Find out how knowing your worth as a woman will free you, and get 21 inspiring self worth affirmations for women!

Today I’d like to talk about knowing your worth as a woman.

You see, if there’s one important thing I’ve learned on my self growth journey it’s this…

No one can make us feel less than if we don’t let them, and we have more inner power than we realize. There are many people out there that for different reasons would love to feel above you or for you to doubt yourself, but don’t. They may even mistake your kindness for weakness, but it’s not. So, raise your head and know your worth.

Of course, this advice can help anyone. But, I have a particular calling to help women who for whatever reason have doubted themselves, settled for less, let others or life rob them of their confidence, been abused in some way, or just aren’t seeing their true worth.

And let me tell you, you ARE worthy! You are worthy of the best, just because of who you are. And, let me tell you who you are. You are one who is connected to the most high of sources, the most high God, the most high Source. And, you are loved.

So no matter what comes against you or what causes you to doubt your worthiness, please remember this. We women who have been through a lot in life, who have struggled and lifted ourselves back up, can together lift up the spirit of women on this earth – and it begins with lifting ourselves up.

Now let’s talk some more about knowing your worth as a woman, how to do it, and how it can help you!

Get help with improving self worth & feeling deserving to change your life!

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A sense of self worth & inner power will free you

When we begin to feel a sense of self worth and inner power, it can be freeing!

As we lift ourselves up, as we take our own power back, as we begin to KNOW our own inner power and strength, we are a great example to other women and are then able to help and inspire them. (And, to help ourselves.)

You might have never thought of yourself as so valuable to be able to have a great impact on the world and on others, but I am here to tell you that you can and that you ARE very valuable. We all are.

It doesn’t matter where we come from, what we know, what kind of life we have or have had, what we have, or who we know. We are all valuable and have something to bring to the earth table, and that is our selves – our true authentic selves with the inherent gifts we naturally have.

We don’t need to be somebody else for somebody else. And, if someone wants that they aren’t for us. Because, those that are for us will love us. And, those that love us will accept us.

I spent too many years looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places – searching for it when all the while it was right under my nose. RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE. That true love and acceptance that I craved, that I felt I hadn’t had and wanted, was already mine. My God, my divine guidance, was always there for me and always loved and accepted me.

I just had to accept myself.

When we accept ourselves, we no longer accept less than we deserve. And by this I mean we no longer allow others to give us things that aren’t ours – words that don’t make us feel good, feelings of unworthiness, treatment that isn’t fit for the child of the most High.

Some will still offer it, but we send it back – lovingly knowing that it doesn’t belong to us or in our energy. 

Knowing your worth as a woman will change your life

Once we realize who we truly are and stop accepting what isn’t for us, we change our lives for good. It might not seem drastically changed at first, but make no mistake it is changed. Every decision we make now is for our good, rather than decisions that will hold us back. Every person and thing we let into our lives is now FOR US, not against us. And, there is nothing wrong with this – it shows self love.

We can love others, but we must also love ourselves. And, we need to love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves and do what’s best for us.

If you’re like I’ve been my whole life, you have a big heart. You’re accepting and you care. You may even feel other people’s pain and energy like I do. But, I would say make sure you’re listening to your own heart and soul as well. Make sure you’re accepting of yourself and taking care of yourself, too – and that you’re looking out for your best interests as well.

After all, this is YOUR life. Everyone lives their own, and what a shame it would be to look back after our time on Earth is over and think that we didn’t live our own true, authentic life – and realize that that was the purpose, or part of it.

You know, some people explain it as you being the star in your own movie. So, what I mean is try to remember that you ARE the main character in your own life. What do you really want? What kind of life really suits you & who are you, really? If you could make up and design any kind of life you wanted, and be any kind of person you want to be, what would that look like?

My purpose for asking these questions is to help you go through a process like I’ve gone through, where you learn so much about yourself and what you want that you stop trying to please others more than yourself and you stop trying to be what others want you to be. Instead, you embrace the specialness of YOU.

And this is so important, and so freeing! 

Love and accept yourself. Get to know the real you, and allow yourself the luxury of thinking about what you really want. And, this will show that you’re knowing your worth as a woman.

You don’t have to think or act like anyone else, unless you want to. You don’t have to accept any beliefs or ways of being. You can decide for yourself what is true and real for you.

You can just be YOU. And, this is okay – in fact it’s good. Just be you, and you will find that it is so freeing and empowering!

21 Inspiring self worth affirmations for women

Here are 21 inspiring self worth affirmations for women! Say them out loud or in your head while you’re working on building yourself up or whenever you need to be lifted up.

  • I know my own worth, & I value it
  • I respect myself, & those that I allow close respect me as well
  • I love myself, & I surround myself with things I love & people who love me
  • I am a child of the most high Source, & I am loved
  • I love & accept myself for who I truly am
  • I allow myself to be ME – the me I want to be
  • I am deserving of all good things, & I allow the Universe/God to bring them to me
  • I look out for my highest good
  • I am worthy, I am good, I am loveable
  • I am more than enough
  • I am confident in who I am
  • I protect myself & only allow what & who is good for me close to me
  • I have the power to choose & hold empowering thoughts
  • I forgive myself & allow myself love & things that bring me joy
  • I am worthy of the best
  • I take good care of myself by lifting myself up whenever I need it
  • I allow myself to be & feel free
  • I proudly shine my light & allow myself to be my true authentic self
  • I am well aware of my own inner power & strength
  • I say kind things to myself & treat myself well
  • I value & care for my personal energy, & I value & look out for my own needs

I sincerely hope these self worth affirmations help you, and I pray that whoever reads them and needs lifting up receives it. I send you unconditional love and feelings of peace, safety, and warmth.

Whenever you’re feeling low or down on yourself and life and don’t know what to do, read or repeat these affirmations until you feel better. Sometimes we think that nothing could help or make us feel better, that nothing can change things, but if we surround ourselves with more positivity and higher vibrational thoughts we can begin to see a miraculous change.

So, always seek to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible – whether it’s through affirmations, relaxing sounds, empowering audios and articles, or anything at all that makes you feel good and lifts you up. 

The secret is feeling good, so find out what makes you feel good and do or bring in more of it!

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knowing your worth as a woman

Closing thoughts: Knowing your worth as a woman will free you (see how)

I hope this self growth post on knowing your worth as a woman changes your life for the better. You might want to bookmark it or write the link down somewhere so that when you’re doubting yourself you can read it again!

Anytime that I have self-doubt start creeping in or negative thoughts or people getting to me, I reach for what lifts me up and inspires me. That’s my way of taking care of me. And, I do a much better job at that than I used to!

I find it important to take care of me – it makes me better able to be there for myself and others, and it makes me feel better (which is very important). 

When we feel good, we do better in every way.

My final words for this post are…


And, perhaps share this post with someone who could use it right now. Let’s continue lifting ourselves and others up.

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May all the information you’ve found here today help you with your self growth journey!

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