When we go through things, we all want to feel better fast. So, today I’m giving you seven tips for how to pick yourself up that have helped me (and that I know can help you, too).

Ever had days when you felt like everything’s going wrong, you can’t take another thing going wrong, or you just want to go back to bed?

I think we’ve all had these days, and they don’t feel good. But if you’re having one of those days or when you do, these tips for how to lift yourself up will help.

The 7 best tips for how to pick yourself up are:

  • Switch your focus by doing something different
  • List a few things you’re grateful for
  • Find what inspires & motivates you
  • Create an inspiring vision board
  • Choose positive people & things
  • Replace negativity with positive affirmations
  • Spoil yourself (do things that make you feel good)

It’s better to work on feeling better instead of waiting for someone or something to change things for you. In that case, you could be feeling down for a while. Instead, take things into your own hands by using these tips.

Here’s my blog post with uplifting ways to feel content and at peace in your life, that you might want to read after this post.

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How to pick yourself up

I’ve learned that if we take initiative and work on ourselves, we can make big changes in our lives. And, I want you to feel this inner power too.

So read the following tips, and try out the ones that feel like a good fit for you. I hope these seven ideas on how to pick yourself up help you as much as they have me!

And, don’t forget to comment below or on our women’s forum (button for this is up top) on how they work for you or with things you already do that might work for the rest of us. We’re a community that can uplift and support one another!

#1 Change how you feel by switching focus

I know you’re down, but come on. Get up and do something different! You and I both know that as long as you sit there feeling down, your feelings won’t change. 

One thing I used to tell my adorable, sometimes pouty niece is “Okay. You can DO something about it, or you can cry about it. Which one do you want to do?” She always replied with “do something about it” and a little smile.

So, ask yourself this question when you feel down. Yes, it’s giving yourself some tuff love. But, you can handle it. ; ) Plus, I know from experience that it works. 

I used to stay down for a lot longer than I do now. That’s the truth. Now, I’m like my own boot camp “pick me up” sergeant at times. But, it’s because I know it’s best not to wait for life or someone else to change my mood. 

If you’re wondering how to lift yourself, start by switching your focus to anything else that’s better for you. Don’t wallow in the bad thoughts for too long. Notice that it’s bad for you, and do what’s better for you. 

Sound too simple? Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated to work. If you’re feeling down, get up and put on some pick me up music – and do something about it.

how to pick yourself up

#2 How to lift yourself up by listing things that you’re grateful for

This tip is about how to lift yourself up by listing what you’re grateful for.

When we’re feeling down, it’s easy to just go for the comfort food and a good movie. And, that’s great stuff! But, it might not really fix the problem. 

I think it does allow us to switch focus for a bit and that’s good. But the negative thoughts can sometimes come in and out of our minds during the movie, or we feel worse after all we ate! 

Sometimes what works for me is quickly listing a few things that I’m grateful for, in my mind. I’ve mentioned this before because it really is like a little magic trick. 

Feeling gratitude is a powerful tool that will change your life for the better.

On a bad day, things can spiral out of control and more negative things happen. When this happens, switch your focus by listing things that you’re grateful for (even if it’s little things – in fact, be sure to include little things).

You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make! So, remember this and use it as a tool to lift yourself up when you need it.

Take control in whatever way you can, doing what you can to make a difference, and you’ll feel much better.

#3 Feel better by finding what inspires you

how to lift yourself up

If you’re feeling down, then you need some inspiration! So, what’s inspirational to you? Think about that for just a minute, then keep reading.

For me, it’s a few things. If I’m doing a movie, it can be an inspirational movie that I’m hoping will help me see things differently. Maybe about a woman who did something remarkable.

It could also be creating some inspiring goals, checking in on goals, or envisioning what it’ll be like when I’ve reached my goals. It’s like it gives me fuel to keep going! 

