Hi, readers! Today I just wanted to share something about finding peace and answers while handling problems.

I’ve recently been going through some stuff that really tested my patience and faith. And, I thought I’d share it incase you’ve been going through something similar.

See, I had grown so much spiritually and had felt like I was doing good in this area.

Then, life hit me! And, like old times I started being affected by worry, nights with little sleep, and even a sense of panic that wouldn’t leave me.

Have you ever been through this?

Well, let me share my story of handling problems and finding peace through it in hopes that it might help you too!

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Handling problems

While working on handling problems and finding answers, I tried different things.

I tried working on my breathing, making sure I was breathing, because when we’re stressed we tend to not breathe as deep. I tried listening to calming things, reassuring my body & mind that it was safe. But, not much change.

I tried working hard at forcing what I wanted to happen to happen. You know? There are times when you think if I just do my part and work hard enough, it’ll happen. But, this problem was stubborn!

Internally though, I knew what I needed to be doing. I was just in panic mode and reacting quickly, to save things.

And, I realized something. I realized that before this I’d been working hard to change myself and to grow spiritually – and I was making great progress.

But, a thought came to me… “It’s at times like these that we find out just how far we’ve come.”

Could this be a test?

I’d already had a BIG goal, something I’d been working very hard to achieve. And, then came the problems that stole away my attention.

Was it possible, I thought, that in order to reach such a high goal and reach higher spiritual levels I’d have to prove how far I’d come? Had we come to the moment where I was supposed to show what I was now made of?

Like in the movie The Karate Kid or others like it, where the person has a moment where there skill is put to the test and they must go deep inside themselves to overcome their obstacle or challenge.

Well, I decided to do what some will think is crazy!

Finding peace through the problems

I felt like I was handling problems and trying everything, without getting answers or the miracle I needed. But, now I see I’d needed to work on finding peace through the problems so things would work smoothly.

And, I guess that’s what I did.

I decided to stop the rush of thoughts and actions that were determined to solve this issue before it was too late, and to go into meditation instead. And, not just meditation. I decided I’d go into kind of a walking meditation, where I try to stay calm and centered at all times or as much as I could.

My instincts told me that it’s when you’re very close to a goal that you’ll be hardest hit and tested, as if to make sure you’re ready for your reward or who you’re becoming.

These instincts also told me that if I was constantly tense about what I’d been wanting to manifest before and then stressed about my new circumstances, my manifestation (that would also solve my current problems) didn’t have a clear channel to come through.

Imagine saying you want something, even peace, but being so tense and stressed that you don’t have a clear ear and mind to hear the answers with.

I imagined like a tunnel that my manifestation needed to come through, but it couldn’t or wouldn’t travel among energies like chaos, tension, and stress – it needed a totally clear tunnel.

I’m sure you’ve had times of stress like this, or times when you didn’t know what to do – right? I think we all have. And, people can say “don’t worry” but it’s much easier said than done.

But, I tell you, when I decided to finally give my worries, tensions, and stress to the Universe/God, my Guardian Angels, and my spirit team and get some much needed rest while they worked on the problem for me, I felt a huge, miraculous weight lifted and an emotional change in myself!

And, things began to lighten up and feel as if they were flowing again. I saw signs that showed I’m being looked after and things are going to work out just fine, so long as I keep trusting and believing.

Handling problems with guidance

Now, let’s talk more about handling problems with spiritual guidance.

I love when God answers your prayers with a kind of peace that can only come from Him. And, I’ve often asked for this particular thing in prayers.

My current sense of peace can only come from the divine, and I’m so grateful – for I don’t believe my thoughts or instincts directing me to make these changes came only from me. I believe I was guided to this change.

Sometimes messages from the divine will come in such a quiet voice that it seems as if it’s coming from our own thoughts or intuition. This is my interpretation anyway!

So, if you’re going through similar things you might consider pausing to meditate or listen for guidance, or just consider following your intuition.

You might want to hand all your concerns and issues over to a higher source (whatever you believe in) to handle them for you! Then, show trust by resting or doing something else that has nothing to do with those concerns.

You might try going deep inside to listen to your soul for answers. Stay in touch with your center, your soul that resides within and that stays connected to the wise divine.

And, you may try to stop checking on your bank balance or whatever it is you’re worried about, just for a bit, actually giving your manifestation techniques a chance to work!

It’s definitely a different way of handling problems, but the results might surprise you.

It’s about balance and faith

What it all comes down to is balance.

And, that’s what I’d actually figured out… how to have a balance. That insight came to me, that there’s a time to work on what you want and a time to rest or gently manifest – and that we need both.

It’s like a balance of energy.

This download of guidance came to me saying, “Know when to put in the work and when to manifest.” I thought it’s like a balancing act, but a beautiful one – to know when to do your part and when to let the divine take over.

To know when to work on it and when it’s time to hand it over or to take a rest is remarkable. And, it takes great trust and guts!

It’s like the ultimate test.

Think about it… we all talk about bible lessons of great faith or just having faith in general, but how often do we get to show this amazing kind of faith within ourselves that grows us or raises us up a level spiritually?

Could handling problems also grow our faith and spirituality? If so, how awesome is that?!

Closing thoughts: Handling problems – Finding peace & answers spiritually

We’ve talked a lot about handling problems and finding peace during this process. And, I hope this all made sense and that it’s helped you in some way!

Just remember this…

If we can learn to recognize when to work on it and when to let go (at least for a bit) so it can flow to us, we’ll feel better and be able to create a lot more of what we want. We’ll feel more balanced, think more clearly, and things might just work out for us more often.

So next time you find yourself starting to panic or get overwhelmed with things, remember these lessons that were given to us – given to me and given to me to share with you.

And, may they bring you a peaceful life full of all that you want!

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