Learn how to value yourself as a woman with these six empowering tips, and watch your life transform!

I’ve found from experience that learning to value yourself is well worth it and that it can be life-changing. So, today I’m giving you the six ways to increase self value that have proven to work for me. (And, if they worked for me they can work for you.)

Here’s a little of my story…

I’ve learned that if you value yourself, there are some things that you’ll allow into your life and some things you will not. There are also some things you’ll do and some things you won’t do.

I’ve personally gone from allowing the wrong people into my life and not knowing my true worth, to knowing exactly what I’m worth and what I’ll accept. And, I’d like to help you build up your self-worth too.

Here’s what we’ll be covering…

How to value yourself as a woman:

  • Think, speak, & act like you know your worth
  • Practice self-care & do things you enjoy
  • Surround yourself with people that are good for you
  • Show self-love by making choices that are good for you
  • Get to know yourself & what you really want
  • Work on self growth, self confidence, & goals

Now, let’s go over each of these in more detail!

Here’s a reinventing yourself guide, with a checklist and quotes!

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How to value yourself as a woman

I hope these ideas are as life-changing for you as they’ve been for me and that you learn how to value yourself as a woman without apology.

You have every right to choose you – to choose what’s good for you and what you feel good about, and to turn away the rest.

You matter. If you get nothing else from this, remember that. We women have been through so much over centuries of time, and it’s important to empower ourselves.

Remind yourself regularly of your value as one that comes from the divine. And, remind yourself of how powerful that makes you.

You create your life the way you want to live it. Design it by deciding what you want and feeling confident enough to stand by that.

Now, here are those tips for how to find value in yourself and show it confidently!

Learn ways to show self love & self value, and increase your confidence, in this blog post!

#1 Think, speak, & act like you know your worth

It’ll make a huge impact on your life if you can think, speak, and act like you know your worth. And by doing these things, you’ll be showing that you value yourself as a woman.

So, take time to focus on your positive qualities and remind yourself of your worth regularly. It might even help to make a list of good things about yourself and read it every day. 

And if you catch yourself focusing on the negative, counter it with a positive. You might even want to have certain affirmations that you say to yourself each day. They can be very helpful! 

Here’s my blog post with abundance affirmations so you can get a feel for affirmations, and then from there create your own for self-love and self-worth.

If you do this, don’t worry if you don’t feel that way at first or don’t feel aligned with the affirmation yet. Just keep doing it while being relaxed, and in time you will. 

Sometimes we don’t even fully understand all the negative thoughts we have that hold us back. And so, it might take some self reflection to really get to know yourself. But, it’s worth it!

If you really don’t feel like the affirmation does any good after a while, you might take some time to look inward and see if there’s something deeper holding you back.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on myself, and as you’ll find in this post, there were some things affecting me that I didn’t even realize were there. But, once I realized and worked on those things I felt so free! And, I can tell you that the time that we spend on inner work and self growth is well worth it because the results are ours forever -no one can take them.

So, don’t ever feel like it’s a waste of time or taking too much time to figure out how to build self-worth and value yourself more. It’ll benefit you for the rest of your life and probably positively affect all parts of your life.

Here’s my blog post on improving self worth.

#2 Practice self-care & do things you enjoy

This next tip for how to find value in yourself will make you feel good about you and remind you of your worth, and that’s to practice self-care and do things that you enjoy.

So, take some time each day to do something for YOU. Whether it’s reading, taking a walk, or engaging in your favorite hobby. But, do something that makes you happy and makes you feel good!

It can even be something that reminds you of what you’re capable of and makes you feel good about yourself.

Taking time for yourself is an important part of valuing yourself, so try to schedule in time for activities that bring you joy. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, carving out a few minutes each day to do something you enjoy can make a big difference.

You’ll feel so much better just by taking good care of yourself!

Here’s an online Avon catalog with products for self-care & spoiling yourself!

#3 Surround yourself with people that are good for you

Now, let’s talk about a third way to value yourself as a woman.

People with high self worth choose people and things that are good for them. So, you want to try and mostly be around people that leave you feeling good. Basically, you want to surround yourself with people that are good for you.

Surround yourself with positive, supportive people that encourage you and allow you to be YOU. Spend time with people who lift you up, make you feel good about yourself, and leave you feeling good in general. 

Avoid people who put you down or make you feel uncomfortable, even if you can’t pinpoint exactly how they’re doing it or why.

Trust your instincts and value how you feel.

Overall, choose to hang around people who treat you well – because you deserve it!

For a long time I made excuses for people, situations, and how I was feeling, because I didn’t truly value myself. If I had, I would’ve drawn better boundaries to protect myself and valued what I really wanted more.

But, I didn’t understand that then. And, that’s okay. We only know what we know when we know it. So if this is you, don’t be hard on yourself.

Just speak to yourself with love and kindness as you work on yourself and grow. And, do your best to choose people and things that are good for you.

