Get five helpful tips for your journey to happiness, and find happiness in life like never before!

Have you ever wondered how to become happy – maybe even been jealous of those constantly happy people? Well, today I want to tell you about my own journey to happiness and how you can be happy, too.

My path to happiness is the most helpful thing that I can share with you. I say this because it changed my life so much and because the ability to be happy and feel good is priceless.

So if you’re like I was and aren’t truly happy and enjoying life, let me share what I’ve learned that’ll help.

Five tips for happiness (that’ll help you on your journey to happiness) are:

  • Be aware of your thoughts
  • Practice gratefulness
  • Get in nature & get sun
  • Meditate & visualize daily
  • Be present & appreciate things

Now let’s look more at these tips for your path to happiness, because if you want to be happier you’ll need to change some things.

You know what they say – you can’t keep doing the same things expecting different results. And most importantly, you can’t keep thinking the same and expect to feel better.

So, let’s get started!

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tips for happiness

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My journey to happiness (how I became one of the happy people)

True happiness is joy that is carried from day to day and lasts because of your appreciation for life and the work you do on yourself. -alb

Before we get into the five tips for happiness, let me explain a little about my journey to happiness as this is proof that these tips work (because they worked for me).

For years I wanted to be able to say I’m happy and truly mean it. But, I suffered from depression symptoms and sometimes didn’t even know that I wasn’t fully living life or enjoying it.

I was chasing that happiness dream – you know the one where you think when I get such and such I’ll finally be happy. But, I had no idea what happiness really was.

Finally, I got so sick of being me. So sick of always feeling like a failure, like not enough, and unhappy in the end.

Then, I got determined – determined to make me better and to make a better life. I knew deep down that if things were going to change for me, I had to change a lot. So, I began the true work on me.

I’d always read and was interested in things like self-improvement. But when it all finally came together for me, it was primarily because I realized the impact that my thoughts were having on me.

And then, I was off on my journey to becoming one of the happy people!

journey to happiness

5 Tips for happiness

These five tips for happiness are ones that have worked for me, and I believe they’ll help you, too.

Enjoy trying the different tips here, and notice how you feel. Does your mood feel lighter? Are you handling things better? Are you gaining a more positive outlook?

And then, share the link to this post with anyone you feel could use it. We all want to be happy and feel good! You can also save an image from this page to Pinterest, so that you can easily find it for inspiration later.

#1 Be aware of your thoughts

My first tip for your journey to happiness is to be aware of your thoughts. And, realize that everyone has a million thoughts running through their minds daily but that they don’t have to control us.

Having all these thoughts is normal, but we can become more aware of our thoughts and direct them to a better, more helpful place. And, this will help us to feel better and be happier!

So first just notice your thoughts and decide if they’re beneficial, and once you’re aware of this you can replace the unhelpful ones.

Stop giving energy to the negative, harmful thoughts. Redirect. Notice the thoughts that could be making you not feel good, then gently release and replace them. Remember – notice, release, replace.

With practice, you’ll be so proud of yourself and of how you’re changing. And, you’ll love how much better you feel!

Remember that nothing can make you feel unhappy and that happiness is your choice to make, daily.

And, enjoy the peaceful feeling and calmer mind that being more aware brings.

One more thing. It’s also good to be aware of the things and people that you’re allowing into your space (including t.v. programs) and how they make you feel.

If you’re constantly around someone that makes you feel bad about yourself, this is giving you thoughts that aren’t good for you. You want to build yourself up and be around people that build you up, as much as possible. This also goes for what you watch or listen to. Is it helpful? How does it leave you feeling?

Trust me, it makes a difference.

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#2 Practice gratefulness

If you’re feeling grateful for the things, people, and experiences in your life, it’ll be difficult to be unhappy for long. -alb

My second tip is to begin practicing gratefulness often, and I find that this makes a big impact.

When I started listing things I’m grateful for while stretching in the mornings, I noticed a change in my life. And now when I find myself beginning to think unhelpful or unhappy thoughts, I often stop and instead think of things I’m grateful for.

I’m very aware of how gratitude changes things, including my perspective. And, how you see things changes everything.

Gratitude can stop negativity in it’s tracks. It can stop and replace the lower vibrational thoughts. And, it can greatly improve your life (including attracting more positive things to you, as you get more of what you think about).

So, practice gratefulness as often as you can. I often like to think of something I’m grateful for when I find myself starting to get annoyed by something. You can try this and it’ll help you switch things around and look at things differently, finding something good and putting your focus there instead.

Make gratitude a habit.

It may be hard at first, but just try it a little everyday and you’ll see positive results!

Here’s some information on practicing gratitude and positivity!

#3 Get in nature & get sun everyday

My third tip for you is to get out in nature and get sun everyday, or as often as possible.

During my transformation I happened to have moved to a much prettier environment. And, this surely inspired me to get outside more, exploring and walking.