Sometimes I choose to put on a YouTube audio (or an audio book from Audible) that kicks my butt into gear and inspires me. This is part of my regular self growth. Jim Rohn and Les Brown are awesome!

You can even make you a “watch daily” playlist on YouTube with just helpful and inspiring things.

You have to keep yourself inspired. It makes ALL the difference. It’s up to you! Don’t just be swayed by circumstances and life that you have no control over. 

It took me years to get this, and I believe this lesson is invaluable. Feel better by finding and focusing on what inspires you and makes you feel good. 

#4 Use a vision board for inspiration & motivation

This next tip is to use a vision board for inspiration and motivation. It’s a board that you put things on (for an idea, vision, or goal) that’ll inspire and motivate you toward a particular thing.

Use a poster board or whatever you like and put pictures of things that you hope to have, that stand for your goals, and that inspire you. You can even create this on a computer in a google doc or however you like!

When you place this board where you’ll see it often, it’ll give you a positive purpose when you’re feeling down. The most important thing is that it gives you a good feeling.

Also, think of the right location for it. You want to make sure you’ll see it daily and often.

#5 When you’re feeling down, choose positive people & things

If you’re going to watch a drama filled, negative movie when you’re already feeling down, don’t expect to feel great afterward. Same thing goes for the people you talk to and surround yourself with. 

So, just notice when you’re feeling low and lean toward more positive people and things. Sometimes you can’t help it, but you can try to move on as quickly as possible. 

Try to think if there’s anyone you can call or message that’s upbeat or always encouraging to you. THIS is who you want to be around or talk to when you need a pick me up.

If I have to be around someone who’s being very negative when I’m already feeling down, I’ll listen to or do something positive as quick as I can afterward (to counteract the negative).

#6 How to pick yourself up with positive affirmations

how to pick yourself up

When you get to the point where you’re wondering how to pick yourself up, you’re having some negative thoughts. And, it’s all about ridding of the negative and bringing on the positive!

Sometimes I like to use positive affirmations that remind me of who I want to be. But, I’m careful about the ones I choose, because I want it to fit me and to be what I’m needing. 

I might listen to an audio if it’s right, or just say the affirmation to myself to lift me up. Some people like them and some don’t, so it’s up to you to find what works for you.

And, there’s different research on them. But, what I’ve found is that there’s enough positive reasoning behind using affirmations, and they help.

However, instead of just listening to an audio try to relax and really feel something and take it in. Otherwise, it may not help as much. You might even try to visualize with it.

It’s all about how it makes you feel. So, try it and see if it helps.

#7 When you need lifting up, spoil yourself!

The last thing on this list is awesome – it’s to spoil yourself! And, this may seem like an obvious thing to do but when you’re feeling down it’s easy to forget.

So if you’re a woman who normally likes to have her toes painted, then get out the paint! At least set it out so you’ll think about using it. If you like make-up, then do your make-up even if you’re not going anywhere.

No, you won’t feel like it. And, it may seem pointless. But the point is how you feel, because this can often be the beginning step to changing everything.

How we move our bodies and feel in our bodies can make all the difference. It can give you back some confidence and get you smiling and relaxing a bit. 

So, forget what you feel like – be like NIKE, and JUST DO IT! (And, I say this with love.)

Here’s my inspirational blog post on how to be an independent woman and live your best life.

Closing thoughts: 7 Best tips for how to pick yourself up & feel better fast

Well, now you have seven things that can help when you’re wondering how to pick yourself up. So, don’t just sit around hoping for something or someone to come along and change things. It’s your life – take the reins!

And, for a reminder…

7 Things that’ll help when you need to be lifted up:

  • Do something to switch your focus
  • List things you’re grateful for
  • Find what inspires you
  • Create & use a vision board
  • Choose positive people & things
  • Use positive affirmations
  • Do things to spoil yourself

Always remember that you have the power to change how you feel and therefore to change things within your life. Don’t let anything keep you down! 

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