Today, I’m talking about how to open up again and the benefits of doing this. But, what it really comes down to is opening your heart again.

You see, I’ve become aware that sometimes we go through so much hardship and loss in life that we close up a bit. And, although this protects us, it also blocks us.

If this is you, you could be blocking things that are meant for you without even realizing it. You could be holding yourself back. And, you aren’t alone in this. Many of us, including myself, have done this.

The good news is that we are the ones who closed off our hearts in order to protect ourselves. And so, we are able to change this! We can learn how to open up again, while still having the wisdom that life gave us on protecting ourselves. We can have both opening up and protection at the same time, with balance.

So, keep reading for some spiritual inspiration on how to open up your heart again and why this will help you!

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How to open up

If you’ve realized that you’ve closed your heart off, there’s no doubt you’ve been through some stuff. I know I have.

When this information came to me, that I needed to unblock my heart and start loving more again, I didn’t understand it at first. Or, maybe I didn’t want to hear it.

But, when I thought about all I’d been through in life it really made sense. You see, if you’ve lost someone in your life or been hurt by life you may have subconsciously built up protection around your heart. I mean, who wouldn’t?

So, what have you been through? What might have hurt you so bad that your heart said never again, let’s protect ourselves?

I don’t ask you to think about this in order to get you stuck on the past and all that went wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can be the observer, looking at what happened to you with an outside view.

You’re going to recognize it, acknowledge how it could have affected you, and make peace with it. Do this with the understanding that now that you know, you can let it go and no longer be negatively affected by these things.

So spend some quiet time on this, and then continue reading!

Why don’t we want blocks?

Now, let’s talk more about why we don’t want these blocks and how to open up your heart again.

When you think about your heart, what do you think of? Love, your soul, what beats for your body and gives it life?

Well, thinking of all this you can see that the heart is a big deal! Therefore, it would make sense that anything going on with it could affect you.

So, did you decide on possible blocks with your heart? For me, I realized that I need to soften to things again and express love more.

If the heart hardens, even without it being obvious, you can affect so many things in your life. I even believe mine had affected my creativity, my willingness to put myself out there in the world, and even the flow of money in my life.

We don’t want to block off the part of us that feels passionate about things and that can push us toward things we’re passionate about. And, we don’t want to block off a part of us that connects to others – perhaps even to the divine.

This is why we must learn how to open up again. Our minds and hearts just want to protect us, and that can be a good thing. But, our spirits know that we need our heart to be open.

How to open up by letting go

Once we decide to let things that hurt us go and to open up again, we can begin to feel better!

You can feel a load lifted off your heart – a load that you were never meant to carry. You can even imagine yourself handing that “load” back to the person that gave it to you!

Gather into your hands all that caused you to close off your heart, and just give it back to the person or situation that hurt you or made your mind and heart decide it needed to protect you.

Tell yourself it’s okay now, that you no longer need that level of protection. You now have the ability to put up a shield of protection as needed, and then put it down. And, this gives you balance.

If someone is saying things or putting out energy that isn’t good for you, of course, put up that shield! And, when that has passed or you’re away from them, lower the shield of protection.

And, just like that, within seconds, you’re open and able to love and to let love come to you. You’re able to be creative, put things out there, and let good things flow back to you.

And, this can cover all sorts of things, which is why it can help you in so many ways!

Closing thoughts: How to open up again & the benefits – Spiritual inspiration

If you were wanting to know how to open up, I hope this has helped. It’s easy to get closed off from things, even from the world, but it is possible to change this.

It may seem like a lot to work on your inner self, but I promise you it’s always worth it. The more we heal ourselves inside, the more we see good things happening on the outside.

I’ve been doing this work, and I can tell you that it never fails to amaze me the difference it makes. So, put the work in so you can learn how to open up again.

It just isn’t worth holding onto all that pain and heartache. The price is too high! I repeat, the price is too high. You may think, well you don’t know how much they hurt me. And, to that I’d say, “Well, who’s hurting you now?”

Get it? Holding onto old baggage that isn’t good for us now isn’t worth it, because it can affect too much of our lives.

And, although you can’t change the past you do have this time right now. Plus, the future hasn’t happened yet and will be affected by this present moment right now.

So, what do you say about changing your life? Is letting some stuff go worth it?

And, if that isn’t enough to convince you, I ask you this. What do you think this is all about – what are you here on Earth for? Is it to hold onto a bunch of stuff from the past and be not quite as happy as you might’ve been?

No. That’s not why.

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