Learn how to go from victim to empowered with these tips for how people treat you, and start taking your power back!

Today, let’s talk about how people treat you and what you can do about it.

Now you may think that there’s nothing you can do about it, and it is true that we can’t control other people. But over time, I’ve learned a few things about this that took me from more of a victim mentality to empowered.

And, that’s what I’ve included in this blog post…

taking your power back

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Number one, you aren’t just a victim of how people treat you.

I didn’t know it, but I used to be someone who mostly just got sad about how others treated her. I would even ask myself questions like, “Why do people treat me this way?” I would cry about it, feel down about it while it lasted, and wish that they would treat me better.

Now, I hope you can see how dis-empowering this all is. I was letting myself be affected by everyone else, and leaving the reins completely in their hands. I didn’t realize that when it comes to how people treat you, you don’t have to act as the victim (even if you are at times) and give all your power away.

And, that leads me to my next point.

how people treat you

Number two, you have more control than you may think you do.

The keyword in what I said before was “letting”. I was letting others treat me a certain way, as if it was just the hand I was dealt and had to be. As if they had all the control and I was the victim.

And, the truth is that there were things that happened at certain points of my life that I didn’t have control of. I’m not trying to take away from the fact that things do happen to us that are unfair and aren’t right. Of course this happens, and it’s unfortunate.

But I think that because this happens, we often get into a rut of “everything’s out of my control”. Because, at some point in our lives it was out of our control. And, we hated it. We tried to do something about it maybe, but we couldn’t. Perhaps we were young and didn’t have the ability to, or perhaps it was an abuse situation. But, we got stuck – as victims.

The good news is that as adults we can gain the awareness of our own power. We don’t have to allow just anyone to treat us in any old way whether we like it or not. This isn’t healthy, and we need to take our control back.

And so, my next point.

feeling empowered

Number three, you can teach people how to treat you.

If you allow others to treat you badly and still be allowed to stay in your life (or be there often), what are you teaching them? That they can treat you how they like, that you have no boundaries on this, and that they’ll still be allowed as a big part of your life no matter what.

When you lay it all out on the table like that, it sounds awful doesn’t it! But, we don’t quite think of it like this when it’s happening. But make no mistake, those that are constantly treating you badly know that there are some out there that would never put up with it. And, this tells you that they on some level know it’s wrong and are taking advantage of you.

Of course, there may be some exceptions you can come up with or some people that are worse at how they treat people than others. This is just to get you thinking about it more, so that you don’t just allow everyone to have full control (to get you realizing that you can teach people how to treat you).

And, that is my next point.

how others treat you

Number four, take your power back!

As a child or in a particular relationship, you might not have felt like you had much control or power of your own. Maybe you had to pretty much just do what you were told, or there were consequences (even if it was just someone withholding kindness or love).

But, now times have changed. You’re at a point in your life where you can take a stand within, recognize your worthiness, and accept nothing less than you deserve.

There will always be those that attempt to treat you less than you deserve or to treat you badly, but you don’t have to give them your time, attention, or energy. Just walk on without a sweat. You know your worth and value, and that’s all it takes.

Trust me, I speak from experience. When you begin to recognize and truly believe your value, you won’t sweat it so much. You won’t care as much about how others treat you (if given the chance), what they think of you, or about pleasing them. Because, it isn’t up to them. They can try whatever they want, they have free will, but so do you. And, you can look out for your best interests, take care of you, and make decisions that are best for you. And, that includes who you decide gets a front row seat, or even nearby, in your life.

So take your power back by realizing your worth, by valuing yourself enough to choose what’s best for you, and by taking control of what you can.

how you treat yourself
“water” yourself

Closing thoughts on how people treat you.

You aren’t just a victim of how people treat you, you have more control than you may think you do, and you can teach people how to treat you.

So take your power back by having healthy boundaries that protect you and sticking to them. Know what you’ll allow in your life and what’s not good for you. And, treat yourself well. How you treat yourself and talk about yourself says a lot and can show that you value yourself (and some of those people who would choose to treat you badly may decide it’s not worth it – they might want an easier target).

I would suggest taking a little time to write some stuff down. Write down what your ideal life would look like, including the kinds of people that would be in your life and how they make you feel. Then, from there you can create some values or boundaries for what fits into that and what does not, hence what you’ll allow and not allow in your life.

It doesn’t have to take a long time, just start thinking and writing what comes to mind. (Maybe put the date so that later you can look back and see how far you’ve come.) You might spend a little time thinking of situations in your life that may have caused you to under-value yourself and allow what isn’t good into your life. And then, very intentionally decide that you are changing things, that you are letting it all go – releasing any pain, blame, guilt, or desire to figure out why it happened. Because it doesn’t matter anymore, you are moving forward with your life in a more positive way.

I hope this has helped, and I wish that you create a very empowering, fulfilling life for yourself!

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