Believing in yourself makes all the difference, so get these tips for how to believe in yourself & go after what you want in life!

Do you believe in YOU? I mean, in a way where you’ll go after whatever you want?

Sometimes, what we want scares us. It freezes us, to where we’re thinking about it but not acting toward it. But, what are we afraid of? Of failing? Of not being all that deep down in our spirit we knew we could be? Of not adding up?

Well, only you can make the choice to pick up the sword that was meant for you and be brave enough to use it. It’s meant for you. You just have to believe in yourself.

You have to know that, no matter the result, you were a warrior the minute you were brave enough to pick it up and set forth on your journey. That was your “hero” or warrior moment, and that was your story and your moment of success. Win or lose.

Now, I’m going to talk more about believing in yourself and going after what you want. And I believe this will help you, so keep reading!

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Believe in YOU & go after what you want!

It’s important to believe in yourself and go after what you want, so that you’re fully living your life, are fulfilled in life, and later have no regrets.

But, sometimes this is easier said than done. Am I right?

You won’t always be able to see the road ahead, and that can be scary.

But close your eyes, breathe slow and deep, and listen for your spirit calling to you. And, you’ll know what to do and have the courage and faith to do it. All the courage and answers that you need are inside of you. Just listen.

If you listen long enough you’ll hear your inner voice or what some people call “that still, small voice”. And, that’s you – the real you. The you that knows best. (Some call it your higher self.)

Listen for higher guidance, like our ancestors did

Somehow we’ve gotten away from “listening” as a society. But, our ancestors did this all the time for guidance.

And yet, we sit here often wondering why no one (God, the Universe, etc.) helps us. Or we think and think on our own, in our flesh, how we can possibly solve our problem. But, how much do we listen?

I believe that we need to listen for higher guidance like our ancestors did.

Just do this…

Look up at the stars above, and tell me what you feel. In awe?

There’s a vast world out there, that we can’t even see or understand all of yet. But, what we do know is that there’s more. There’s more than what we can see. And, there’s also more guidance than we can comprehend.

Stop doubting, questioning, & sabotaging yourself

Get quiet and get to know yourself (the real you), and you’ll begin to feel something different inside of you – a part of you that maybe you hadn’t been aware of before. And, this part will convince you to start believing in yourself.

It has to, because it’s not the part of you that doubts yourself or self-sabotages. No. Your inner self or higher self can accept nothing less than you believing in yourself because it’s your light, your good. That’s the real you!

It’s like, throughout life you changed. You had struggles and all the stuff we have to deal with, and you adapted. You questioned, and you even questioned yourself.

So, that part of you that’s questioning or doubting yourself isn’t even the real you. It’s the part that adapted – the part that’s been affected by life.

The good news is, you have everything inside that you need to go for what you want and succeed.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop doubting, questioning, and sabotaging yourself, and realize that you’re worthy of whatever it is that you want. And then, go after it!

Closing thoughts: How to believe in yourself & go after what you want in life

I hope this blog post has helped you with believing in yourself so that you can go after what you want in life!

You know, there’s a lot that we go through in life that affects us and that we have to overcome. But as we overcome these things and work on ourselves, we grow. And, then we begin to believe that we can be and do more.

So, never stop working on yourself and growing. It’s always worth it!

And, never stop dreaming. Dreams are good – they give us something to strive for and look forward to. And if we ever stop having dreams and goals, we might not be as passionate about life.

So, never lose your passion for life! You might need a break or some rest, you might need to regroup every now and then, but never give up or put your dreams on the back burner. At least imagine them, and you’ll often find that the act of imagining leads you to creating as this tends to bring solutions, ideas, and all that’s needed to make your vision a reality!

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