Today I’m talking about how to be authentic, be yourself, and love and accept yourself, because I personally know how transforming and freeing it can be to do these things.

Finally accepting yourself and allowing yourself to be your true self can change your life, but most importantly it brings you peace within.

Anyone who’s been through this, who’s finally realized that they haven’t been their true authentic selves for so long, knows how hard this is. It can make you feel like you’ve wasted parts of your life, and it can bring up a lot of hurt as you process why this has happened or how you got here.

So, I won’t be covering this topic lightly. I know what it’s like, because I’ve been through it. And, I know the effects that this can have on your life.

However, I can tell you that the work you do on yourself to learn to be comfortable in your own skin as yourself no matter what anyone thinks, to learn to love and accept yourself, is totally worth it. So, let’s do a little of that work here today, together.

Learn about being authentically you & not caring what others think!

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How to be authentic, as your true self

We’re going to look at a few different things in order to learn how to be authentic, or the truest versions of ourselves. And we’ll also look at how to love and accept ourselves, as this is related. Here are the key concepts we’ll cover here.

How to be authentic & love & accept yourself:

  • Understand why you struggle with authenticity, self-love, & self-acceptance
  • Break free from the false identity that isn’t you
  • Stop trying so hard to please others, get approval, be accepted, or be loved

Let’s get started!

Understand why you started struggling with authenticity, self-love, & self-acceptance

You didn’t just wake up suddenly un-authentic, not being yourself, not fully loving yourself, and not being able to accept yourself or show yourself for who you really are. There were things that happened in your life that helped to shape you this way.

The good news is that once you’re able to understand the reason for it, you can change it! And you’ll feel wonderful and free, being your true self.

So, what are the reasons for you? I can’t do the introspection for you, everyone’s path is unique. I can just tell you some things from my own experience or some examples.

For me, it took years to realize that these things were lacking in my life. And, it took time then to fully understand the things that shaped me and the things that held me back. But when I finally understood, it was eye opening and allowed me to set myself free.

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There is NOTHING wrong with you

I learned that contrary to what I always felt underneath or how some other people made me feel, there was nothing wrong with me. And let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with you! There may have been people in your life (may still be) who don’t understand you and who don’t want to let you be your true authentic self and love you for it, but there’s nothing wrong with you.

You be you. I now love the motto, “You do you, and I’ll do me.” It says it all. Way too often others let their own lack of confidence or own issues cause them to treat others badly, like there’s something wrong with them or like they’re less than them. They don’t understand that to love is to be kind and loving and that it’s okay for us each to be our own unique selves.

If we were all the same, what a bore it would be! We were all meant to shine uniquely, with our own light, and do our own things our way. We’re all meant to add to the world in our own ways. So, add to it in your own way. Be who you want to be.

And, if those same people seem to make faces or comments, look down on you, or talk about you, so be it. It comes from their own insecurities, because a secure person would never have the need to treat someone in that way.

So, know that there may be different reasons that you stopped being your authentic self, stopped really loving yourself for you, and stopped accepting yourself with confidence, but shining a light on it will set you free.

Break free from the false identity that isn’t the real you

It’s not like we mean to do it, but when we don’t feel safe to be ourselves we create a false identity, an identity that isn’t true and authentic for us. And, this could be why we sometimes feel uncomfortable in our own skin or around others.

Where, if we felt comfortable to be ourselves, knowing we’d be accepted and loved as this true version of ourselves, we’d feel so much better. Think about it, if you had to wear a suit that isn’t you at all, that doesn’t feel right for you, would you be comfortable throughout your day? No, of course not.

So, we need to find our true authentic selves again so we can let the other one go. What are your values? What do you love most? What means the most to you or is most important to you? What do you really want out of this life? Who do you want you to be? All of this is what matters, because it’s your life, no one else’s. They have their own.

And, anyone else can go on thinking you’re who they want you to be, who they want to say you are, but you’ll know who you are and you’ll live accordingly.

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Stop trying so hard to please others, get approval, be accepted, or be loved

You may have allowed others to shape you, whether any of you realized it was happening or not, but you don’t have to go on trying so hard to please others that you’d give up who you really are inside. So hard to be accepted, so hard to be loved, so hard to get a little approval. So hard to keep your mouth shut as to not cause any disruption, to not receive any negativity.

And, there could have been specific circumstances too that caused a lack of confidence in you, that stole your voice, that stole a little piece of you. I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve been through a lot, but I’m here to tell you that it can get better and that it’s never too late.

We never know how long we have in our lifetimes, so why not make the most of it. It’s never too late, we’re never too old, to decide to be more authentic, to decide to live our lives for ourselves.

Because, that’s what most others are doing! The ones that you’re trying so hard to please, the ones that judge you, that make you feel bad about you – they’re living their own lives for them.

And if you don’t have people like that in your life, that’s awesome. No matter what has brought you to wanting to be more authentic and live a life that’s more true to what you want for yourself, know that you can do it. You can start working on it today.

Let the version of you that doesn’t feel quite authentic go, gently and with love. Start noticing how you feel around others, possibly how you shrink around others and why. Allow yourself to be who you want to be, knowing that you have that right and that those that are meant for you will find you, love you, and accept you.

Honestly, if we’ve tried our whole lives to gain acceptance and love from certain people in our lives and we’re still walking on egg shells trying, it probably isn’t going to change. Not on their part. But, on our parts it can. That’s where we find our own inner power.

We have the power to choose what we want for us, to choose who we want to be, and to choose to love and accept ourselves, despite any challenges that were put before us or that for whatever reason we went through in our lives. In our own power, we rise above, lift up our heads, believe in our own worth, and charge ahead!

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Closing thoughts: How to be authentic – Be yourself & love & accept yourself

I hope these words about how to be authentic, be yourself, and love and accept yourself have been helpful. My hope is that by sharing this heart-felt truth of what I’ve been through and risen above, you’re able to use it as inspiration for your own life.

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And, feel free to comment on this blog post below with some things that have helped you learn how to be authentic, love yourself more, and accept yourself. It might help others!

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