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Sometimes when I look around, I see a lot of unhappy people that perhaps don’t even know they’re unhappy. They seem unfulfilled and discontent with life. So, I want to provide some inspiration showing that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Of course, there are many happy, fulfilled people in the world, and they can be a source of inspiration for us. And, we all have times when we aren’t feeling as inspired or happy as other times. But, the key is to be able to lift ourselves out of a funk and find the inspiration that we need.

Think of it as you being a fish, swimming through murky waters. You can hang out in that murky water that doesn’t feel so good, or you can keep on swimming, doing what you can to get out of it. This alone will feel better than not trying to change it and just dwelling on how awful this water is.

And, this is how life is. We can choose how to feel and how to respond to things, and from there feel more empowered and more in control than we would otherwise. And, yes, there are times when we can’t help but initially feel sadness or disappointment over circumstances. But, what I’ve found is that it’s what we do around these times that’s critical.

Let me explain.

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How to stop feeling unhappy, discontent, & unfulfilled, & feel better

I, like many others, used to look to my circumstances, to what I felt was happening to me and in my life, to determine how I would feel. And, honestly it wasn’t very fun. But, the problem was that I didn’t know any other way.

We only know what we’re taught or what we observe from the world around us. So, if this is you, don’t be hard on yourself. If you often find yourself feeling and staying down a while after things don’t seem to work out for you, don’t judge yourself. That won’t help. Just observe.

Start being an observer of yourself and the world around you. And, as you withdraw a little and look at things from a broader perspective, you’ll be able to see more clearly and in a more helpful way. This one little thing will make a huge difference in your life!

You’ll start to notice when you aren’t feeling so good and how you handle or react to things. You can also start to notice how long you let things affect you negatively. When I began to observe this within my own life, it seemed a little silly to feel bad so often, or to go up and down so much with my feelings according to what was happening at the time.

Not that it’s bad to have feelings, but that it doesn’t seem helpful to be so controlled by them, or by circumstances, especially if we don’t have to. But, many people don’t know they don’t have to live this way.

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It’s pure freedom, pure inner joy and completeness, when you find that you can feel okay or even good despite what’s going on in your life. I’m talking about real joy and peace that comes from within, and this is priceless.

Many people may search their whole lives for this wonderful feeling, reaching for things outside of them when the whole while it was there, available to them, inside. And when you find real inner joy and peace, the concept will seem so simple that you wish everyone understood how to have it.

All and all what I’m saying is, if you’re wondering how to stop feeling unhappy, discontent, and unfulfilled and want to feel better, then stop letting yourself be controlled by outside factors. What someone does or says to you, how bad things currently look, none of it has to have so much power over you. And as you work on this, you’ll begin to see your own inner power to even change your circumstances for the better by focusing on something better. If nothing else, you’ll feel SO much better!

Now I know that at first this can seem strange and maybe even impossible to do, so let’s talk a little more about this.

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It’s critical how you respond to things, emotionally & otherwise

Earlier I said that there are times when initially we can’t help but have less than desirable feelings about things that are happening in our lives. We are human, and we have feelings. It’s part of it. But there will be lots of things in our lives that aren’t desirable, so how we respond to these things is critical as it’ll affect everything.

I say this because if we constantly respond to things not working out how we’d like or people not behaving how we’d like, we’ll very often be miserable. Right? We can’t control outside sources, only ourselves from within. And this, to me, is great wisdom!

Again, it’s very freeing when we get this concept. Wait a minute, you mean I can feel good even when things aren’t working out? You betcha. Absolutely. It’s up to you. Now, are there times when it’s easier said than done? Sure. Of course. But, you’ll find many times, especially with practice, that it’s not so hard to choose to feel good and just do it.

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Can I still complain about everything & feel more happy, content, & fulfilled?

No! If you want to start feeling better, to feel more happy, content, and fulfilled, then you need to work on complaining. By this I mean try to stop, and I say try because it takes practice. But, you can totally do it.

At first, you might be surprised to observe that you complain a little more than you thought you did. And, it’s understandable. Most of us have grown up observing people letting themselves be controlled by outside things and people and complaining and spreading the word as much as they want as if it’ll help.

And, I no longer see that it helps. I see people, as I used to be, complaining to all that’ll listen about what isn’t working for them or who has wronged them, and still being miserable. Probably even more miserable than before beginning the complaining or “explaining” to everyone.

Now, I’m not trying to judge or be harsh. I’ve been there, and it was totally normal to me. And, sometimes we all have hard times and may need someone to listen. It can be helpful at times. But overall, how do we handle things? Looking at this will shed a big light on why we feel the way we do. Let me explain why.

You can’t constantly look at the negative and expect to feel positive and good. It just doesn’t work that way. What you dwell on will have an affect on you. So if you want to feel good more often, try to focus on positive things more often. It’s that simple.

Seems too simple, huh? Well it might, but sometimes the simplest things are the wisest and most helpful (at least from my experience).

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How do I focus on more positive things to feel better?

Oh, I’m glad you asked (ha ha ha).

If you’re interested in focusing on more positive things to feel better, start with gratitude. Gratitude is a free thing available to everyone that is very, very potent! Introducing more gratitude into your daily life can change your life.

Things may be falling apart around you and it’s hard not to look at it. People may be talking bad about you or doing other things that hurt you, and it’s difficult not to think about it and feel hurt. But, you can purposefully switch your focus to more positive things at anytime. That’s your power!

Switch, switch, switch. Switch it up. Starting to feel down suddenly? Look at what you’re thinking or focusing on and switch that to something that feels better. And with practice, this will get easier.

It might seem simple, but try it and see what happens. Try often to switch your focus from those negative things or people and instead start looking for little things that you have to be grateful for, and observe how it changes how you feel and perhaps even the circumstances in your life.

And, what if people wonder what’s wrong with you since you seem pretty unaffected by negative things? Well, I say, so what if they do! If they’re trying to make you feel awful or wanting you to feel bad, then it’s better that you’re smiling instead. Right? And, if they’re miserable at every little thing that goes on and you’re pretty happy and content overall, who’s better off? You are.

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Closing thoughts: How to stop feeling unhappy, discontent, & unfulfilled

I sincerely hope this blog post on how to stop feeling unhappy, discontent, and unfulfilled has been helpful and inspirational to you. Just remember to seek inspiration often, and think in a way and do things that make you feel good.

How you think and how you feel are very important and are related. And, you’re quality of life overall is dependent upon this. Also, remember to be kind and loving toward yourself. Know that you are valuable and that you deserve happiness.

Make choices that are good for you, because this will affect your life and how you feel. And, surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good as often as possible. There are some people and things that will mostly bring you down, so take care of yourself and be mindful of this.

Your happiness and fulfillment in life matters. Take back your control, focus on positive things, and find what brings you joy and peace!

(*Please do seek professional help is you’re feeling very overwhelmed, have had ongoing depression for a long time, or have given up on life in any way. I’ve been there, and I want you to know that you can feel better. Take care of YOU!)

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