Today, I want to share something on getting what you want. But, it’s also about the kind of words you’re using and what you’re focusing on. So, let’s get started.

God made this world, and they say He said it was good.

Hmmm. Did they say He complained about all the hard work that was involved first? No.

Well, did He at least go over the things that could possibly go wrong with it? Oh, I guess not.

Okay. So, He spoke good about the creation process and what He’d created, without worrying about what was going on anywhere else or all the negative possibilities. Now, this is interesting!

You might believe in God or you might believe in the Universe. Either way, it’s okay. You can get this idea I’m getting at.

We all have things we want and things we’d like to create for ourselves. But, my point is how do we go about this?

This is what we’re discussing today. Getting what you want, for yourself or even within the world, by choosing the type of words you use, where your focus is, and what you put your energy into.

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Getting what you want by focusing on that

So, we were talking about how to go about getting what you want.

Well, many people go over all the negative things in the world and around them, along with all the negative possible outcomes for their lives, when none of that has anything to do with what they want.

Now, you could argue that it does. You could say those negative things are facts surrounding the “want”, what they want. But, is it really related and does it matter? This is my question.

See, the real thing that I believe God or the Universe wants us to get is that what matters is our focus. Where is our focus? What is it on?

Think about this…

If the person who created electricity had dwelled and spoke mostly of all the other things going wrong around them and what could go wrong with their idea, would electricity have been created by this person?

Perhaps it’s possible, but it’s definitely less likely.

If you truly want to create something, you’d better be willing to focus on it. Not on something else, not on what else is going on around you or in the world, but on what you’re wanting to create. Right?

But, some people think that those of us that talk about speaking and thinking in a better way are delusional or maybe even a little crazy. (Ha, ha)

But, to that I ask this question. Is it more crazy to wish for better but speak of the worst or to want the best and speak of the best – of good things?

To me, the second one just makes sense.

How are we speaking?

When working on getting what you want, think about how you’re speaking. It makes a difference. We all set a tone, or vibration, with the words we use, and this affects things!

Here’s a question for you.

If we want to create a world where good things happen for us, and an overall world where things are getting better here on Earth, do we keep going over and rehearsing all the negative things or start looking toward the light – toward what’s good?

We don’t have to be delusional for this. Of course we see all that’s going wrong. Who could miss it, right? But, that isn’t the point.

Let’s create better. Let’s be better. Let’s get to a better place. A place where positivity and good rules the world rather than anger, bitterness, and negativity.

Let’s rise up, like we’re being called to do, and say you know it isn’t easy and we’ll fall backwards a little but overall we’re moving forward, together.

Let’s ask the right questions for a change, like where do we go from here? What can we do?

Isn’t this better than the alternative, to just complain about all that’s wrong? I’m not saying we should never speak something that isn’t sweet – just let’s think about the results of our words and actions a little more.

Closing thoughts: Getting what you want, words & focus – Spiritual inspiration

So overall, if we spend less time arguing and complaining, we’ll have more energy for what matters. And, making a positive difference is what should matter. It’s what we all want for our own lives and for those that we love.

So, what will you dwell on? Will you put more focus on what really matters to you, or more on what doesn’t. Because, when we talk about thinking and speaking differently, this is all we’re talking about.

If we don’t dwell on the negative with others, it’s just because we are saving our energy, our power, for what God or the Universe is telling us really matters and needs our focus.

And, we trust that as we do this, we can and will move things into a better place – for us, for those around us, and the world. It may not happen swiftly in front of our eyes, but make no mistake, it’ll happen. Because, what you put your focus on grows. Where your mind goes, the rest follows.

This concept can help you change your life if change is needed. It changed mine. When I quit dwelling as much on all the negativity, I felt so much better! My mind was released.

But, this kind of concept can also allow us to change bigger things, together.

I hope this post on getting what you want has been inspirational and helpful. May this message bring you clarity and all that you’re searching for!

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