Here’s a life-changing blog post on how to stop attracting bad relationships.

#4 Show self-love by making choices that are good for you

Now, let’s talk about how you can show self-love by making choices that are good for you.

Love yourself enough to make good choices for yourself and your life, because it’ll improve your life. After all, the choices that we make impact the way our lives go.

And, the choices that you make will show how much you value yourself.

If you choose people that treat you badly or situations that are bad for you, you’re sabotaging yourself. And, you don’t want that! (Trust me, I’ve been there and I know. It’ll only drag you down and make you unhappy.)

Plus if YOU don’t value you, certain kinds of people will sense that and they won’t value you or show you respect either. So you have to stand up for yourself by showing that YOU value and respect yourself first.

Then, those lower vibrational people that are looking for someone to mistreat or take advantage of will realize that it won’t work on you and move on.

Respecting, valuing, and loving yourself is SO important, and if you work on this (if that’s something you need), it’ll change your life for the better!

(Please know that there’s no judgment here, because as I mentioned already I’ve been there and am only where I am today because I worked on myself. And, I’m not perfect – nobody is. I continue to work on myself in different ways all the time, and my goal is only to help you.)

Take care of yourself and work on self-love with my daily self love journal for women that can be found on Amazon! (This is great for listing those affirmations that we talked about earlier.)

self love journal for women

#5 Get to know yourself & what you really want

This next tip on how to value yourself as a woman is about self awareness and knowing yourself well enough to create a life that you love.

Get to know yourself and what you really want, because the benefits are great. Become aware of your likes, dislikes, and unique gifts. Get in touch with your inner self. 

Too often, we don’t even take time to get to know ourselves and what we like and don’t like. Yet, we date others and want to know and learn all about them.

What? No.

The one person in this world that we should get to know most is ourselves, and it’ll make all the difference!

Think about it…

How can you create the best life for yourself if you’re not even really sure of what you want? How can you pick the right partner that you can be happy with if you don’t even really know what kind of person you want? So take time to get to know YOU, more than anyone else. And, then you can focus more on getting to know others.

Now, of course I’m not saying you can’t meet or spend time with new people any time soon. I’m just suggesting that we spend more time valuing ourselves enough to “date” ourselves first – to really get to know ourselves.

And then, we’ll have more to give and a more balanced life to share! We’ll be full on the inside, well taken care of, and choosing what we really value and want for our lives.

This blog post will teach you how to be authentic and love and accept yourself!

#6 Work on self growth, self confidence, & goals

This final tip for how to value yourself as a woman includes working on self growth, self confidence, and your goals and dreams.

Challenge yourself to be the best version of YOU, and truly enjoy life.

Set goals and strive to reach them, and celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes. This will give you confidence and leave you feeling good about yourself!

Sometimes in our lives we play it safe and don’t stretch ourselves too much. And, you might think that this would protect us and our confidence in case we fail. But, it turns out that failing at things or having to work on things a while before we get them only builds us up and makes us more confident.

But, you may have had negative people around you in life that would always point out the negatives when you had an idea or wanted to try something. You may have had people or situations that stole your confidence, caused you to doubt yourself, or made you afraid of failing.

If so, say something like…

“So what! So what if I fail, because I’ll learn from doing so. And by the way, no one that ever did something great or reached high achievements got there without any failure. They had to try things. If you think about who invented the light bulb or electricity – do you think they figured it all out and got it right on the first try? Heck no. And, if they hadn’t kept trying we’d all be sitting here without electricity and light bulbs.”

As we work toward things that inspire us, it helps us grow and builds our confidence. It helps us to see our worth, value ourselves, & believe in ourselves.

Abundant Life & Balance

Don’t let anyone steal your confidence. Believe in yourself, and don’t be afraid to go after what you truly want in life!

how to value yourself as a woman

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Closing thoughts: How to value yourself as a woman (6 Proven ways)

Now we’ve covered how to value yourself as a woman using six ways that have proven to work for me. And, I hope this has been helpful and inspirational to you!

And, for a reminder…

How to build self-worth (or have a sense of self value):

  1. Talk positively about yourself, & remember your worth
  2. Make time for yourself, & do what makes you happy
  3. Choose people & things that are good for you
  4. Love yourself enough to make good choices for yourself
  5. Work on self awareness & getting to know the real you
  6. Allow yourself to fail, learn, & build self confidence

I truly believe that if you work on these six things, you’ll be set up for a life that you love.

When you truly value yourself you’ll believe that you deserve the best, and then you’ll go after what’s good for you. And, what’s good for you will most likely bring you peace and happiness.

So, which one of these things are you going to try first? Let us know below in the comments section or on our women’s forum (button for this is up top). And, also let us know any other ideas you might have to build self-worth and show that you value yourself.

We’re a community, and together we can help build each other up!

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