to encourage the sharing of each other’s stories and feelings. It’s easy to get busy and even think your older kids don’t want this, but deep down we all need connection and to know that we’re important.

The last tip I have for a good balance at home with your family is to try and use less judgement and more unconditional love in your home, and to expect this. And, who doesn’t want more of that?

A balanced family life includes encouraging kind interactions

Life with family can get busy and chaotic at times, but it’s important to create an environment that encourages kind interactions between each other.

And, this should be a priority to you and your family, because it’ll set the tone!

This one simple rule could change your whole family dynamic, with everyone eventually catching themselves when beginning to be rude because “kindness is a house rule“.

I have to be honest and say this is something I’ve just recently been thinking a lot about. But, it’s important because it can make or break a marriage or family relationships.

And while creating a “kind” environment or rule can involve making house rules that don’t allow family members to be cruel to each other with words or in other ways, it can mean other things too. 

It can mean modeling kind interactions for the children, going out of your way to find something kind to say once in a while to each family member, and building a value that kindness matters and makes a difference.

So, what are some other things that are important to you and your family that could become a house rule?

Encourage playfulness & exploration

My next tip for a balanced family life is to encourage playfulness and exploration!

And, encouraging playfulness and exploration includes catching yourself when you’re tired, busy, or feeling like a stressed out woman and have the reaction to get onto your kids easily. (Trust me, I’ve had to work on this too!) 

Sometimes we need to be reminded to lighten up a little bit & play around a little more!

Another part of this is making or scheduling time to actually play with your kids or have game nights with your spouse. This includes fun family outings to explore, to laugh, and to really enjoy life with no time limit or thing to get back to (at least no work soon to cut it off if possible or not speaking of what you have to get done during this time). 

Making time to take those fun unexpected pictures that make your child or loved one feel special can also be important (plus you’re saving memories!) – making them feel like you’re paying attention even though you don’t have to and like you want to save & remember that moment.

It’s important for you and your family to have good times together!

Develop dependable routines for your family

This tip for a balanced family life is about having routines for your family.

Because, sometimes we feel like we have no balance at home when all we’re really craving without knowing it is a little routine that we count on each day. Does that make sense? 

Our kids, and even us grown ups at times, need routine and structure even if we don’t know it or know what to call it.

To me, it’s like knowing that in a crazy busy world that’s unpredictable, I can still expect that each day there are a couple things that are going to happen.

Imagine the stability this can give to a child, too, and how it might help them!

So when it feels life isn’t feeling right and you need more balance, try thinking of simple routines that you could add in that might help everyone at home – like a specific time that you do something each day!

Create a home environment that feels good

The next tip is about creating a home environment that feels comfortable and good to everyone.

Like I said before, I don’t believe that life with family has to be perfect. But, if you’ve ever gotten upset about the things you couldn’t find due to a messy space then you know that too much chaos isn’t helpful.

So, what will make your family feel good at home? Ask yourself what things make your family members feel comfortable at home.

We spend enough of our lifetimes in our homes, so it’s worth taking the time to create a home environment that’s enjoyable to spend time in!

Abundant Life & Balance

And, sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. Sometimes it’s making sure that you have cozy smells in your home, or it might be something more important to you.

It’s your home, shared with the people you love, so make it what you really want – to the best of your ability.

Life can get so busy that it’s easy to lose track of this or to not think of or make time for it. 

You know, it could even be one day a week where you fix up, clean, and organize your home as a family!

Make it routine to spend time together, bond, & make memories

The weeks and years can pass quicker than we realize, especially if we’re really busy. So, let’s not forget the most important thing which is to spend time together with loved ones!

I say it’s important because when you and your family look back on this time, you’ll all be searching your mind for memories. And, wouldn’t it be nice to have plenty of good ones to remember?

This is something that I’ve been having to remind myself of – I don’t want to be so busy that I don’t make time to make memories and to laugh with my loved ones.

I want good memories of quality time as a family to outweigh the busy or stressful times.

So with that said, how can you create a routine for you and your family to spend time together more often?

Closing thoughts: Creating a balanced family life that you can enjoy (6 tips)

Well, we talked about six tips to help you create a balanced family life that you can enjoy more. And, I hope they were helpful and got you inspired!

And, for a refresher…

6 Key tips for a balanced family are:

  • Create belonging & unitedness, like you would with a team
  • Encourage playfulness & exploration, even if you’re tired
  • Make kindness a family rule
  • Have some routines & stability that can be counted on
  • Create a home environment that the family can enjoy & feel good in
  • Be sure to include quality time & making memories

I hope these six tips help to improve your family life. And, more than anything else, always remember what’s most important!

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