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Hey, ladies! If you’re one of those women that feels like things look messy all the time and wishes you could be like the women who seem to stay organized with ease, then keep reading. 

I’ve watched a lot of things on organizing over the years, but I have to tell you that the only thing that works for me is keeping it simple. So, I’ve put together five simple tips to help you with how to get organized at home and stay organized. They are:

  1. Do something you enjoy doing while organizing, like listening to an audio.
  2. Clear out the clutter and trash first, and do it often.
  3. Create a home for everything, but make sure it works for you.
  4. Go the extra mile and clean everything so that you appreciate it.
  5. Form simple habits & routines that will help you keep it organized.

I hope you’re excited to get started getting organized at home!

Now, let’s talk a little more about each of these tips for how to get organized at home.

Simple Tips to Enjoy Organizing at Home

First, let’s go over some simple tips to enjoy organizing at home, like pairing organizing with something you enjoy.

I find it helps a lot to do something I do enjoy alongside something I just need to do.

So, put on some music, podcast, or other audio that you like so that you can make organizing a better experience.

And, if you change your mood or attitude about it, then things can go a lot better. 

You may even feel less dread about cleaning or organizing the next time, just knowing that you get to listen to your favorite podcast or music (or whatever else you decide to pair with it)!

It sounds simple, but when you’re trying to learn how to get organized at home you need something to relax you and to make it less daunting – and then you’ll do it more often. And, if you work on things more often it’ll be a lot easier to stay organized.

So, grab your headphones and loosen up a little. Organizing doesn’t have to be that serious. It can be fun!

How to Get Organized at Home by Removing Items

You can make getting organized at home a lot easier by removing unneeded items.

So, when learning how to get organized at home, remember to always make it a priority to remove all trash and unwanted or unneeded items. I find that doing this first helps a lot.

And, you’ll probably find that half the battle is already won after removing trash and unneeded items! 

You might not even realize how much space these things take up or just how much worse they make your environment.

So, make clearing out the clutter and trash a major thing you do regularly, like it’s a habit. 

You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make and how it can affect your life!

If you feel good about your space, you’ll probably feel better about you. And, everything works better when you feel better.

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So, vow to be proud of the environment that surrounds you and to take care of it. Do it because it’s what’s best for you. And, if you have a family that you live with you’ll see that it’s so much better for them too!

Create a Home for Everything & Stay Organized

When figuring out how to get organized at home, you want to decide on a place for everything – especially if you want to stay organized afterward.

Think about it. If your family members throw their hats or jackets just anywhere, maybe they just need a permanent place that’s just for those items. 

Now, I know it isn’t always that easy and it may take some practice for everyone. But, give it a little time and they’ll be naturally returning things to where they belong. Especially when they see they can find things much easier that way

simple tips for how to get organized at home

When organizing I try to store similar items together. But, I also keep in mind what makes sense and where I use and need each item. (So, organizing is like the sorting that preschoolers learn but with a little more thought put into it!)

But, make sure that the place you choose to store the item is actually the best place for you or for that person. Ask yourself if it makes sense, if it’ll make your life easier, and if you’re likely to keep using that way of storing it. 

If the answer is that it’s unlikely, then maybe there’s a spot closer to where you’d use the item or a container without a lid that will make it easier.

Always Set Yourself (and your loved ones) Up for Success!

If you like to be able to see everything and easily grab it, then keep that in mind. Perhaps instead of in a tub with a lid or in a drawer, you need a tray on the bathroom counter that just contains a few things that you use daily.

Always be open minded and remember that it isn’t about doing it a certain way. Instead, it’s simply about what makes life work better for you

And, imagine the end result and how you want it to make you feel when working on how to get organized at home.

This will keep you motivated and on track!

How to Get Organized at Home by Cleaning Everything

When working on getting organized at home, cleaning everything and making things sparkle will help you stay inspired to keep it nice.

So, clean surfaces, containers, items, and floors so that you’re inspired by how nice it looks and want to keep it that way. Get the family involved, maybe even with some music!

And, when watching all those cleaning videos from other people, still keep in mind the value of simplicity and in doing what works for you.

I get great ideas from others. But, sometimes I may need to tweak it or do something completely different for me.

I’ve also learned the hard way that there are some ideas that are complex that I’ll find enough value in to keep up with. But, there are many ideas that I won’t keep up with if they’re complicated. 

I only have so much time and energy in a day, so I try to use it all as wisely as I can, in order to make the most of my life.

Abundant Life & Balance

So, find what works and make it just something you regularly do, because you love the feeling it gives you to have a clean and organized home. 

And, take a moment afterward to really admire and appreciate your hard work! The fact that you’re learning how to get organized at home is something to be proud of.

You did it! So, give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself for your hard work. And, this part’s important, because we want your mind to associate good things with this work. 

Next time, remember how good it felt to get it all done and how proud you were of yourself. And, it’ll be so much easier to keep up with when things have designated places and you’re throwing out trash and unneeded items regularly!

Getting Organized at Home with Habits & Routines

The last of my five simple tips for how to get organized at home is about making simple habits and routines. 

Just think about those people that seem to be naturally organized with clean homes, and you’ll notice that they do certain things each day, week, and month.

And, you can do this too!

This is an important part of getting organized at home. And, good habits and routines will keep your home organized and clean.

how to get organized at home

So, think about your main struggles and how you can form habits and routines that make it more likely to keep up with things. 

And keep it as simple as you can, because getting complicated will make it less likely that you’ll follow through. 

For example, sometimes people show beautiful ways to organize and display things – ways that I love, because I’m a visual person. I love pretty things. 

But, if we aren’t realistically going to open that lid each time to put it back then why bother. Find another way that works for you. Because, the point is to make your life run more smoothly so that you feel good about it.

One small example in my life is I made a pretty jar with a label on the lid for my green mint tea (that I drink daily). However, I soon realized that I don’t and probably won’t want to remove and replace that lid each time. 

So, having it close to where I regularly use it was good and will save me time (and all that time adds up), but the lid wasn’t needed.

To me, it’s more important to keep things simple so that it works, rather than trying to be like someone else or to keep it that way just because it looks beautiful. Because, just having things clean and in their places, where it isn’t messy and I can find it, is beautiful!

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Conclusion: Stay Organized – Top Tips for How to Get Organized at Home

So, we’ve now covered five simple tips for how to get organized at home and stay organized. I hope these steps will help make organizing your home and keeping it that way simple and easy!

Here’s an acronym that I made to help you! The word is “ENJOY”, and it stands for enjoy, neat, just, organizing, and you.

  1. E – Do something you enjoy doing while organizing, like using headphones.
  2. N – Be neat and clear out all clutter and trash first, & do this often.
  3. J – Just make a home for everything already!
  4. O – Organizing isn’t enough, so clean everything and make it look nice.
  5. Y – It’s about you, & you need simple habits & routines that work for you.

I hope that helps! I know you can keep an organized home by keeping it simple and thinking of what works for you. And, I think you’ll be much happier in your organized space.

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