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Why I’m passionate about this subject (self empowerment)

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For years I felt powerless in life, like things just happened to me and there was nothing I could do about it. I, without realizing it, felt a lot like a victim – because I really had been a victim in different situations in my life. But, one day I decided to take my power back.

I decided that it didn’t matter what had happened to me, what I’d been born into, the disadvantages I faced, or what others labeled me as or thought of me as. I was going to become who I wanted me to be and live life like I wanted to live it.

I was realizing that we are all given this lifetime for a particular reason – and it’s our shot to shoot. It’s up to us to live it the way we want to, because in the end we alone look back and decide if we did enough with it. Did we live it for us, did we learn enough, did we make the differences we wanted to make?

You could call it a mid-life crisis or a spiritual awakening, but what basically happened is that I decided to look at things differently. I wanted to create a better life and live it like it truly mattered.

And so if you’re going through some similar things, if you’re struggling in life or feeling like you have no control over things, I’d like to share more on this in hopes that it’ll help you learn how to take your power back.

Because, it’s so freeing when you’re able to let go of everything you think is holding you back and just live life like you really want to. And I know that if I was able to overcome so much and feel so much better, you can too!

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5 Tips for how to take your power back

These are the five best things I’ve learned along the way for how to take your power back. Save this blog post and refer back to these tips often as you work on feeling more empowered in your life.

#1 Change how you see things

Let’s talk about how you can take your power back by changing how you see things.

The first thing that you want to do is change how you view things, and this is because perception is everything. How you decide to look at things, how you decide things are, can determine how you respond from there. And, this is everything!

So if you want to feel more in control, to take your power back, you must first look at how you’re seeing things.

Like I mentioned before, I used to see myself as more of a victim of life without even realizing it. I saw that people in my life had often treated me unfairly and that this didn’t make me feel good. I wished that it would be different, but my attitude was more like “it sucks that it’s not”.

Well let me tell you now, I no longer play such a passive role! I realize my worth, and I’ll no longer choose to constantly surround myself with someone who doesn’t seem to see my value. 

So you can see that by changing how I see things, I’ve changed the outcome. I no longer choose to see it as “this is just the lot that was given to me”. Instead, I see it as “I have a choice”. And, oh the self empowerment you get when you decide to take ownership! Because, now you have more control over things.

What YOU See You As

You are not subject to live a life that other’s eyes have said you will live,
as they cast their judgements onto you – their own insecurities and problems onto you.

No, you are not.

You, lovely creator, powerful beautiful creator, are what YOU see you as. And oh my, is this important.

Abundant Life & Balance

(This poem is from inside my Self Love Journal for Women, which can be found on Amazon).

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#2 Stand up for yourself

It’s time to stand up for yourself and to realize that you have more power than you might think you do.

And standing up for yourself sounds so simple. It’s so simple in fact that you might think, “Well, duh. Of course we should do that.”

But if you’ve been put down a lot in life or for whatever reason were made to feel powerless, then standing up for yourself might not be the natural thing to do. It might not even seem like your right to do so at first.

But, it is!

See, I finally took a look around and saw that everyone around me was living life for them – saying what they thought about things and living their lives for them despite what anyone else thought. And when you aren’t doing that, this might seem unfair at first.

You might think, I have to worry about what everyone else thinks, listen to others opinions, and watch what i say – but they don’t. But, do you really have to do anything? Or, can you decide what works for you and what you choose for you? 

My point is that if you take a step back and take a broader look at things, you might see that you have more power than you thought you did

Are you the victim of life or circumstances, or are you one who decides how to respond? Is life unfair, or do you get to at least work toward designing yours with the things and people that you want in it (for the most part)?

#3 Live your life for YOU

Again, how we see things affects how we choose to move forward from there.

I used to see the things I didn’t like but do nothing about it, due to how I was seeing it. But instead, we can see it in a way that still allows us to be able to hold our heads high and have some control over our lives.

And, why not? After all, this particular lifetime will only last so long. So, why not do our best to make it the way we want it? Why not do our best to make it one that we can enjoy, at least for the most part?

And, trust me. Others will not be looking back at the end of their lives wondering if they lived their lives enough for you, the way you wanted them to. And, they shouldn’t.

We care and are kind to others, but overall we must live true to ourselves – and everyone’s path is different. So, make sure you’re living your life for you. 

Enjoy it as much as you can! Allow yourself that. 

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#4 Be your true authentic self

Allow yourself to be your true authentic self. I used to worry so much about what others would think of me – how I looked, what I wore, what I said. But really, who cares?

Everyone is, or should be, living for themselves overall. And if we can’t live as our true authentic selves, being comfortable with ourselves, how crazy is that?

I’m not saying to speak without thinking or without kindness – not at all. That’s different. But we should definitely be able to feel okay being ourselves, and if someone wants to put us down for that or make us feel less than for it then maybe we don’t need to spend much time around them.

I now remind myself that those that constantly put others down so that they can feel better are bullies. And, do I want to care what a bully or rude person thinks? No, not at all.

So now I let myself be me, as long as I’m not hurting anyone else, and those that are “for me” will find me and love me – and those that don’t appreciate me may fall away, and that’s okay. It’s more important for me to be true to myself now.

Is it always easy to do this? No. But, with practice you learn to love and value yourself just as much as you do others. And, this is SO very important.

#5 Believe in yourself & build your confidence

When working on how to take your power back and feel better about yourself and your life, don’t underestimate the power of believing in yourself.

Work on how you view yourself and on your confidence. Build yourself up, and listen to or read things that help with this. 

We often need to counter all the negative that’s thrown at us in life with positive, and I find that listening to uplifting videos or audios is very helpful.

We all have things in life that affect us, that weigh on us, and that even break us. We women especially often do, as there are things that can happen to us that make us feel powerless.

But, know that whatever has happened to make you feel powerless is just an illusion. Underneath all the crap that’s happened in your life, there awaits a woman (or person) that knows the truth – that the true power lies within YOU. All the love, all the confidence, all the ability, lies within you. You just have to choose to access it.

(Even the ability for healing.)

So, what are you waiting for? Reach within. Look within. And, see what you’re truly made of and capable of…  

Everything & anything that you want!

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Closing thoughts: 5 Best tips for how to take your power back

I hope this blog post on how to take your power back has been inspirational and empowering.

We all go through a lot in life. No one is spared completely, as we all have things to work through in life. But, we can work through them and come out on the other side even better than before.

I’m living proof of that. I’ve been through a lot in life, from people hurting me to loss (as most of us have), but I’ve overcome and grown so much.

I’ve learned to forgive myself, love myself, and accept myself. Overall, I’ve learned how to take my power back – and so can you!

Don’t ever give up on yourself. I know from experience that when it looks the bleakest, like there’s no hope for improvement and no reason to keep going or trying, that’s when things can change and give you a new perspective and new hope.

That’s the grace of God, the blessings of Angels, and the miracles that still occur on this planet. It’s not over til it’s over, and if you’re still here (for this lifetime on Earth) it’s for a reason. 

I wish you the best and am sending you healing hugs!

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