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Are you going through a lot these days? Maybe dreaming of a better life and a better future? Well if so you’re in the right place, because today I’m giving simple tips for women on how to get a better life!

I’m actually hoping I can help you envision a better life instead of feeling stuck in your current circumstances. I want to inspire you! So, keep reading.

Right now, there are three simple things you can do to feel hopeful about your life and future. And hope is important, because without it people give up. And, giving up isn’t an option – not under my watch. You must keep going!

So, my top 3 answers for how to get a better life are:

  • STOP dwelling on past events & on your past self / past life.
  • ALWAYS have a goal you’re working toward & excited about!
  • START being aware of how you view yourself & life.

Remember it, SAS – standing for Stop, Always, & Start. Stop dwelling, always have a goal, & start being aware. Now, if you keep reading I’ll tell you more about these three simple things so you can really understand how to get a better life!

How to get a better life by stopping the dwelling

I used to think of past events often, replaying them in my head. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. 

Maybe you do the same thing and are thinking what’s wrong with that. After all, many people do this and it seems normal.

Well, the problem is that if you’re mentally living in the past you aren’t fully living in the present. The same could be said about daydreaming about the future all the time but not taking action.

Balance is key. So, when I find myself starting to dwell on a conversation that’s already taken place or on anything that isn’t beneficial I say moving on and I stop.

Live more in the present than anything, because you won’t get this moment back.

And so, you might want to make the most of it.

My experience has also shown that I’m most happy and content when I’m not dwelling on the past. 

This doesn’t mean I never think of past experiences that I enjoyed, though. I’m just conscious of how things are affecting me so that I can move on if needed, and I don’t dwell there.

Be grateful for today – for this moment. And, if needed find things to be grateful for. There’s always a list of things you can be grateful for, even if it’s hard to see at the moment.

If you’ve been wanting to know how to get a better life, then this tip will definitely help you. Just practice bringing yourself back to the present moment and notice your surroundings as often as necessary. 

And when you’ve begun to be more present more often, your life will improve. How could it not? You’ll be giving more attention to “now” instead of to yesterday – and you can’t change or do anything about yesterday

So, why not improve your tomorrows by paying more attention to today, which will affect your tomorrow? Live your life today!

Always have a goal

Have you ever heard someone say that having goals leads to a better life? I think we all have. And it makes sense, because without goals one can feel lost – and with goals you feel a sense of direction and purpose.

But, do you think it’s possible to feel hopeless while having a goal that you’re excited to reach – that you’re passionate about? I’d think it’s at least less likely to feel this way while having strong goals and purpose.

So, always have goals that excite you. And, make them big or special to you!

tips for how to get  a better life as a woman

You must have something to look forward to, and you must feel like you’re making progress in your life in order to truly feel happy.

This is my experience anyway, and it’s what I’ve learned from studying this. (And, remember to listen to inspirational things! It helps.)

So, what are your goals? What would you like to achieve, to be, or to have? Believe that you can have it. Believe that you’ll reach those goals. 

Work toward them, and then let go and trust that in the right timing it’ll happen.

You will most definitely get a better life if you have goals and look forward to something. 

If you doubt this, just think of how your feelings can change when you suddenly discover you get to go somewhere awesome soon! You may have been feeling down the moment before this news, but now you feel much better.

So if you’re wondering how to get a better life, please sit down to think about (and maybe even write down) your goals, desires, and how you can start working toward them!

How to get a better life by practicing awareness

When I started thinking of how to get a better life, I began to work on myself. And, as I worked on myself I discovered things!

how to get a better life

I learned that how I think makes a big difference in how I feel and in what I do. Therefore, how I think will make a big difference in my future – and it’s the same for you.

I didn’t really used to know that there was anything wrong with how I thought about things. Then again, I didn’t realize that I could control my thoughts either.

I didn’t realize that I was thinking negatively a lot of the time. 

Not until I started practicing awareness, noticing my thoughts and feelings.

Then, I started to see how my thoughts affected me. And, I began to see that I could direct my thoughts and control my own happiness. 

The biggest thing is that I saw that my own happiness was not determined by anything outside of me!

Then, I discovered that neither was my future.

Talk about relieving! Realizing that you have control – not anybody or anything else.

Not your present circumstances or what you were born into. You control your thinking. 

If you’re holding a thought that makes you feel bad, just let it go and move on – sounds too simple if you haven’t done it, I know. But, try it and see for yourself! (And, listen to positive things like I mentioned earlier.)

Start being aware of your thoughts and of how you’re feeling – like you’re a neutral person observing you. And, don’t beat yourself up for your thoughts or feelings. Just observe and let go of what’s not good for you.

And, notice how you think of yourself and your life. Are your thoughts positive or negative? Just begin to notice.

It’s important to know that changing what you focus on or how you view things can change everything!

Abundant Life & Balance

By doing this, you’ll be greatly improving your life – finding a better life. I know from experience.

Some people think that this kind of thing is crazy or weird. But, then again some people accept living miserable or don’t really want to improve their lives.

And, how can learning more about yourself be wrong? I think it seems more like a smart thing to do. 

how to get a better life and be happy

I know that most likely you’ve been wondering how to get a better life or you wouldn’t be reading this. So try these three simple things I’ve talked about, and then begin to learn even more about how you work.

This will help you take back control and get a better life!

Conclusion: How to get a better life – 3 Simple tips for women

I tried to include plenty of helpful information and inspiring quotes in this post, but it was a lot of info. So, for a reminder…

There were three main things that’ll help with how to get a better life. And while these three things are pretty simple, they can have a great impact on your life! (I know they have on mine.)

Those three things were (1) to be present and not dwell on the past, (2) to always have goals that excite you, and (3) to practice awareness and notice how you think.

I truly hope this has been helpful. Always choose to believe that you can have any life you want to have – and then go after it!

Helpful links for women

And finally, I have some helpful links for my fellow women!

So first, I know we covered how important it is to have goals but if you read my post called Top 6 Tips for Goals you’ll get an even better understanding of goals & success. In it I give six tips that helped me & that can help you, too. So, click to go to my post with tips for goals!

how to get a better life

And, I’m also going to share something with you from someone I totally believe in – Bob Proctor! He’s been building people up and showing them the way to success & a life they love for years. 

He has a program now called “Six Minutes To Success” that’ll send you a little info every day to help you get to a life you love. (I mostly love that it only takes minutes from your day.) So, click here to get more info on Bob Proctor’s “Six Minutes To Success” program!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to get a better life – please share with other women who could use it!

Thanks for reading. You’re truly appreciated!

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