Looking back now, I realize that nature, the sun, and getting out and moving my body helped me tremendously. So did the quiet reflective time that I hadn’t realize I needed so badly. And now, I’m so grateful for that healing time.

Nature is therapeutic, as you watch the birds and feel fresh air. You get a different environment for a bit, possibly even a different perspective, and your mood can greatly improve. So, don’t underestimate the power of nature and how it can affect you.

The sun has benefits that we need, and studies support this. It can even lift your mood. But, I wasn’t always aware of this.

In the past I might’ve thought of the sun as a positive thing but not as actually providing what my body needs. However, I felt the healing affect of getting regular sun – and I highly recommend it!

I do believe that the combination of changing my thoughts and getting sun and outdoor walks kind of rewired me for happiness. With that, reflection time, & my deepening connection to a higher power, I became like a new person in many ways. And, this is what I want for you!

So make some time to get out in nature, get some sun, and get happier. And, it might be helpful to plan ahead. Think of ways that you can regularly include this as part of each day.

It can be difficult to create a new habit, but by having a plan you can set yourself up for success.

journey to happiness

#4 Visualize & meditate daily

My fourth tip for your journey to happiness includes meditating and visualizing.

Negative thoughts can often flood the mind, perhaps to prepare us or to make us evaluate things. They can even cause anxiety and fear in us. We may even rehearse or repeat negative situations in our minds – things that happened already or that could happen.

And, you can probably tell from looking at the results that these things aren’t helpful. So, what can you do instead? How do you stop what seems to be an out of control mind?

Well, this is where the meditating and visualizing come in. They’re both very calming practices that can center you, make you feel better, and focus your mind.

When you’re mind seems out of control and focused on negative things (or if you’re anxious), take some quiet time to just focus on your breath. I find this very helpful and relaxing, and I feel more connected to my true authentic self afterward.

You can also switch the channel on your mind by instead meditating on the future that you’d like to create. One that would bring you joy. Imagine you’re there, and feel what it feels like to be there.

In this way, you’re focusing on something positive that you actually want to happen rather than something that you don’t like and don’t want.

I can tell you from experience that this can change your life. I used to dwell so much on what had gone wrong or could go wrong. But, now I rarely do. If it starts, I catch myself. I realize that it’s pointless and won’t make me feel good, and I know that being in a state where I feel good is important and affects a lot of my life.

I even believe that what I focus on and how I feel, which are related, affect what I attract and create within my life.

So, meditate, visualize, and work toward your goals, dreams, and desires. It can all go hand in hand, and it’ll all make you feel better. And if you feel better, you can create better and enjoy life more!

tips for happiness

#5 Be present & appreciate the little things

Be present and appreciate the little things. It’ll have a big impact on your life. -alb

The fifth and last tip for your journey to happiness is about finding happiness by being present in the moment and appreciating the little things in life.

And, this is one thing I did when learning how to be happy. I’d practice being present in the moment and appreciating the little things.

On my walks I looked at trees and their beauty, listened for spiritual guidance, breathed deeply, and noticed things I wouldn’t normally notice. I began to appreciate all the things I was normally too busy or too overwhelmed to notice.

Try this as often as possible, and the more you do it the better you’ll feel!

I can’t stress enough how helpful this is, nor can I give you the feeling that it gives. You have to do it and feel the reward for yourself. But, I can tell you that it’ll have a big impact on your life – from feeling less stressed and enjoying life more to being in the right state of mind to manifest what you want.

So, practice looking around and finding things that you appreciate in the moment. I did this earlier. I thought, what a beautiful day it is today. I love the weather, I love the breeze, I love the way the trees are swaying. And, I began to relax and just breathe and enjoy the moment. I was present.

It may sound silly, but being more present is one of the best things you could learn to do.

We live in a world that is now filled with distractions, and so we must purposefully make time to slow down and enjoy life (in the moment). And, the result is big. Feeling closer to your own spirit, knowing yourself better and sensing what you need, feeling more revived and connected, feeling more peaceful, and feeling more happy and joyful overall.

Take a moment to be present and appreciative now. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it for long, just take 60 seconds.

path to happiness

Closing thoughts: Journey to happiness – 5 Proven tips for happiness in life

Now you have five tips that’ll help you on your journey to happiness. These changed my life, and I hope they help you too!

And, for a refresher…

These are the 5 best happiness tips to be more happy:

  • Notice your thoughts, and if they aren’t helpful release & replace them.
  • Make gratitude a habit. Find something to be grateful for daily.
  • Plan to get outside for some sun, fresh air, & movement each day.
  • Take quiet time to focus on your breath, visualize, & work toward goals.
  • Be present more often. Relax, breathe, & appreciate the moment.

Feel free to comment below or on the women’s forum (button is at top) letting us know what helps YOU to feel happier so that it can help us, too!

Additional resources

If you’d like a little more information on this subject, you might read this article by Mark Stibich (PhD) called The Benefits of Positive Thinking and Happiness. In it, he gives some specific strategies for cultivating more happiness that might help you.

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