Learn about controlling your feelings, overall mood, & behavior so that you can feel better faster & more often!

This subject came to mind because I woke up this morning haunted by a memory from the past. And, in the past I would’ve stayed stuck in that negative energy for quite a while. But, not today! Today I faced it differently, because of everything I’ve learned about life and about myself.

Do you ever have thoughts from the past or other negative things that bring your mood down? If so, know that you don’t have to stay there. If you want to, you can lift yourself up and change how you’re feeling. You have the power to take control and change your mood and behavior!

But the problem is, when you’re feeling low or upset it doesn’t really feel that way. It can feel like you have no control and the feelings are just happening to you.

It can feel like you’re out of control. But you don’t have to be. With a little practice, you’ll find yourself feeling more in control of your feelings and therefore your behavior.

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Taking back control by controlling your feelings

Now, let’s talk more about taking back control by controlling your feelings.

Looking back in the past to when I used to feel down a lot, I don’t recall really observing my own feelings and behavior. I observed others’ behavior and noticed things, especially if I didn’t like what they were doing, but not mine so much.

I recognized how I felt, but usually only to associate how I felt with something or someone else. I was associating something or someone outside of me as the cause. The problem with that was that it meant I didn’t have much control over it or much ability to change it. I later learned that this was a big deal and that a little perspective change, how I looked at it, would change everything for me!

See if I believed (even without realizing it) that feelings just happen to us all and that in order to feel better or feel “happy” good things must happen to us, then I was out of luck. After all, no one has everything work out for them all the time.

But, if that’s the case then why are there actually people that seem happy and content with life? Why aren’t they affected by everything going on in their lives? I used to think they were the lucky ones – basically the ones that the Universe must favor.

Maybe they’ve done more good deeds? Hmmm. No, now I see that they’re less affected by life outside of them because they choose to be.

What? Now, how do you do that? 

Well, keep reading.

Observing yourself & controlling your emotions

You can be less affected by things in life by observing yourself and working on controlling your emotions or reactions to things.

We observe other people plenty. And, let’s face it, many of us talk an awful lot about other people (which shows that we’re observing them). But in order to improve ourselves and change our own lives, we have to spend more time looking at ourselves than others.

I know. That stings. At least it did for me! Because, I didn’t want to look closely at me for fear I wouldn’t like what I saw. You know, no one wants someone else pointing out all their flaws. And, it turns out it’s very difficult to even take the criticism from ourselves.

But I don’t want you to take a good look at yourself so that you can harshly criticize yourself, so relax! It’s okay.

You just want to gently notice the feelings that come up for you and how you respond to them. And when you notice that something or someone has “made” you feel down or upset (hint, they can’t make you feel anything), remind yourself that you can choose how to feel or respond. 

If this feels dumb or silly, just try it. After a while, as you begin to see that you are capable of getting over things faster and getting back up faster, you’ll begin to find it kind of silly to stay in that vibe for too long.

And, this is good news! It won’t happen right away – you won’t be a pro at it right away. Like with most things, it’ll take paying attention to yourself and practice. But, the reward is life changing!

Controlling your behavior & feeling more empowered

As you work on dealing with your feelings and overall mood, you’ll start controlling your behavior more (your response to things) and start feeling more empowered.

You’ll begin to see all the time you wasted in the past, hanging on for too long to feelings that didn’t have to control you. And you’ll take back control of your own life, because it’s yours.

You won’t have to let things outside of you always control how you feel and therefore how you behave or respond to the world. You’ll see that you had way more control than you thought you had – way more control over your own life.

And, this is awesome and very freeing!

It’s empowering, and we should definitely want to feel more empowered over our own lives because it can change everything (for the better).

Closing thoughts: Controlling your feelings, mood, & behavior to feel better

I hope you now have a better understanding of how controlling your feelings, overall mood, and behavior can help you feel better and how to do this.

Everyone wants to feel good, and how we feel matters and is important. It affects so much of our lives! So always remember to do what you can to keep yourself feeling good, and this includes thinking positively (because thoughts affect mood and behavior).

Remember that you can take those negative thoughts and feelings that come to us all and push through them. Not being harsh, just acknowledging that they’re there and that you have a choice to let them go – gently. 

Sometimes it’ll be harder than other times, I’m not gonna lie. But, you can do it! 

The depression that I once thought I was “doomed to” changed naturally after I realized all of this, and I believe a change of perception (how we see things) can change a lot.


If you’re struggling with controlling your feelings, mood, and behavior, remember that you have more control than you might think you have. You have a great, powerful mind! And, it can do more than you know. It can help you dwell on stuff that will drag you down, or you can use it to focus on what’s good for you. YOU decide.

Abundant Life & Balance

Remember that you can choose to change your mood instead of letting it control and change you. And, try to enjoy your life to the fullest!

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