Get five tips for how to keep faith when you can’t see the answers and during difficult times, and get uplifted!

Sometimes it seems like the ground is shaking beneath us, things are not going right, and we don’t know how to keep faith, keep going, and keep believing.

I know – I’ve been there. And, at times like this I have to remind myself to breathe, to take a step back and re-group, and that I’ve been through things before and this isn’t my first “rodeo”. It also helps to remember that…

Though it may look bleak, miracles can happen at any time. -alb

And they can. Time and time again, I’ve wondered if I’d get through a particular thing or time, just to find that right as I thought I couldn’t take any more God sent help.

Usually I found my faith tested for a bit, but I grew as it stretched my faith. And, I also learned that you have to keep faith in yourself.

During unsettling times like these, I learned two very important things. The first thing is that it’s most important to keep having faith. And, the second is to not think with my feelings.

No one likes that old, familiar, unsettling feeling, and it can be scary – partially because we don’t like not having control of things and partially because it unknowingly reminds us of past times when everything fell apart. But, we can make it through!

Now, let’s get you five tips that’ll help you with having faith in difficult times.

Remember that you’ve been through things before, and this isn’t your first “rodeo”. -alb

Get inspiration for how to stay hopeful about what you want & not give up!

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How to keep faith (5 Great tips)

Here are five great ways to keep having faith that things will work out for your highest good. I hope they help and that they bring you comfort, like they have me!

And if you know anyone that’s wondering how to keep faith right now, consider sharing a link to this inspirational blog post with them. We all need to be inspired and uplifted at times.

#1 Find the light at the end of the tunnel

how to keep faith

Always, always, always, look for and find the light at the end of the tunnel. And, I say this because many people get stuck in a bad place in life because they didn’t do this. 

Just think about it. If you don’t see the light at the end, it’s easy to think what’s the point. It’s easy to give up and do nothing to try and make things better.

I used to kind of have this all or nothing mentality, and maybe it was an excuse to do nothing if I couldn’t do it perfectly right then. And, now I constantly think of how I can break things up and at least get part of it done because it all adds up. 

The same goes for my feelings. 

I say to myself, “Take it one step at a time.” Then I ask myself what one thing can I do at this moment that will make me feel better. 

That first thing might be to finish making my coffee. Next, it might be to go wash my face. And often it is to put on some music or audio that lifts my spirit up.

There’s always at least one thing that you can think of that would make you feel better in the moment and that you can manage to do.

#2 Try to focus on what you want

Next, let’s talk about how to keep faith by focusing on what you want.

I’ve learned that when the overwhelming and unsettling feelings come, I can:

  • Become aware of what I’m feeling
  • Notice it for what it is
  • & Then refocus on where I’m going
having faith in difficult times

I once heard this story about a person learning to drive a race car that spins out of control.

The teacher tells the driver not to look at the wall that he’s sure he’s going to crash into but to look where he wants to go instead. 

He says how hard it was to do it but that, although it took a minute, his car did start to go where he was looking – and he didn’t crash!

This is what I mean by “look for the light at the end”.

If you keep looking at the negative or what might happen badly, then it’s more likely to end up that way. However, if you instead keep focusing on where you want to be or how you want to feel (despite how you feel in the moment), then you’ll most likely get to a better place.

So think of how to get where you want to be (or get the result that you want) and how to feel better (what you need in order to get in a better state).

#3 Keep having faith in difficult times by getting a “win” in

So, I mentioned finding one thing that you could do to feel better. Well, this next tip is to find a way to get a “win” in. And, this will make you feel better!

When we don’t see progress in our lives it’s easy to get down on ourselves or our lives and to begin to lose faith. But, if you can just get a little “win” you’ll begin to feel better and the cycle will continue. After that win you’ll feel good and want to work toward another.

So once again you’re looking for something little that you can do – only this time it’s toward progress.

I can tell you from experience that there’s a lot that can be said for feeling like you’re making progress. In fact, anytime I’m beginning to feel defeated or hopeless I ask myself what’s one thing that I can do now that’ll make me feel better or that’ll be at least a little progress.

And, it helps! I begin to feel a little better, a little less like it’s hopeless, and then I begin acting more – moving in the right direction.

So never forget that you can keep having faith in difficult times by getting a “win” in. I bet it’ll pull you out of a lot of slumps like it has me!

#4 Believe in yourself, because you’ve already won

There was a time when life could get me down for a while, because I thought differently and allowed myself to stay there. But, I’ve learned that we have a choice. And…

If despite how you feel & despite how those feelings are currently making you think you say I’m sticking to my goals & am going to keep going anyway, you’ve already won.

You’ve already won, because you’ve pushed through the barrier – the hardest part, the thing in your way. Instead of giving up, you kept going. In my book, that’s the definition of a winner! 

And because of this, I believe you’re a winner despite what anyone else sees or thinks. 

This is important, because it’s too easy to begin to feel down or bad about yourself based on what you think someone else might think of you, even when you know you’re doing your best.

So, know that you’ve already won and will reach your goals. Believe in yourself!

#5 Most of all, keep faith in yourself

So, the question was how to keep faith when I don’t see the answers. But faith in what? In your goals being reached? In things getting better?

There are so many things you might need more faith for. But, most important is going to be your faith in yourself.

how to keep faith

Tell yourself this…

No one else needs to see my vision. Just me. No one else has to give me confirmation or cheer me on. Sure, it would be nice. But even without it I carry on with my vision and my faith in hand. -alb

I tell myself this when needed, and you can do the same. 

You can get all that you need from you. And if you have a belief in something higher, then from that as well.

I used to think I would find what I needed from others. Now I know that it comes from within me, and that I have all that I need there.

You have everything you need inside of you, too. So, don’t let anyone or any thing make you feel otherwise. 

No one and no thing can make you feel something you choose not to feel. Therefore, no one and no thing can make you less than you want to be or make you fail. You can be in control, despite anything that’s going on in your world.

Keep faith in yourself & you will always find your way. -alb

Closing thoughts: How to keep faith when you can’t see the answers

I hope this post on how to keep faith has been helpful, and that above all else you always keep faith in yourself!

Keep hope even when you can’t see the answers yet, and perhaps share the link to this post ( with someone who could use lifting up.

Remember that you don’t have to see it to believe it. Unless you count seeing it in your mind, envisioning it, which is another highly beneficial thing.

You can believe in something that you haven’t seen yet – a better you, a better future, a better day, a better outcome, even better faith. 

Believe so you can receive. And, don’t forget to ask for help from a higher source if you believe in it. This definitely helps with having faith in difficult times.

And, take care of YOU!

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